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Julie Adams ACTOR


Julie Adams was born on October 17th, 1926 in Waterloo, Iowa with the birth name Betty May Adams.  She was raised in Arkansas and during elementary school she developed an interest in acting. 
After high school she decided to relocate to Hollywood and try to pursue a career in the industry.  While looking for roles, she took speech classes and also found work as a secretary to support herself. 
In 1949 she was cast in her first film role with Paramount Pictures, "Red, Hot and Blue".  Soon she was appearing in such films as, "The Dalton Gang" (1949) and a number of Lippert Westerns such as, "Hostile Country" (1950), "Marshal of Heldorado" (1950), "Colorado Ranger" (1950), "Fast on the Draw" (1950) and "Bend of the River" (1952) starring James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy and Rock Hudson.  All her early films were credited to her birth name Betty Adams.  It was not until she later began working for Universal Studios that they changed her name to Julia and then Julie Adams.   
During the 50's she was now a highly desired actress and Universal Studio's even had her legs insured for $125,000.  Other film roles she continued to add to her resume were on the classic science fiction thriller, "Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1954), "Tickle Me" (1965), "The Last Movie" (1971), "The Killer Inside Me" (1976) and "Goodbye, Franklin High" (1978). 
Along with her film work, she has appeared on numerous television shows throughout her time in the industry such as, "Maverick" starring James Garner and Jack Kelly, "Murder, She Wrote", "General Hospital", "Lux Video Theater", "Playhouse 90", "Cheyenne" starring Clint Walker, "The Rifleman" starring Chuck Connors, "Outlaws", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", 'Surfside 6", "Dr. Kildare", "The Virginian", 'Burke's Law", "Perry Mason", "Ironside", "The Big Valley", "Quincy, M.E", "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "CSI". 
Julie has married twice, first in 1951 to Leonard Stern however by 1953 they were divorced.  She then wed Ray Danton in 1955 and they had two children before this marriage came to an end in 1978. 
Julie Adams has not re-married and remains working in the industry with some of her latest appearances being on the television series, "Cold Case", "Lost: Missing Pieces" and the film "Carnage" (2011) doing voice over work.


2011   Carnage

2008   Lost: Missing Pieces 

2007   CSI: NY

2006   Cold Case 

2006   Lost 

2006   World Trade Center
2000   Family Law

1999   Sliders 

1999   Melrose Place 

1997   Diagnosis Murder

1993   The Conviction of Kitty Dodds

1993   Beverly Hills, 90210

1987-1993  Murder, She Wrote 

1990   Catchfire 

1988   Black Roses

1981-1984  Too Close for Comfort 

1983-1987  Capitol

1984   Champions 

1977-1982  Quincy M.E.

1981-1982  Code Red

1982   Cagney & Lacey 

1981   Vega$

1980   Trapper John, M.D.

1978   Greatest Heroes of the Bible

1978   The Fifth Floor

1978   The Incredible Hulk 

1978   The Runaways 

1978   Goodbye, Franklin High 

1978   Police Woman 

1977   This Is the Life 

1977   McMillan & Wife

1976   The Killer Inside Me

1976   Six Characters in Search of an Author

1976   Medical Center

1975   Psychic Killer 

1972-1975  Cannon

1975   Ellery Queen

1969-1975  Marcus Welby, M.D.

1975   Mobile One

1975   The Wild McCullochs

1975   The Streets of San Francisco

1975   Caribe

1975   Kolchak: The Night Stalker

1974   Lucas Tanner 

1974   McQ

1967-1973  Mannix

1973   Search

1968-1973  Mod Squad

1973   Go Ask Alice 

1969-1972  The Doris Day Show 

1971-1972  The Jimmy Stewart Show 

1972   Rod Serling's Night Gallery 

1971   The Trackers

1971   The Last Movie 

1971   The Young Lawyers 

1970-1971  The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 

1970   Dan August 

1969   The F.B.I.

1969   My Friend Tony 

1968   General Hospital 

1968   The Outsider 

1968   Ironside 

1966-1968  The Big Valley 

1967   Valley of Mystery 

1966   The Virginian 

1965   The Long, Hot Summer 

1965   Burke's Law

1965   12 O'Clock High

1963-1965  Perry Mason

1965   Tickle Me

1964-1965  Kraft Suspense Theatre

1965   Insight 

1959-1964  77 Sunset Strip

1963   Arrest and Trial 

1963   The Gallant Men

1962   The Underwater City 

1960-1962  Checkmate

1962   Dr. Kildare 

1962   The Dick Powell Theatre 

1962   The Andy Griffith Show

1962   King of Diamonds 

1961   Surfside 6 

1961   Outlaws 

1960-1961  Hawaiian Eye 

1958-1961  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1961   Bonanza 

1960   Michael Shayne 

1960   Wrangler 

1960   Markham 

1960   Raymie

1960   Tate 

1960   The Rifleman

1960   Alcoa Theatre

1959-1960  Maverick

1960   Cheyenne

1959   The Alaskans

1959   The Man and the Challenge

1959   The Gunfight at Dodge City

1959   Steve Canyon 

1959   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond 

1958   The Loretta Young Show

1958   Goodyear Theatre 

1958   Zane Grey Theater 

1958   Tarawa Beachhead 

1958   Yancy Derringer

1958   Playhouse 90 

1957   Slim Carter 

1957   Climax!

1957   Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 

1955-1957  Lux Video Theatre

1957   Four Girls in Town

1956   Away All Boats

1956   Studio One in Hollywood

1955   The Colgate Comedy Hour 

1955   The Private War of Major Benson

1955   One Desire

1955   The Looters

1955   Six Bridges to Cross

1954   Francis Joins the WACS

1954   Creature from the Black Lagoon

1953   The Stand at Apache River

1953   Wings of the Hawk

1953   The Man from the Alamo

1953   The Mississippi Gambler

1953   The Lawless Breed

1952   Horizons West

1952   The Treasure of Lost Canyon

1952   Bend of the River

1952   Finders Keepers 

1951   Bright Victory 

1951   Hollywood Story 

1950   For Heaven's Sake 

1950   Fast on the Draw 

1950   West of the Brazos

1950   Colorado Ranger 

1950   Crooked River 

1950   Marshal of Heldorado 

1950   Hostile Country 

1949   The Dalton Gang 

1949   Red, Hot and Blue 

1949   Your Show Time 

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