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Kris Kristofferson ACTOR

Kris Kristofferson was born on June 22nd, 1936 in Brownsville, Texas with the birth name Kristoffer Kristian Kristofferson, born to Mary Ann and Lars Henry Kristofferson.  He grew up in a military family and originally followed his father's wishes to pursue a career in the military. 
Being raised in a military family, they moved frequently and finally settled in San Mateo, California where he graduated from San Mateo High School.  He enrolled at Pomona College in California and graduated in 1958 with a BAS in Literature.  He then earned a Rhodes scholarship to go on and study at Oxford University where he excelled at writing and was also a very talented boxer.
He had tried to get his music writing career off the ground, but with little success, he then did as his father had hoped for, becoming a member of the United States Army.  He worked his way up to Captain as well as received training as a helicopter pilot.  Kris later decided to leave the military and pursue his interest as a song writer, for which his family never forgave him for making that career decision.
While working part time at Columbia Studio's in Nashville as a janitor he met Johnny Cash and submitted some of his songs to them, however Cash showed no interest.  Along with this job he was also working part time as a helicopter pilot for Petroleum Helicopters International.  Later, when he actually landed his helicopter in Cash's yard and re-submitted some of his lyrics, Johnny Cash agreed to look at them and this time, Cash recorded Kristofferson's song, "Sunday Morning Coming Down".
His music career continued with being signed to Epic Records in 1967 and released such singles as, "Golden Idol", "Jody and the Kid", "From the Bottle to the Bottom", "Once More with Feeling", "Darby's Castle" and "Me and Bobby McGee".  He was later signed to Monument Records as an actual recording artist not just a writer.  Throughout his early music career his songs earned such honors as "Song of the Year" from the Academy of Country Music for his song, "For the Good Times" and for the song, "Sunday Morning Coming Down", he won the same award from the Country Music Association. 
After releasing a couple other albums and establishing himself has a top recording artist he then broke into the other side of the entertainment industry making his acting debut in the film, "The Last Movie" (1971).  He continued to make music and then even though his records were successful, he decided to turn his focus to acting.
Some of his early film roles he added to his resume were on, "Blume in Love" (1973), "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" (1974), "Convoy" (1978), "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (1974), "Vigilante Force" (1976) and "A Star is Born" (1976) co-starring with Barbra Streisand for which he earned a Golden Globe for Best Actor. 
Now established in the entertainment industry as a song writer, recording artist and now actor, many doors continued to open for his career.  However, with the release of his next solo album being unsuccessful, he again remained focused on acting.
As his career progressed he would add such film credits to his resume as, "Freedom Road" (1979), "Heaven's Gate" (1980), "The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James" (1986), "Millennium" (1989), "Playback" (1999), "Blade" (1998), "Blade II" (2002) and "Blade: Trinity" (2004).
In 1999, he had elective heart bypass surgery but this did not affect his career and he was back at work that same year.  Kris remained making music and still working as an actor and although, music was his true passion, his career in acting seemed to be more successful for him in his later years. 
Kris Kristofferson mainly focused on working in films although he did have a couple television series roles on such programs as, "The Larry Sanders Show" and "Dead Man's Gun".  He also appeared on the television movies, "Pair of Aces" (1990), "Miracle in the Wilderness" (1992), "Sod Busters" (1994), "Tad" (1995), "Blue Rodeo" (1996) and "Lives of the Saints" (2004).
Most recently he has appeared on the films, "Dolphin Tale" (2011), "The Greening of Whitney Brown" (2011), "Joyful Noise" (2012), "Blackbird" (2012) and soon to release in, "The Motel Life", "When Angels Sing" and "Shoedog".         
He has married three times throughout his lifetime, first to Frances Beer from 1961 and after having two children this marriage ended in 1973.  He then married singer Rita Coolidge in 1973 and they had one child together before this marriage also came to an end in 1980.  His third and current wife is Lisa Meyers whom he wed in 1983 and they have five children together.
Kris has battled alcoholism for most of his life, however in 1976 he became sober and has in recent years been able to make a comeback to the industry.   He has been inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame as well as being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.    


2012   Shoedog

2012   When Angels Sing

2012   The Motel Life

2012   Blackbird

2012   Joyful Noise 

2011   The Greening of Whitney Brown 

2011   Dolphin Tale

2010   Underground Entertainment: The Movie 

2010   Fallout: New Vegas

2010   The Last Rites of Ransom Pride

2010   Yohan - Barnevandrer

2010   Bloodworth 

2009   For Sale by Owner 

2009   He's Just Not That Into You 

2009   Powder Blue

2008   Jump Out Boys 

2008   Snow Buddies

2007   I'm Not There.

2007   Crossing the Heart 

2006   Room 10

2006   Fast Food Nation 

2006   Disappearances

2005   Gun 

2005   Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

2005   14 Hours

2005   The Wendell Baker Story

2005   The Jacket

2004   Blade: Trinity 

2004   Forever Is a Long, Long Time

2004   Lives of the Saints

2004   Silver City

2003   Where the Red Fern Grows

2003   The Break 

2002   Blade II 

2002   D-Tox 

2001   Wooly Boys

2001   Chelsea Walls

2001   Planet of the Apes

2000   Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenĂ©t and the City of Boulder

2000   Comanche

1999   The Joyriders

1999   Limbo

1997-1999  Dead Man's Gun

1999   Molokai

1999   Payback 

1999   NetForce 

1999   The Long Kill 

1998   The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

1998   A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries

1998   Dance with Me

1998   Blade

1998   Girls' Night 

1998   Two for Texas

1997   Fire Down Below

1997   Dead Man's Gun

1996   Blue Rodeo 

1995   Inflammable

1995   Tad 

1995   Brothers' Destiny 

1995   Pharaoh's Army 

1994   The Larry Sanders Show

1994   Sodbusters

1993   Knights 

1993   Trouble Shooters: Trapped Beneath the Earth 

1993   Paper Hearts 

1993   No Place to Hide

1992   Original Intent

1992   Christmas in Connecticut

1991   Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind

1991   Night of the Cyclone

1990   Pair of Aces

1990   Sandino

1989   Welcome Home

1989   Millennium

1988   Big Top Pee-wee

1988   The Tracker

1987   Amerika

1986   Stagecoach

1986   Blood & Orchids 

1986   The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James

1985   Trouble in Mind

1984   Songwriter

1984   Flashpoint

1984   The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck

1982   The Last Horror Film

1981   Rollover

1980   Heaven's Gate

1979   Freedom Road

1978   Convoy

1977   Semi-Tough

1976   A Star Is Born

1976   Vigilante Force

1976   The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea 

1974   Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 

1974   Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia 

1973   Blume in Love

1973   Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 

1973   Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus 

1972   Cisco Pike 

1971   The Last Movie

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