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John Hamilton ACTOR


John Hamilton was born on January 16th, 1887 in Shippenburg, Pennsylvania with the birth name John Rummel Hamilton, born to John M. Hamilton and his wife Cornelia J. (Hollar) Hamilton.  When he was only eight days old his mother passed away and his father re-married a lady by the name of Rosa who raised Hamilton as if he were her own biological child.
After graduating from high school he went on to study briefly at Dickinson College and later at Shippensburg State Teacher's College, however he soon decided to change career goals and begin pursuit of a career as an actor.

His career in entertainment began as a stage actor and appearing on Broadway.  After gaining some more stage experience, his film debut was in 1930 on, "Dangerous Nan McGrew" followed by, "Heads Up" (1930). 

Other early roles included appearances on the shorts, "The Gigolo Racket" (1931), "The Wall Street Mystery" (1931), "The Week End Mystery" (1931) and "The Symphony Murder Mystery" (1932).
His career reached a new level of stardom when he was cast as editor, Perry White of the Daily Planet newspaper on the television series, "Adventures of Superman" (1952) with George Reeves as Clark Kent alias 'Superman', Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill as Lois Lane, Jack Larson as cub reporter Jimmy Olsen and Robert Shayne as Police Inspector Henderson.  Other well known film credits included, "Seventh Heaven" (1937), "Mom and Dad" (1945), "Home on the Range" (1946), "Too Many Winners" (1947), "Song of My Heart" (1948), "The Judge" (1949) and "Bodyhold" (1949) and "Sitting Bull" (1954) starring Dale Robertson, J. Carrol Naish.
Along with film work he later also focused on commercials and  television appearances on such series as, "The Ed Wynn Show", "Lights Out", "The Roy Rogers Show", "The Adventures of Kit Carson", "The Range Rider", "The Cisco Kid", "The Gene Autry Show", "I Led 3 Lives", "The Goldbergs" and "Captain Midnight".
John Hamilton passed away on October 15th, 1958 in Glendale, California at the age of seventy one after suffering from a heart attack.  His remains are interred in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


1952-1958     Adventures of Superman 
1958         Outcasts of the City
1957         Tales of Wells Fargo 
1957         Chicago Confidential
1957         Blondie 
1956         The Count of Monte Cristo 
1956         State Trooper 
1955         The Roy Rogers Show 
1955         Bobby Ware Is Missing
1955         Screen Directors Playhouse 
1955         Tales of the Texas Rangers 
1955         The Night of the Hunter
1955         Treasury Men in Action
1955         The Star and the Story 
1955         TV Reader's Digest 
1955         The Goldbergs 
1953-1954     Cavalcade of America 
1954         Sitting Bull
1954         Captain Midnight 
1954         Moby Dick
1954         City Story
1954         The Miami Story
1954         Stamp Day for Superman 
1954         I Led 3 Lives
1953         Man of Conflict
1953         The Gene Autry Show 
1953         Donovan's Brain
1953         El Paso Stampede
1953         So This Is Love
1953         Run for the Hills
1953         Iron Mountain Trail
1953         Jack McCall Desperado
1952-1953     The Cisco Kid 
1953         Marshal of Cedar Rock
1953         Never Wave at a WAC
1953         The Studebaker Story 
1952         Million Dollar Mermaid
1952         The Rose Bowl Story
1952         Cripple Creek
1951-1952     Armstrong Circle Theatre
1952         Target
1952         The Pace That Thrills
1952         Listen, Judge 
1952         The Range Rider 
1951         The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1951         Criminal Lawyer
1951         The Guy Who Came Back
1951         Million Dollar Pursuit
1951         The Great Caruso
1951         Badman's Gold
1951         Inside Straight
1951         Night Riders of Montana
1951         Sugarfoot
1951         Belle Le Grand
1951         Al Jennings of Oklahoma
1950         The Flying Missile
1950         The Magnificent Yankee
1950         The Missourians
1950         Right Cross
1950         I'll Get By
1950         A Slip and a Miss
1950         Bunco Squad
1950         A Wonderful Life
1950         The Men
1950         Duchess of Idaho
1950         Photo Phonies
1950         Annie Get Your Gun
1950         The Invisible Monster
1950         The Reformer and the Redhead
1950         Military Academy with That Tenth Avenue Gang
1950         Lights Out 
1950         Bells of Coronado
1950         Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
1949         The Ed Wynn Show 
1949         Bodyhold
1949         Pioneer Marshal
1949         Fighting Man of the Plain
1949         Prison Warden
1949         Alias the Champ
1949         Strange Bargain
1949         The James Brothers of Missouri
1949         Bandit King of Texas
1949         The Wyoming Bandit
1949         The Judge Steps Out
1949         Law of the Golden West
1949         Canadian Pacific
1949         Addio Mimí!
1949         The Judge
1949         Sheriff of Wichita
1948         Rusty Leads the Way
1948         In This Corner
1948         Desperadoes of Dodge City
1948         The Gentleman from Nowhere
1948         Walk a Crooked Mile
1948         The Babe Ruth Story
1948         Return of the Bad Men
1948         The Checkered Coat
1948         The Gallant Legion
1948         Song of My Heart
1947         High Wall
1947         Bandits of Dark Canyon
1947         The Fabulous Texan
1947         Blondie in the Doug
1947         Key Witness
1947         The Foxes of Harrow
1947         The Unfinished Dance
1947         News Hounds
1947         The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
1947         The Trouble with Women
1947         Too Many Winners
1947         That's My Gal
1947         It Happened on Fifth Avenue
1947         New Orleans
1947         Violence
1947         The Sea of Grass
1947         The Beginning or the End
1947         The Devil on Wheels
1947         I'll Be Yours
1947         Raiders of the South
1946         Magnificent Doll
1946         The Secret of the Whistler
1946         Wife Wanted
1946         The Brute Man
1946         Step by Step
1946         The Mysterious Mr. M
1946         Shadows Over Chinatown
1946         Renegades
1946         One Exciting Week
1946         She Wrote the Book
1946         Home on the Range
1946         Johnny Comes Flying Home
1946         Blondie's Lucky Day
1946         Badman's Territory
1946         The Madonna's Secret
1946         The Phantom Rider
1946         Because of Him
1946         Girl on the Spot
1945         Northwest Trail
1945         Voice of the Whistler
1945         Johnny Angel
1945         Sensation Hunters
1945         First Yank Into Tokyo
1945         Incendiary Blonde
1945         On Stage Everybody
1945         The Naughty Nineties
1945         I'll Tell the World
1945         Circumstantial Evidence
1945         Strange Illusion
1945         The Great Flamarion
1945         Mom and Dad
1945         Film Tactics
1944         Sheriff of Las Vegas
1944         Lake Placid Serenade
1944         Meet Miss Bobby Socks
1944         Hi, Beautiful
1944         Crazy Knights
1944         Army Wives
1944         My Gal Loves Music
1944         Zorro's Black Whip
1944         I'm from Arkansas
1944         Music in Manhattan
1944         Shadow of Suspicion
1944         The Doughgirls
1944         Maisie Goes to Reno
1944         Port of 40 Thieves
1944         The Girl Who Dared
1944         Wilson
1944         Allergic to Love
1944         Christmas Holiday
1944         Goodnight, Sweetheart
1944         Man from Frisco
1944         Hi, Good Lookin'!
1944         Action in Arabia
1944         Up in Arms
1944         Captain America
1944         Standing Room Only
1943         Rookies in Burma
1943         What a Woman!
1943         Swingtime Johnny
1943         Government Girl
1943         Crazy House
1943         Larceny with Music
1943         So's Your Uncle
1943         The Adventures of a Rookie
1943         Gals, Incorporated
1943         Good Luck, Mr. Yates
1943         Daredevils of the West
1943         Mission to Moscow
1943         Aerial Gunner
1943         G-men vs. the Black Dragon
1942         Tennessee Johnson
1942         Over My Dead Body
1942         Lucky Jordan
1942         Phantom Killer
1942         Across the Pacific
1942         Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen
1942         Escape from Crime
1942         Wings for the Eagle
1942         The Big Shot
1942         Yankee Doodle Dandy
1942         Syncopation
1942         Dr. Broadway
1942         In This Our Life
1942         The Great Man's Lady
1942         I Was Framed
1942         To the Shores of Tripoli
1942         Always in My Heart
1941         Pacific Blackout
1941         The Body Disappears
1941         Borrowed Hero
1941         I Killed That Man
1941         They Died with Their Boots On
1941         Blues in the Night
1941         The Maltese Falcon
1941         Passage from Hong Kong
1941         It Started with Eve
1941         Nine Lives Are Not Enough
1941         Hold Back the Dawn
1941         World Premiere
1941         Sucker List
1941         Strange Alibi
1941         Meet John Doe
1941         Cheers for Miss Bishop
1941         Flight from Destiny
1940         Flight Command
1940         The Great Plane Robbery
1940         You, the People 
1940         Lady with Red Hair
1940         The Flag of Humanity
1940         Tugboat Annie Sails Again
1940         Fugitive from a Prison Camp
1940         Boom Town
1940         The Golden Fleecing
1940         They Drive by Night
1940         The Man Who Talked Too Much
1940         Murder in the Air
1940         Tear Gas Squad
1940         Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
1940         Johnny Apollo
1940         Three Cheers for the Irish
1940         Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
1940         Oh Johnny, How You Can Love
1940         Pound Foolish
1940         Brother Rat and a Baby
1939         Swanee River
1939         Old Hickory 
1939         Call a Messenger
1939         Dead End Kids at Military School
1939         The Roaring Twenties
1939         Smashing the Money Ring
1939         Espionage Agent
1939         Dust Be My Destiny
1939         Full Confession
1939         The Angels Wash Their Faces
1939         The Bill of Rights
1939         I Stole a Million
1939         They Shall Have Music
1939         Waterfront
1939         The Forgotten Woman
1939         Stronger Than Desire
1939         It Could Happen to You
1939         Rose of Washington Square
1939         Confessions of a Nazi Spy
1939         Forged Passport
1939         Blind Alley
1939         While America Sleeps 
1939         First Offenders
1939         Three Smart Girls Grow Up
1939         Inside Story
1939         The Spirit of Culver
1939         Secret Service of the Air
1939         My Son Is a Criminal
1939         Devil's Island
1938         Angels with Dirty Faces
1938         I Stand Accused
1938         Girls on Probation
1938         Mr. Wong, Detective
1938         Too Hot to Handle
1938         Personal Secretary
1938         Boys Town
1938         You Can't Take It with You
1938         Hunted Men
1938         Dr. Rhythm
1938         Over the Wall
1938         Mr. Moto's Gamble
1937         Murder Is News
1937         Missing Witnesses
1937         Night Club Scandal
1937         Dangerously Yours
1937         That Certain Woman
1937         One Hundred Men and a Girl
1937         The Man Who Cried Wolf
1937         On Such a Night
1937         Bad Guy
1937         The Singing Marine
1937         She Had to Eat
1937         It Could Happen to You!
1937         Married Before Breakfast
1937         Fifty Roads to Town
1937         This Is My Affair
1937         Criminals of the Air
1937         I Promise to Pay
1937         Seventh Heaven
1937         Her Husband Lies
1937         Two Wise Maids
1937         Breezing Home
1937         Torture Money 
1936         A Man Betrayed
1936         Lady from Nowhere
1936         Three Smart Girls
1936         Love Letters of a Star
1936         Legion of Terror
1936         Adventure in Manhattan
1936         Two in a Crowd
1936         Craig's Wife
1936         Two-Fisted Gentleman
1936         The Final Hour
1936         Parole!
1934         Stand Up and Cheer!
1934         Keep 'Em Rolling
1933         Rare Auto and Travel Thrills
1932         Then Came the Yawn
1932         The Trans-Atlantic Mystery 
1932         The Campus Mystery 
1932         The Crane Poison Case
1932         The Side Show Mystery 
1932         Murder in the Pullman
1932         The Skull Murder Mystery
1932         The Studio Murder Mystery
1932         The Symphony Murder Mystery 
1931         The Week End Mystery 
1931         The Wall Street Mystery 
1931         The Clyde Mystery 
1931         The Gigolo Racket 
1931         The Cole Case
1930         Heads Up
1930         Dangerous Nan McGrew

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Matinee Classics - The Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton and Robert Shayne
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