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Joseph Bottoms ACTOR

Joseph Bottoms was born on April 22nd, 1954 in Santa Barbara, California.  His father, Joseph Bottoms was a sculptor and he was raised in Santa Barbara along with his brothers, Timothy, Sam and Benjamin who also at one time pursued careers as actors.  Joseph became interested in acting from a young age and would participate in a number of stage productions locally before attempting a career as a television and film actor.
When he was cast in the film, "The Dove" in 1974 his performance was so well received he earned a Golden Globe Award.  He is also well known for his role on NBC's miniseries, "The Holocaust" (1978) playing a Jewish resistance fighter.
Other roles he added to his credits were on the television movie, "Return Engagement" (1978) opposite Elizabeth Taylor and such films as, "The Black Hole" (1979), "Cloud Dancer" (1980), "King of the Mountain" (1981) and the television movies, "I Married Wyatt Earp" (1983), "Wishman" (1983) and "Time Bomb" (1984).
As his career progressed he focused mainly on television roles appearing on such series as, "CBS Summer Playhouse", "Santa Barbara", "The Highwayman", "Avonlea", "The Young Riders", "Walker, Texas Ranger", "The Net", "Profiler" and his final role was on the series, "V.I.P" (1999).
He has married only once throughout his lifetime to Dianna Louise Diels in 1994 and after the couple had two children the marriage came to an end in 2007.  He is now retired completely from the industry and runs an art gallery in Santa Barbara.   


1999 V.I.P.
1999 Profiler 
1998-1999 The Net 
1998 Joseph's Gift 
1997 Walker, Texas Ranger 
1997 Snide and Prejudice 
1992 The Young Riders 
1992 Treacherous Crossing 
1992 Liar's Edge 
1992 Gunsmoke: To the Last Man 
1991 Days of Our Lives 
1991 Inner Sanctum 
1990-1991 Street Legal 
1991 Avonlea 
1990 Flair
1990 CBS Schoolbreak Special
1988 The Highwayman 
1988 Born to Race 
1988 Police Story: Cop Killer 
1985-1987 Santa Barbara
1987 Open House
1987 CBS Summer Playhouse
1987 Island Sons
1987 Shades of Love: Make Mine Chartreuse
1985 Braker
1985 Murder, She Wrote
1984 Blind Date
1984 Time Bomb 
1984 Celebrity 
1983 Wishman
1983 The Sins of Dorian Gray
1983 I Married Wyatt Earp 
1982 Side by Side: The True Story of the Osmond Family 
1981 Surfacing
1981 King of the Mountain 
1981 The Intruder Within 
1980 Cloud Dancer
1979 The Black Hole
1979 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1978 Return Engagement
1978 Holocaust 
1978 Family
1977 High Rolling in a Hot Corvette 
1976 Stalk the Wild Child 
1976 Crime and Passion
1974 The Dove
1974 Unwed Father
1973 Winesburg, Ohio 
1973 Trouble Comes to Town

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