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Lawrence Tierney ACTOR

Lawrence Tierney was born on March 15th, 1919 in Brooklyn, New York to Mary and Lawrence Tierney.  During high school he excelled at athletics and won a number of awards for being on the track and field team.  He earned a scholarship to study at Manhattan College, however after only attending school for two years, he left early to work as a laborer on the New York Aqueduct.  He then took a number of other odd jobs and also worked as a catalogue model for Sears Roebuck & Co.
When an acting coach took notice of him and suggested he try and pursue a career in acting he found work as a stage actor with the Black Friars Theatre group and later also began doing stage work with the American-Irish Theatre.
In 1943, an RKO talent scout saw one of his productions and offered him a film contract.  He began appearing on such films as, "The Ghost Ship" (1943), "The Falcon Out West" (1944), "Youth Runs Wild" (1944), "Back to Bataan" (1945) starring John Wayne and Anthony Quinn, and then he was cast as the lead in the gangster film, "Dillinger" (1945).
Majority of characters he was hired to portray were that of the 'tough guy' and he went on to play the title role in the film, "Born to Kill" (1947).  Other film roles he added to his resume during this time period were in, "San Quentin" (1946), "Step by Step" (1946) and "The Devil Thumbs a Ride" (1947).
Not only was he a "tough guy" on screen he carried the same persona off screen being in the spotlight of the media with public bathroom brawls and even at one time getting in a fight and suffering a stab wound.  Even though he worked frequently in the industry, he had a reputation for being a very difficult person to get along with and work with.  It was mainly him abusing the use of alcohol that put him in many of these situations.  He had over a dozen arrests on his record for getting into fights and even served a ninety day sentence for breaking the jaw of a young college student.
As his career progressed he was seen on the big screen in, "Bodyguard" (1948), "Shakedown" (1950) and "Best of the Badmen" (1951).  His off camera persona was having a huge affect on his career and less directors and actors wanted to work with him.  He returned to working as a stage actor and was seen in the play, "The Petrified Forest".
Occasionally he would return to film and television and received small roles in the films, "Bus Stop" (1962) starring Marilyn Monroe, "A Child is Waiting" (1963), "Such Good Friends" (1971), "Gloria" (1980) and one such television series as, "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", "Seinfeld", "Fame", "Hunter", "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and some voice over work on, "The Simpsons". 
More recently he graced the big screen in the film, "Silver Bullet" (1985), "Tough Guys Don't Dance" (1987), "Reservoir Dogs" (1992), "Toto Lost in New York" (1996) and "Armageddon" (1998).   
Lawrence Tierney never married but did have one daughter named Elizabeth.  He passed away on February 26th, 2002 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from pneumonia. 


2000   Evicte

1998   Fatal Passion 

1998   Armageddon

1998   Southie 

1997   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

1997   EZ Streets 

1997   American Hero 

1996   ER 

1996   Toto Lost in New York 

1996   2 Days in the Valley

1996   Christmas in Oz

1996   Who Stole Santa? 

1995   The Simpsons 

1995   Pointman

1995   Portrait in Red

1995   American Hero

1995   Starstruck

1994   Junior 

1994   A Kiss Goodnight

1993   L.A. Law

1993   Silk Stalkings

1993   Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story

1993   Red

1992   Eddie Presley

1992   Reservoir Dogs

1991   City of Hope

1991   Equal Justice

1991   Wizards of the Demon Sword 

1991   Seinfeld

1991   Dillinger 

1991   The Death Merchant

1991   The Runestone 

1990   Why Me? 

1989   The Horror Show

1988   The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

1988   Hunter

1988   Star Trek: The Next Generation

1987   The Slap Maxwell Story 

1987   Tough Guys Don't Dance 

1987   The Offspring 

1985-1987  Hill Street Blues

1986   Murphy's Law

1985   Tales from the Darkside

1985   Remington Steele 

1985   Silver Bullet 

1985   Prizzi's Honor 

1984   Nothing Lasts Forever

1984   Fame

1984   Terrible Joe Moran

1982   Midnight 

1981   The Prowler 

1981   Arthur

1980   Gloria 

1979   The Kirlian Witness 

1979   Bloodrage 

1977   Bad 

1975   Abduction

1971   Such Good Friends 

1968   Killer Without a Face

1967   Custer of the West

1966   Exorcism at Midnight

1963   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 

1963   A Child Is Waiting

1962   The Lloyd Bridges Show

1962   Bus Stop

1961   Follow the Sun

1961   The Barbara Stanwyck Show

1960   Peter Gunn

1960   Adventures in Paradise

1960   Man with a Camera

1959   The Detectives 

1959   Naked City

1956   Singing in the Dark

1955   Female Jungle

1954   The Steel Cage

1954   The Man Behind the Badge

1952   The Greatest Show on Earth 

1952   Kill or Be Killed 

1951   The Bushwhackers

1951   Best of the Badmen

1951   The Hoodlum

1950   Shakedown

1948   Bodyguard

1947   Born to Kill

1947   The Devil Thumbs a Ride

1946   San Quentin 

1946   Step by Step 

1946   Badman's Territory

1945   Sing Your Way Home

1945   Mama Loves Papa

1945   Back to Bataan 

1945   Those Endearing Young Charms

1945   Dillinger

1945   Birthday Blues 

1944   Youth Runs Wild

1944   Seven Days Ashore

1944   The Falcon Out West

1943   The Ghost Ship

1943   Government Girl 

1943   Gildersleeve on Broadway

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