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June 'Miss Crabtree' Marlowe ACTOR

June 'Miss Crabtree' Marlowe was born on November 6th, 1903 in St. Cloud, Minnesota with the birth name Gisela Valaria Goetten and was the oldest of five siblings, all of which pursued careers in entertainment. 
Although she had begun here career as a actress appearing in a number of silent films such as, "Where a Man's a Man" (1924), "Find Your Man" (1924), "Tracked in the Snow Country" (1925) and "Below the Line" (1925), she is most well known for her role as 'Miss Crabtree', the teacher, in the "Our Gang" shorts.  Although she was a natural brunette, she was actually asked by Hal Roach to wear a blonde wig so she could match Jackie Cooper's blonde hair. 
Some of the "Our Gang" films she added to her resume were in, "Teacher's Pet", "School's Out" and "Love Business".  Also added to her credits over the course of her career was a role in the films, "Free Lips" (1928), "The Loan Defender" (1930) and "Pardon Us" (1931). 
She never auditioned for this role, instead she was seen by the director, Robert F. McGowan in a department store and he was struck by her fresh face beauty that he asked her if she had any interest in working in the entertainment industry, unaware she had been a working actress for quite some time. 
June Marlowe married only once to Rodney Sprigg in 1933 and they were married until he passed away on August 2nd, 1982.  Just two years after losing her husband she passed away on March 10th, 1984 in Burbank, California after suffering from Parkinson's Disease.  Originally her remains were buried at the San Fernando Mission Cemetery but later were moved and interred in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California.  


1932   Readin' and Writin'

1932   Devil on Deck 

1931   Shiver My Timbers 

1931   Pardon Us 

1931   Little Daddy 

1931   Los presidiarios 

1931   Love Business 

1930   School's Out 

1930   Teacher's Pet

1930   The Lone Defender 

1929   The Unusual Past of Thea Carter

1929   The Brandenburg Arch 

1928   Code of the Air 

1928   The Grip of the Yukon 

1928   The Foreign Legion 

1928   The Branded Man 

1928   Free Lips

1928   Their Hour 

1927   On the Stroke of Twelve 

1927   Wild Beauty 

1927   The Life of Riley 

1927   Alias the Deacon 

1926   Fangs of Justice 

1926   The Old Soak 

1926   Don Juan 

1926   Fourth Commandment

1926   The Night Cry

1925   Pleasure Buyers 

1925   Clash of the Wolves 

1925   Below the Line

1925   The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted 

1925   Tracked in the Snow Country 

1925   The Man Without a Conscience

1925   Horace Greeley, Jr.

1924   A Lost Lady 

1924   Fighting Blood

1924   Find Your Man 

1924   The Tenth Woman

1924   Killing Time

1924   When a Man's a Man 

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