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Kirby Grant ACTOR


Kirby Grant was born on November 24th, 1911 in Butte, Montana with the birth name Kirby Grant Hoon Jr. As a young child, Kirby was interested in playing the violin and took up singing. He was given a scholarship to the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.
In 1939, Kirby was chosen as the male winner of Jesse L. Lasky's, "Gateway to Hollywood" radio talent search which opened the doors to an acting career. He was awarded a membership in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and given the stage name Robert Stanton. He used this name for a number of years and then chose to go back to his birth name.
Kirby had a less then successful film career, but did get cast on a number of low budget westerns and freelanced among various studios. From this time period, his most well known film role was in, "Blondie Goes Latin" (1941).
In 1943, Kirby signed with Universal Pictures and worked on mostly B rated musicals. In the late 1940's he was hired by Monogram Pictures for a series of Police adventures. However, overall, his film career was lacking the stardom he sought after.
He did however gain notice for his television career in which he acted on the series, "Sky King" (1953) which ran for a total of 130 episodes. He also portrayed a violinist in the film, "I Dream Too Much" (1935).
When the series came to an end, Kirby traveled with the Carson and Barnes Circus and then retired from show business in 1970. He later became a public relations director for Sea World in Florida. Even though, "Sky King" went into syndication, Kirby was never entitled to receiving any residuals from the series.
Kirby Grant married once to Barbara Van Brunt on October 28th, 1939 and they remained together until 1947 having a total of three children together. On October 30th, 1985 Grant passed away at the age of seventy three in Titusville, Florida in a car accident.
He was responsible for founding the non profit Sky King Youth Ranches of America which would provide homes for children without families. Kirby Grant is interred in Missoula, Montana.


1952-1959 Sky King
1954 Yukon Vengeance
1953 Cavalcade of America
1953 Northern Patrol
1953 Family Theatre
1953 Fangs of the Arctic
1952 Yukon Gold
1952 Studio One in Hollywood
1951 Northwest Territory
1951 Comin' Round the Mountain
1951 Yukon Manhunt
1951 Rhythm Inn
1950 Call of the Klondike
1950 Dial 1119
1950 Indian Territory
1950 Snow Dog
1949 Feudin' Rhythm
1949 The Wolf Hunters
1949 Black Midnight
1949 Trail of the Yukon
1949 Your Show Time
1948 Singin' Spurs
1948 Song of Idaho
1946 Rustler's Round-up
1946 Gunman's Code
1946 Lawless Breed
1946 Sing While You Dance
1946 She Wrote the Book
1946 The Spider Woman Strikes Back
1946 Gun Town
1945 Code of the Lawless
1945 Easy to Look at
1945 Bad Men of the Border
1945 Penthouse Rhythm
1945 Trail to Vengeance
1945 I'll Remember April
1944 Babes on Swing Street
1944 In Society
1944 Ghost Catchers
1944 Law Men
1944 Rosie the Riveter
1944 Hi, Good Lookin'!
1944 Chip Off the Old Block
1943 Destination Tokyo
1943 The Stranger from Pecos
1943 Bombardier
1943 Hello Frisco, Hello
1942 My Favorite Blonde
1942 Dr. Kildare's Victory
1941 Blondie Goes Latin
1940 Bullet Code
1940 Millionaire Playboy
1940 The Marines Fly High
1940 Mexican Spitfire
1939 Three Sons
1938 Red River Range
1938 Lawless Valley
1938 There Goes My Heart
1938 My Lucky Star
1938 Radio City Revels
1937 In Old Chicago
1936 Changing of the Guard
1935 I Dream Too Much   

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Matinee Classics - Sky King starring starring Kirby Grant, Gloria Winters, Ewing Mitchell and Ron Hagerthy
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