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Kent Taylor ACTOR


Kent Taylor was born on May 11th, 1907 in Nashua, Iowa with the birth name Louis Weiss.  As a teenager he first became involved in acting performing in a number of school plays and later his family relocated to Waterloo, Iowa and he found work as a window trimmer in a ladies clothing store.
The family again relocated briefly to Chicago and then again to Los Angeles, California.  Taylor decided now was a good time to pursue a career as an actor after he was introduced to director, Henry King.  
Taylor began with being cast in small parts and then made his official film debut in "The Magnificent Lie" (1931) followed by such film roles as, "Merrily We Go to Hell" (1932), "I'm No Angel" (1933), 'Death Takes a Holiday" (1934), "David Harum" (1934), "The Country Chairman" (1935) and "Ramona" (1936).
As his career moved into the 1940's he continued to star in a number of 'B' rated films such as, "Love in a Bungalow" (1937), "Pirates of the Skies" (1939), "The Crimson Key" (1947) and "The Sickle or the Cross" (1949).  However, soon film roles were becoming less available to him so he began seeing what television opportunities were available to him.
Some of his television appearances included roles on "Boston Blackie" (1951) as the star, "The Rough Riders" (1958) as the lead, "Zorro" (1957), "Laramie" (1959), "The Rifleman" (1958) and "Rango" (1967) amongst others.
Throughout his career he performed in over 100 films and a number of them were "A' pictures where he was cast as second lead.  His latest roles were on, "Blood of Ghastly Horror" (1972) and "Girls for Rent" (1974). 
Kent Taylor married only once to Augusta Kulek in 1930 and they had three children together and remained married until he passed away following a series of heart operations at the age of seventy nine on April 11th, 1987 in Woodland Hills, California. 


1974 Girls for Rent
1974 The Phantom of Hollywood 
1972 Brain of Blood 
1972 Blood of Ghastly Horror 
1972 Angels' Wild Women 
1970 Land of the Giants 
1970 Hell's Bloody Devils 
1969 Satan's Sadists 
1969 The Mighty Gorga 
1968 Brides of Blood 
1967 Rango
1965 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 
1964 Law of the Lawless 
1963 The Crawling Hand 
1963 Harbor Lights 
1963 The Day Mars Invaded Earth 
1962 The Firebrand 
1962 The Broken Land 
1961 Hawaiian Eye
1961 The Purple Hills 
1961 77 Sunset Strip
1959-1961 Bronco 
1961 The Rifleman
1960 Peter Gunn 
1960 The Brothers Brannagan 
1960 Walk Tall 
1960 Sugarfoot 
1960 Bat Masterson
1960 Tombstone Territory 
1960 Mr. Lucky 
1960 Riverboat 
1960 Laramie 
1959 Tightrope 
1959 The Ann Sothern Show 
1958-1959 The Rough Riders
1958 Gang War
1958 Zorro 
1958 Target 
1958 Tales of Wells Fargo 
1958 The Restless Gun
1958 Fort Bowie
1957 Colt .45
1957 The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial
1957 The Iron Sheriff
1957 Panic
1956 The Ford Television Theatre
1956 Frontier Gambler 
1956 Crossroads
1956 Ghost Town 
1956 Slightly Scarlet 
1955 The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
1955 Damon Runyon Theater 
1955 Secret Venture 
1955 Track the Man Down 
1955 My Little Margie 
1954 Playgirl
1951-1953 Boston Blackie
1951 Payment on Demand 
1950 Trial Without Jury
1950 Western Pacific Agent
1950 Federal Agent at Large
1949 The Sickle or the Cross
1948 Half Past Midnight
1947 Second Chance
1947 The Crimson Key
1946 Dangerous Millions 
1946 Deadline for Murder
1946 Tangier
1946 Young Widow
1946 Smooth as Silk
1945 The Daltons Ride Again 
1944 Alaska
1944 Roger Touhy, Gangster
1943 Bomber's Moon
1942 Army Surgeon
1942 Half Way to Shanghai
1942 Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die
1942 Mississippi Gambler
1942 Gang Busters
1942 Frisco Lil
1941 Washington Melodrama 
1941 Repent at Leisure 
1940 I'm Still Alive
1940 Men Against the Sky
1940 Girl from Avenue A
1940 Girl in 313
1940 Two Girls on Broadway
1940 I Take This Woman
1939 Escape to Paradise 
1939 Sued for Libel
1939 Three Sons
1939 Five Came Back
1939 The Gracie Allen Murder Case 
1939 Four Girls in White
1939 Pirates of the Skies 
1938 The Last Express
1938 The Jury's Secret
1937 Prescription for Romance
1937 A Girl with Ideas
1937 The Lady Fights Back
1937 Love in a Bungalow
1937 Wings Over Honolulu 
1937 When Love Is Young 
1936 The Accusing Finger 
1936 Ramona 
1936 Florida Special 
1936 Sky Parade 
1936 My Marriage
1935 Two-Fisted
1935 Without Regret 
1935 Smart Girl 
1935 College Scandal 
1935 The County Chairman 
1934 Limehouse Blues 
1934 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 
1934 Many Happy Returns
1934 The Scarlet Empress
1934 Double Door 
1934 Death Takes a Holiday 
1934 David Harum 
1933 Cradle Song 
1933 White Woman 
1933 I'm No Angel 
1933 Sunset Pass 
1933 The Story of Temple Drake 
1933 A Lady's Profession 
1933 Tonight Is Ours 
1933 The Mysterious Rider 
1932 Under-Cover Man 
1932 The Sign of the Cross
1932 If I Had a Million 
1932 The Night of June 13th 
1932 Blonde Venus 
1932 Devil and the Deep
1932 Make Me a Star 
1932 The Man from Yesterday 
1932 Merrily We Go to Hell
1932 Forgotten Commandments
1932 Sinners in the Sun 
1932 One Hour with You 
1932 Dancers in the Dark
1932 Two Kinds of Women 
1931 Husband's Holiday 
1931 The False Madonna
1931 The Road to Reno
1931 The Magnificent Lie  

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