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Lindsay Wagner ACTOR

Lindsay Wagner was born on June 22nd, 1949 in Los Angeles, California with the birth name Lindsay Jean Wagner, born to Marilyn Ball and Bill Wagner.  At the age of seven her parents marriage ended in divorce and she later moved to Portland Oregon with her mother and attended David Douglas High School.

Her first involvement in the entertainment industry came as a working model.  Later, Wagner realized she did not enjoy modeling and turned to acting as her career choice.  After studying at the University of Oregon she relocated to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of a career as an actress.

She began appearing on such television series as, "Rod Serling's Night Gallery" (1969), "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers" (1969), "Marcus Welby, M.D." (1969) and "The Rockford Files" (1974-1975). 

Her career really began to take off after she was cast in the television series, "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974) which lead to an offer for her own television show, "The Bionic Woman" (1976), a role for which she won an Emmy Award

Along with making quite a name for herself as a television sitcom actress, she has also appeared in  a number of television movies such as, "The Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel" (1979), "I Want to Live" (1983), "Child's Cry" (1986), "Evil in Clear River" (1988), "Shattered Dreams" (1990), "Fighting for My Daughter" (1995), "Thicker Than Water" (2005) with Melissa Gilbert and "Four Extraordinary Women" (2006).

In addition to her career as a successful actress, Wagner is also a published author with the books, "The High Road to Health" (1990) and "Lindsey Wagner's New Beauty: The Acupressure Facelift" (1986).  She also released a mediation CD called, "Open to Oneness".

Wagner is also involved in a number of other causes having to do with animal welfare, domestic violence, human rights and the environment.  She even holds workshops called, "Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart" which help people overcome everyday challenges life brings.

Her most recent work has been her appearance on the television series, "Warehouse 13" (2010-2012), portraying Dr. Vanessa Calder.  Also in 2012, she was honored a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars.

Lindsay Wagner has married four times beginning in 1971 to Allan Rider but this marriage ended in 1973.  Wagner then wed Michael Brandon in 1976 however by 1979 another marriage came to an end.  Her third husband was Henry Kingi whom she wed in 1981 and they had two children together before divorcing in 1984.  Her fourth and final husband was Lawrence Mortorff in 1990 but another short-lived marriage came to an end in 1993.  


2010-2012     Warehouse 13
2012         Who Killed Soul Glow?
2012         Scruples 
2011         Alphas
2008         Billy: The Early Years
2006         Four Extraordinary Women 
2006         The Surfer King
2005         Buckaroo: The Movie
2005         Thicker Than Water 
2003         A Light in the Forest
2002         The Division
1998         Frog and Wombat
1998         Voyage of Terror
1997         Their Second Chance 
1997         Contagious 
1996         A Mother's Instinct
1996         Sins of Silence
1995         Fighting for My Daughter
1995         Young Again
1994         Bionic Ever After? 
1994         Once in a Lifetime
1994         Men Who Hate Women & the Women Who Love Them
1993         Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7
1992         A Message from Holly
1992         To Be the Best
1992         Against All Odds 
1992         Treacherous Crossing
1992         She Woke Up
1991         Fire in the Dark 
1991         Ricochet
1990         Babies 
1990         Shattered Dreams 
1989         A Peaceable Kingdom
1989         Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman
1989         Voice of the Heart
1989         From the Dead of Night
1988         Police Story: Burnout
1988         Scandals
1988         Nightmare at Bitter Creek
1988         The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story
1988         Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1988         Evil in Clear River 
1987         Student Exchange
1987         The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman 
1987         Stranger in My Bed
1986         Convicted
1986         Kate & Allie
1986         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1986         Child's Cry 
1985         This Child Is Mine 
1985         The Other Lover
1985         Martin's Day
1984         Jessie
1984         Passions 
1984         Jessie 
1983         Two Kinds of Love 
1983         Princess Daisy 
1983         The Fall Guy 
1983         I Want to Live 
1982         Memories Never Die 
1981         Callie & Son
1981         High Risk
1981         Nighthawks
1980         Scruples 
1979         The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan 
1979         The Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel 
1976-1978     The Bionic Woman 
1975-1976     The Six Million Dollar Man 
1976         Whodunnit? 
1976         Second Wind
1971-1975     Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1974-1975     The Rockford Files 
1973         The Paper Chase
1973         Two People
1971-1972     Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1972         The F.B.I. 
1972         O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 
1971         Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 
1971         Sarge 
1971         The Bold Ones: The Lawyers 
1971         The Man and the City 
1971         Adam-12 

Matinee Classics - The Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks
Matinee Classics - The Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks

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