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John Savage ACTOR

John Savage was born on August 25th, 1949 in Long Island, New York with the birth name John Smeallie Youngs, born to Muriel and Floyd Youngs.  He became involved in the entertainment industry early first singing and acting in school productions.  After high school he studied at the American Academy of Performing Arts and then performed on Broadway in a production of, "Fiddler on the Roof" as a chorus boy.
As his career progressed in the mid 70's he began appearing on a number of television series such as, "Cade's Country" and "Gibbsville" and also added some film roles to his resume such as, "Bad Company" (1972) and "The Sister-In-Law" (1974) along with still working as a stage actor.
Now with quite a bit of experience on his resume he made the move west to Los Angeles, California, the entertainment capital of the world and soon was appearing on such feature films as, "The Deer Hunter" (1978), "The Onion Field" (1979), "Hair" (1979), "Inside Moves" (1980) and "The Amateur" (1981), a role for which he received his first nomination  for Best-Actor-Foreign.
Since then he has continued to work in the industry and has alternated between film and television.  Other film credits include, "Maria's Lovers" (1984), "Salvador" (1986), "Do the Right Thing" (1989), "The Godfather: Part III" (1990), "The Thin Red Line" (1998), "
He has also appeared on a number of television series such as, "Tales from the Crypt", "The Outer Limits", "Walker, Texas Ranger", "Touched by an Angel", "The District", "Law & Order; Criminal Intent" and "Fringe". 

Along with working as an actor he has had the chance to work on the other side of the industry as a assistant production manager for the film, "Malcolm X" (1992) starring Denzel Washington and as a co-producer on, "Do the Right Thing" (1989).

Savage has married twice, first to Susan Youngs in 1967 and they had two children together before the marriage came to an end in 1969.  He then wed Sandi Schultz in 1993 and they remain together today.

John Savage continues to work as an actor alternating between television and film work.  Most recently he has added such film roles to his credits, "The Coverup" (2008), "Cry of the Butterfly" (2012), "A Star for Rose" (2012), "The Big Valley" (2012), "The Sorrow" (2012), "7E" (2013), "Spreading Darkness" (2013) and voice work for the film, "Nephilim" (2013).


2013         Spreading Darkness
2013         Nephilim 
2013         7E 
2012         Rise Again 
2012         Spinning Dry
2012         The Sorrow 
2012         Gemini Rising
2012         The Big Valley 
2012         A Star for Rose 
2012         Cry of the Butterfly
2012         The Awakened
2012         Open Road 
2012         Art of Submission
2012         Sins Expiation
2012         Sweetwater
2012         The Black Dove
2011         Cousin Sarah
2011         Assassins' Code
2011         Hit List
2011         The Orphan Killer
2011         The Legacy of the Sun
2011         Summer Song
2011         The Last Gamble
2011         Demon Legacy
2011         Colombian Interviews
2010         Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident
2010         Submission
2010         Bereavement
2010         Dreamkiller
2010         The Right to Bear Arms
2009         Buffalo Bushido
2009         Fringe
2009         Gasp
2009         Handsome Harry
2009         Redemption 
2009         American Bully
2009         The Red Canvas
2009         First Time Long Time
2008         The Violent Kind
2008         The Coverup
2008         Boiler Maker
2008         From a Place of Darkness
2008         The Grift
2008         The Golden Boys
2007         No Destination 
2007         The Attic 
2006         Father and Son
2006         Shut Up and Shoot!
2006         Kill Your Darlings
2006         The Drop
2005         The New World
2005         Love's Long Journey
2005         Confessions of a Pit Fighter
2002-2005     Everwood
2005         Iowa
2005         Aimée Price
2003-2005     Carnivàle 
2005         Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
2005         King's Echo 
2004         Downtown: A Street Tale
2004         Admissions
2004         Sucker Free City
2004         Law & Order: Criminal Intent
2004         Fallacy
2004         Alien Lockdown 
2004         Shortcut to Happiness
2003         The District 
2003         Easy Six
2003         Intoxicating
2002         Ground Bloom Flower
2002         The Anarchist Cookbook
2002         Redemption of the Ghost
2001         Touched by an Angel
2000-2001     Dark Angel 
2001         Burning Down the House
2001         Dead Man's Run
2000         They Nest
2000         Christina's House
2000         The Virginian 
1999         Ghost Soldier
1999         Star Trek: Voyager 
1999         Summer of Sam
1999         The Jack Bull
1999         Message in a Bottle
1999         Something Between Us
1999         Frontline
1998         The Thin Red Line
1998         Lost Souls
1998         Club Vampire
1998         Mia, Liebe meines Lebens
1998         Centurion Force
1997         Before Women Had Wings 
1997         A Corner of Paradise
1997         Hostile Intent
1997         Hollywood Safari
1997         Little Boy Blue
1997         Amnesia
1997         Firestorm
1997         Last Cut
1997         Flynn
1997         Notti di paura
1996         The Mouse
1996         Walker, Texas Ranger 
1996         American Strays
1996         Where Truth Lies
1996         One Good Turn
1996         White Squall
1996         Managua
1995         The Crossing Guard
1995         The Outer Limits
1995         The X-Files
1995         OP Center
1995         Carnosaur 2
1995         The Dangerous
1995         Fatal Choice
1995         The Takeover
1995         Red Scorpion 2
1994         Tales from the Crypt
1994         Shattered Image
1994         Birdland
1994         Deadly Weapon
1994         Killing Obsession
1993         CIA II: Target Alexa
1993         Berlin '39
1993         Daybreak
1993         CBS Schoolbreak Special 
1993         The Accident 
1992         Primary Motive
1992         Scoop
1991         Door to Silence
1991         Hunting
1991         Great Expectations 
1991         Favola crudele
1991         Mountain of Diamonds
1991         Buck ai confini del cielo
1990         The Godfather: Part III
1990         Any Man's Death
1990         Ottobre rosa all'Arbat
1990         Voice in the Dark
1989         Do the Right Thing
1989         Point of View
1988         ABC Afterschool Specials 
1988         The Beat
1987         Caribe
1987         Desperate 
1987         Beauty and the Beast
1987         Hotel Colonial
1986         Soldier's Revenge
1986         American Playhouse
1986         Salvador
1985         Silent Witness
1984         Nairobi Affair
1984         Maria's Lovers
1984         Hosszú vágta
1982         Coming Out of the Ice
1981         The Amateur
1981         Cattle Annie and Little Britches
1980         Inside Moves
1979         The Onion Field
1979         Hair
1978         The Deer Hunter
1976-1977     Gibbsville 
1975         Eric 
1975         The Turning Point of Jim Malloy 
1974         All the Kind Strangers 
1974         The Sister-in-Law
1973         Steelyard Blues
1973         The Killing Kind
1972         Bad Company
1971         Love Is a Carousel
1971         Cade's County
1969         The Master Beater

Matinee Classics - Message in a Bottle starring Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn, Paul Newman, John Savage, Illeana Douglas, Robbie Coltrane, Jesse James, Bethel Leslie, Tom Aldredge, Hayden Panettiere, Viveka Davis, Raphael Sbarge, Richard Hamilton, Rosemary Murphy, Steven Eckholdt and Susan Brightbill
Matinee Classics - The Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage, Meryl Streep, John Cazale, George Dzundza, Chuck Aspegren, Shirley Stoler, Rutanya Alda, Amy Wright and Joe Grifasi
Matinee Classics - The Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage, Meryl Streep, John Cazale, George Dzundza, Chuck Aspegren, Shirley Stoler, Rutanya Alda, Amy Wright and Joe Grifasi

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