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Liv Ullmann ACTOR


Liv Ullmann was born on December 16th, 1938 in Tokyo, Japan with the birth name Liv Johanne Ullmann, born to Janna and Viggo Ullmann.  Her father was employed as a Norwegian engineer so she spent her childhood in a number of countries such as Canada and Japan, but finally settled in Norway.  At the age of six, her father passed away while undergoing brain surgery.
Her career as an actress began as a stage actress which she focused on for many years before becoming acquainted with a Swedish director by the name of Ingmar Bergman who cast her in a number of his films such as, "Persona" (1966), "The Passion of Anna" (1969), "Cries and Whispers" (1972), "Scenes from a Marriage" (1973), "The Serpent's Egg" (1977) and "Autumn Sonata" (1978).
Liv's New York stage debut was in 1973 in, "I Remember Mama", which turned out to be a very unsuccessful production.  However, she continued working and later was cast in the productions, "A Doll's House" (1975) for which she was nominated for a Broadway Tony Award and "Anna Christie" (1977) where she received another Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in 1977. 
In addition to her stage and film work she also added to her resume the television movie, "Cocktailparti" (1968), "Scenes from a Marriage" (1973), "The Magic Flute" (1975) and other film roles such as, "The Abdication" (1974) and "Dangerous Moves" (1984).
Ullmann has had a very successful career in the industry earning over 40 award nominations for lifetime achievement awards and two Best Actress Academy Awards for her roles in the films, "The Emigrants" (1971) and "Face to Face" (1976).  Ullmann is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and is a co-founder of the Women's Refugee Commission.  
Liv Ullmann has married twice throughout her lifetime, first to Gappe Stang in 1960 however by 1965 this marriage came to an end.  She then married Donald Saunders in 1985 and again by 1995 another marriage ended in divorce.  She has one daughter, Linn Ullmann, from a relationship with Ingmar Bergman.
She currently resides in Miami, Florida and more recently she has appeared in the film, "I et speil i en gåte" (2008) and her newest role to release in 2012, "Two Lives".  She also owns property in Norway.    


2012   Two Lives 

2009   Angry Man

2008   I et speil i en gåte 

2006   The Danish Poet 

2003   Saraband 

1994   Zorn

1994   Drømspel 

1992   The Long Shadow 

1991   Oxen

1991   Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

1990   Mindwalk

1989   The Rosegarden 

1988   The Girlfriend

1988   A Time of Indifference 

1987   Gaby: A True Story 

1987   Farewell Moscow 

1986   Speriamo che sia femmina 

1985   King Kongs Faust 

1984   The Bay Boy

1984   The Wild Duck

1984   Dangerous Moves

1983   Jacobo Timerman: Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number

1982   Jenny

1980   Richard's Things

1979   Fruen fra havet

1979   Players

1978   Autumn Sonata 

1977   The Serpent's Egg 

1977   A Bridge Too Far 

1976   Face to Face 

1975   Leonor 

1975   The Magic Flute 

1974   The Abdication 

1974   Zandy's Bride

1973   40 Carats 

1973   Scenes from a Marriage 

1973   Lost Horizon 

1972   Cries and Whispers 

1972   Pope Joan

1972   The New Land 

1971   The Emigrants 

1971   The Night Visitor

1970   Cold Sweat 

1969   The Passion of Anna 

1969   An-Magritt 

1968   Shame 

1968   Cocktailparti 

1968   Hour of the Wolf 

1966   Persona

1966   En hyggelig fyr

1965   Smeltedigelen

1965   De kalte ham Skarven 

1962   Kort är sommaren

1962   Tonny 

1960   Ung flukt

1957   Fjols til fjells

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