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John Qualen ACTOR


John Qualen was born on December 8th, 1899 in Vancouver, British Columbia with the birth name Johan Mandt Kvalen.  His family relocated from Canada to the United States and he was raised in Elgin, Illinois.  After graduating from high school he received a scholarship to study at Northwestern University and began to develop an interest in acting while in college.
His experience in acting first began when he would appear in tent shows on the Lyceum-Chautaqua circuit as well as stock theater.  Soon he made the move to New York and began appearing in such productions as, "Street Scene".
After gaining some more experience as a stage actor he broke into the film industry and was soon adding such credits as, "Arrowsmith" (1931), "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940) starring Henry Fonda, "The Long Voyage Home" (1940) starring John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell and Barry Fitzgerald, "Knute Rockne All American" (1940) starring Pat O'Brien and Ronald Reagan, "The Shepherd of the Hills" (1941) starring John Wayne, Betty Field, Beulah Bondi, Ward Bond and Harry Carey, "The High and the Mighty" (1954) starring John Wayne, "The Sea Chase" (1955) starring John Wayne, Lana Turner, Tab Hunter, James Arness and Lyle Bettger, "The Searchers" (1956) starring John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Harry Carey Jr., Natalie Wood and Ward Bond, "North to Alaska" (1960) starring John Wayne, Stewart Granger and Fabian Forte, "Two Rode Together" (1961) starring James Stewart, Richard Widmark, Shirley Jones, John McIntire, Linda Cristal, Andy Devine and Willis Bouchey, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (1962) starring John Wayne, James Stewart, Lee Marvin, Andy Devine, Vera Miles, Woody Strode and Edmond O'Brien, "Donovan's Reef" (1963) starring John Wayne and Lee Marvin and "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965) starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman, Michael Anderson Jr., George Kennedy, Martha Hyer, James Gregory and Dennis Hopper.
Along with his over 100 film appearances he also appeared on a variety of television series such as, "Racket Squad" starring Reed Hadley, The Public Defender", Climax!", "I Spy" starring Bill Cosby and Robert Culp, "Medical Center" starring Chad Everett, "Green Acres" starring Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor and Pat Buttram, "The Odd Couple" starring Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, "Hazel" starring Shirley Booth and Don DeFore, "Burke's Law" starring Gene Barry, "Sea Hunt" starring Lloyd Bridges, "Mister Ed" starring Alan Young and "Ben Casey" starring Vince Edwards and Sam Jaffe and "The Danny Thomas Show".
John Qualen married once to Pearle Larson and they had three children together.  He worked all the way up to his passing with his final roles being on the television series, "Movin' On" starring Frank Converse and Claude Akins, and "The Streets of San Francisco" starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas.  He passed away on September 12th, 1987 in Torrance, California after suffering from heart failure.  His remains are interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.  


1974   Movin' On 

1973   The Streets of San Francisco 
1973   Frasier, the Sensuous Lion 

1971-1973  The Odd Couple 

1972   Wednesday Night Out
1972   The Partridge Family 

1972   Getting Away from It All

1971   Make Room for Granddaddy
1971   Medical Center

1968-1970  Green Acres 

1969   Hail, Hero!
1969   Doc

1968   Firecreek

1968   P.J. 
1967   I Spy 

1967   The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin

1966   The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
1966   Shane 

1966   Jericho 

1966   A Big Hand for the Little Lady 
1966   Hazel 

1966   Burke's Law 

1966   The Donna Reed Show
1961-1965  Mister Ed

1965   A Patch of Blue

1965   Sally and Sam
1965   The Sons of Katie Elder

1965   I'll Take Sweden

1963-1965  Ben Casey 
1965   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 

1965   Those Calloways

1964   Dr. Kildare
1964   No Time for Sergeants

1964   Cheyenne Autumn

1964   The Virginian
1964   7 Faces of Dr. Lao

1964   The Danny Thomas Show

1964   My Favorite Martian
1963   The Prize

1963   The Third Man 

1963   Donovan's Reef
1963   The Wide Country

1962   Laramie 

1960-1962  Lawman 
1962   The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

1962   The Andy Griffith Show

1958-1961  Maverick
1961   Bonanza

1961   Two Rode Together 

1961   The Barbara Stanwyck Sho
1961   Thriller

1961   Outlaws 

1961   Klondike 
1960   North to Alaska 

1960   Tate

1960   Sea Hunt 
1960   Elmer Gantry 

1960   Sugarfoot 

1960   Overland Trail 
1960   Hell Bent for Leather 

1958-1960  The Gale Storm Show

1959   The Alaskans
1959   Tightrope

1959   Bronco 

1959   Anatomy of a Murder 
1958-1959  The Californians 

1959   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 

1958   Yancy Derringer
1958   Revolt in the Big House 

1958   The Gun Runners 

1958   My World Dies Screaming
1957   The Big Land

1957   Cheyenne 

1957   Lux Video Theatre
1955-1957  December Bride 

1956   The Millionaire 

1956   Climax! 
1956   Johnny Concho 

1956   Crossroads

1956   Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1956   The Searchers

1956   Father Knows Best

1955   At Gunpoint
1955   Science Fiction Theatre

1955   The Sea Chase 

1955   Unchained 
1954   The Other Woman

1952-1954  The Ford Television Theatre

1954   Passion
1954   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse

1954   The Student Prince 

1954   The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
1953-1954  Schlitz Playhouse

1954   The High and the Mighty

1954   The Public Defender 
1954   Omnibus

1953   Cavalcade of America 

1953   Dragnet
1953   I, the Jury 

1953   G.E. True Theater 

1953   Francis Covers the Big Town 
1953   Ambush at Tomahawk Gap

1953   Your Favorite Story

1952   Hans Christian Andersen
1952   The Schaefer Century Theatre

1952   Rebound

1952   Celanese Theatre 
1951   Racket Squad

1951   Goodbye, My Fancy 

1951   Stars Over Hollywood
1951   Belle Le Grand

1950   The Flying Missile

1950   Woman on the Run
1950   The Jackpot

1950   Buccaneer's Girl 

1950   Captain China 
1949   The Big Steal

1948   Hollow Triumph 

1948   16 Fathoms Deep 
1948   My Girl Tisa

1948   On Our Merry Way 

1948   Alias a Gentleman 
1948   Reaching from Heaven 

1947   The Fugitive

1947   High Conquest
1947   Song of Scheherazade

1945   Adventure

1945   Captain Kidd
1945   River Gang

1945   Roughly Speaking

1944   Dark Waters
1944   An American Romance

1944   Strange Confession

1943   Swing Shift Maisie
1942   Arabian Nights 

1942   Casablanca 

1942   Tortilla Flat 
1942   Larceny, Inc.

1942   Jungle Book

1941   The Devil and Daniel Webster
1941   New Wine 

1941   The Shepherd of the Hills

1941   Out of the Fog
1941   Million Dollar Baby

1941   Model Wife 

1940   Youth Will Be Served
1940   The Long Voyage Home

1940   Knute Rockne All American

1940   Angels Over Broadway
1940   Babies for Sale 

1940   Brother Orchid

1940   On Their Own
1940   Ski Patrol 

1940   Saturday's Children

1940   Blondie on a Budget 
1940   The Grapes of Wrath 

1940   His Girl Friday 

1939   Four Wives
1939   Thunder Afloat

1939   Honeymoon in Bali

1939   Career
1939   Mickey the Kid

1939   Let Us Live 

1939   Stand Up and Fight
1938   Strange Case of Dr. Meade

1938   Five of a Kind

1938 The Mad Miss Manton
1938   The Chaser 

1938   The Texans

1938   Joy of Living 
1937   The Bad Man of Brimstone

1937   Nothing Sacred

1937   Fit for a King
1937   She Had to Eat

1937   Fifty Roads to Town

1937   Angel's Holiday 
1937   Seventh Heaven

1936   Reunion

1936   Girls' Dormitory
1936   Meet Nero Wolfe

1936   The Road to Glory

1936   The Country Doctor
1936   Wife vs. Secretary

1936   Ring Around the Moon

1935   Man of Iron
1935   Whipsaw

1935   The Three Musketeers 

1935   Thunder in the Night 
1935   Orchids to You 

1935   The Farmer Takes a Wife 

1935   Doubting Thomas
1935   Silk Hat Kid 

1935   Chasing Yesterday 

1935   Black Fury 
1935   The Great Hotel Murder

1935   One More Spring 

1935   Charlie Chan in Paris
1934   365 Nights in Hollywood 

1934   Servants' Entrance

1934   Straight Is the Way 
1934   Our Daily Bread 

1934   He Was Her Man 

1934   Private Scandal
1934   Upperworld 

1934   Sing and Like It 

1934   Hi, Nellie! 
1933   Let's Fall in Love 

1933   Counsellor at Law

1933   The Devil's Brother
1931   Arrowsmith

1931   Street Scene 

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Matinee Classics - The Grapes of Wrath starring Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Charley Grapewin, Zeffie Tilbury, Frank Darien, Dorris Bowdon, Frank Sully, Darryl Hickman, Shirley Mills, Eddie Quillan, John Qualen, Roger Imhof, Grant Mitchell, Charles D. Brown, John Arledge, Ward Bond and Eddie Waller

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