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Linda Purl ACTOR

Linda Purl was born on September 2nd, 1955 in Greenwich, Connecticut and was raised in Japan by her family.  Both of her parents were in the entertainment industry.  She attended the Toho Geino Academy and first began working as a stage actress in Japan at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo in a production of, "The King and I" and "The Miracle Worker". 
Purl then relocated to England after finishing Finch College, and began studying with Marguerite Beale.  She later moved again to the United States and continued to work on her craft under the direction of Lee Strasberg and Robert Lewis.
As her career continued as a stage actress she was seen in such productions as, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "Getting and Spending" and later in her career she joined the cast of, "A Streetcar Named Desire" playing Blanche DuBois.  Other stage credits she has added to her resume have been in the plays, "Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners" and "The Glass Menagerie".
She is most remembered for her role on the television series, "Matlock" portraying Ben Matlock's (Andy Griffith) daughter, Charlene Matlock.  She did a couple small film roles in Japan before taking on some American television roles such as on, "The Secret Storm" and "Hawaii Five-O".
Her first decent film role was in 1975 on, "Crazy Mama" followed by roles in such films as, "Leo and Loree" (1980), "The High Country" (1981), "Visiting Hours" (1982), "Viper" (1988), "Natural Causes" (1994), ""Mighty Joe Young" (1998) and "Fear of the Dark" (2003).
Throughout her career she has also added numerous television credits to her resume such as on the series, "Medical Center", "Medical Story", "The Oregon Trail", "Serpico", "Happy Days", "The Love Boat", "Matlock", "Murder, She Wrote", "Burke's Law", "Touched By an Angel", "Crossing Jordon", "Cold Case" and most recently, "The Office" and "Homeland".
Purl has also focused on a variety of television movie roles throughout her career being seen on, "Having Babies" (1976), "Black Market Baby" (1977), "A Last Cry For Help" (1979), "Midas Valley" (1985), "Before the Storm" (1991), "Secrets" (1992), "Holy Joe" (1999) and "Stranger at the Door" (2004). 
In addition to her acting career, Purl has also released a number of jazz albums and remains active in the industry.  She is also a very charitable  person involved in such causes as devoting time to AIDS Project for Los Angeles, The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, Haven House and is an avid supporter for Actors and Others for Animals.   
Linda Purl has married a total of four times.  First to Desi Arnaz Jr. in 1980 but divorced just one year later.  She then married William Broyles Jr. in 1988 however this marriage also ended in divorce.  Her third husband was Alexander Cary whom she wed in 1993 and together they had one child before another marriage came to an end in 1999.  Her fourth husband was James Vinson Adams whom she married in 2006 but this marriage has recently also ended.


2011   Homeland

2009-2011  The Office

2010   Lie to Me

2010   Criminal Minds 

2010   Desperate Housewives 

2009   The Seer 

2009   Bones 

2006   Maid of Honor

2005   Cold Case 

2005   Criminal Intent 

2004   Stranger at the Door 

2003   Fear of the Dark

2003   Crossing Jordan 

2003   Frozen Impact 

2002   First Monday

2002   The Griffin and the Minor Canon

2000   The Perfect Tenant 

1999   Holy Joe

1999   Sunday 

1998   Mighty Joe Young

1998   Touched by an Angel 

1998   Walker, Texas Ranger 

1997   The Absolute Truth 

1997   Crisis Center

1997   Port Charles

1996   The Story First: Behind the Unabomber 

1996   Born Free: A New Adventure 

1994-1995  Robin's Hoods 

1994   Incident at Deception Ridge

1994   Burke's Law

1994   Natural Causes

1994   Accidental Meeting

1993   The Hidden Room 

1985-1993  Murder, She Wrote

1992   Body Language 

1992   Jack's Place 

1992   Secrets

1991   Under Cover
1991   Before the Storm

1990   Web of Deceit

1990   Timeless Tales from Hallmark 

1989   Trying Times 

1988   Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs

1988   Viper 

1988   Addicted to His Love

1987   CBS Summer Playhouse 

1987   In Self Defense 

1986-1987  Matlock 

1986   Dark Mansions 

1986   Pleasures 

1986   Outrage! 

1986   Samson and Delilah

1985   Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1985   Midas Valley 

1985   The Love Boat

1984   The Last Days of Pompeii 

1974-1983  Happy Days

1982   Money on the Side

1982   Visiting Hours

1981   The Manions of America 

1981   The Adventures of Nellie Bly 

1981   The High Country

1980   The Night the City Screamed 

1980   Leo and Loree 

1979   The Flame Is Love 

1979   Like Normal People 

1979   Women at West Point 

1979   A Last Cry for Help

1978   The Young Pioneers 

1978   What Really Happened to the Class of '65? 

1977   Black Market Baby

1977   Testimony of Two Men 

1974-1977  The Waltons

1977   Little Ladies of the Night

1977   Serpico 

1976   Young Pioneers' Christmas 

1976   Having Babies

1976   W.C. Fields and Me 

1976   Young Pioneers 

1976   Eleanor and Franklin 

1976   The Oregon Trail 

1976   State Fair

1975   Medical Story 

1975   Happy Days

1975   Medical Center 

1975   Beacon Hill 

1975   Crazy Mama 

1975   Hawaii Five-O 

1974   Sons and Daughters

1974   Lucas Tanner

1973-1974  The Secret Storm

1973   Jory

1970   Aru heishi no kake

1966   Time Travelers

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