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Joseph Schildkraut ACTOR

Joseph Schildkraut was born on March 22nd, 1896 in Vienna Austria born to Erna Weinstein and Rudolph Schildkraut, a stage actor.  At the age of four his family relocated to Germany and as a young boy he took lessons in piano and the violin.  By the age of six he was performing on stage with his father.
After graduating from Berlin's Royal Academy of Music in 1911, his family immigrated to the united States and settled in New York.  Joseph went on to enroll at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  When he as offered stage work in Europe to good to pass up, the whole family moved back.
He almost had to serve in the Army during World War I, but was able to get out of it due to his theatrical obligations.  After the war, his family again picked up and moved back to the United States.  Due to his stage experience in Europe he was abele to secure a job with the Guild Theatre in a production of, "Liliom".
Along with his stage experience from Germany he had also been given the chance to appear in a number of silent films, therefore, now living in America, he was cast in the American silent film, "Orphans of the Storm" (1921) directed by D.W. Griffith.  Soon more film roles followed such as, "The Song of Love" (1923), "Shipwrecked" (1926), "Meet the Prince" (1926), "Young April" (1926), "The Heart Thief" (1927), "The Forbidden Woman" (1927), "The Road to Yesterday" (1925) and "The King of Kings" (1927).

When the silent film era came to an end, he made the transition to talkie films with ease with a role in the film, "Show Boat" (1929).  Although he enjoyed living in New York and working in the film industry as well as still having the chance to work as a stage actor, he made the move west to Hollywood to further his film career.
Arriving in Hollywood, Joseph was cast in such films as, "Viva Villa!" (1934), "Cleopatra" (1934), 'The Crusades" (1935) and the Life of Emile Zola" (1937), for which he earned his first Oscar. 
More successful film roles succeeded such as, "Marie Antoinette" (1938), "The Three Muskateers" (1939), "The Man in the Iron Mask" (1939), "Lancer Spy" (1937), "Suez" (1938), "The Rains Came" (1939) and "The Shop Around the Corner" (1940).
He loved performing on the stage and therefore, he made sure never to neglect his love of live performing and had some notable stage performances in,  "Uncle Harry" (1942), "The Cherry Orchard" (1944) "Flame of Barbary Coast" (1945) starring John Wayne and "The Diary of Anne Frank" (1955).  He later reprised this role on film in 1959 portraying Anne Frank's, father in hiding, Otto Frank.
His latest appearances were on such television series as, "Sam Benedict" (1962), "The Untouchables" (1963), "77 Sunset Strip" (1963), "Arrest and Trial" (1963) and his final film role in, "The Greatest Story Ever Told", released after his death in 1965.
Joseph Schildkraut was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 
He married three times throughout his lifetime, first to Elise Bartlett in 1922 and they were married through 1930.  He then married Marie McKay in 1932 and remained together until she passed away in 1962.  His third and final wife was Leonora C. Rogers whom he wed in 1963 and they were together only one year before he passed away.
Joseph passed away on January 21st, 1964 in New York City, New York after suffering a fatal heart attack.  His remains are interred in the Beth Olam Mausoleum in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.   


1965   The Greatest Story Ever Told

1963   Arrest and Trial 

1963   77 Sunset Strip 

1963   The Untouchables 

1962   Sam Benedict

1961-1962  Twilight Zone

1962   Dr. Kildare 

1961   King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein 

1959   The Diary of Anne Frank 

1955   Cameo Theatre 

1955   The Hammer and the Sword 

1955   Lux Video Theatre 

1954   Armstrong Circle Theatre 

1954   The Philip Morris Playhouse 

1953   Joseph Schildkraut Presents

1953   Hamlet 

1953   Hamlet 

1953   Omnibus 

1953   The Web

1953   Schlitz Playhouse 

1952   Personal Appearance Theater 

1951   Cosmopolitan Theatre 

1951   Somerset Maugham TV Theatre

1951   Faith Baldwin Romance Theatre

1951   Sure As Fate 

1949-1950  The Ford Theatre Hour 

1948   The Gallant Legion 

1948   Old Los Angeles

1947   Northwest Outpost 

1946   Plainsman and the Lady

1946   Monsieur Beaucaire 

1945   The Cheaters

1945   Flame of Barbary Coast

1941   The Tell-Tale Heart 

1941   The Parson of Panamint

1940   Meet the Wildcat

1940   Rangers of Fortune

1940   Phantom Raiders

1940   The Shop Around the Corner

1939   Pack Up Your Troubles 

1939   The Rains Came

1939   Lady of the Tropics

1939   Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation

1939   The Man in the Iron Mask

1939   The Three Musketeers

1939   Idiot's Delight

1938   Suez 

1938   Marie Antoinette

1938   The Baroness and the Butler

1937   Lady Behave!

1937   Lancer Spy

1937   The Life of Emile Zola

1937   Souls at Sea 

1937   Slave Ship

1936   The Garden of Allah

1935   The Crusades

1934   Cleopatra

1934   Sisters Under the Skin

1934   Viva Villa! 

1932   The Blue Danube 

1931   Venetian Nights

1930   Die Sehnsucht jeder Frau 

1930   Cock o' the Walk

1930   Night Ride 

1929   The Mississippi Gambler

1929   Show Boat 

1928   Tenth Avenue

1928   The Blue Danube

1927   The Forbidden Woman

1927   His Dog

1927   The Heart Thief 

1927   The King of Kings 

1926   Young April

1926   Meet the Prince 

1926   Shipwrecked 

1925   The Road to Yesterday

1923   The Song of Love 

1921   Orphans of the Storm

1921   Theodor Herzl, der Bannerträger des jüdischen Volkes 

1920   Der Roman der Komtesse Ruth 

1919   Der Diamant des Todes

1919   Die schwarze Fahne

1919   Seine Durchlaucht der Landstreicher 

1916   Das Wiegenlied 

1916   Der Glücksschneider

1916   Für den Ruhm des Geliebten 

1915   Schlemihl

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