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John Cassavetes ACTOR


John Cassavetes was born on December 9th, 1929 in New York City, New York with the middle name Nicholas to parents Katherine and John Cassavetez.  Throughout his career in the industry he became known as the pioneer of American cinema verité.
His childhood began being brought up in Greece and at the age of seven his family moved back to the United States.  After attending Port Washington High School and Blair Academy in New Jersey, he went on to study at Colgate University for one year before transferring to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
In 1950 he completed his studies and began trying to pursue a career as an actor.  He found work as a stage performer as well as some small roles in film and television such as the films, "Fourteen Hours" (1951), "Taxi" (1953) and the television series, "You Are There" (1953) and "Robert Montgomery Presents" (1954). 
With quite a bit of acting experience now on his resume he opened his own method acting workshop in New York City and his young group of actors performed a production of, "Shadows" (1959), which he wrote as well as directed.  This play was later made into a film and  won the Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival.
Now he had really begun to make a name for himself and had caught the attention of Hollywood.  By the mid to late 50's, he was seen in more prominent films such as, "The Night Holds Terror" (1955), "Edge of the City" (1957) and "Saddle the Wind" (1958).
In addition to working as an actor he was able to use his directing talents on two films, "Too Late Blues" (1961) and "A Child Is Waiting" (1963).  Over the course of his career he added such directing credits to his resume on, "Husbands" (1970), "A Woman Under the Influence" (1974), "Opening Night" (1977), "Gloria" (1980), "Love Streams" (1984) and "Faces" (1968) which received three Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.    
Cassavetes also had a very decent career in television having roles on such series as, "Crime In The Streets" (1956), "Rawhide" (1961), "Dr. Kildare" (1962), "Channing" (1963), "Breaking Point" (1963), "Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (1964), "The Legend of Jesse James" (1965), "Combat!" (1965), "The Virginian" (1966), "Off To See the Wizard" (1968) and "Columbo" (1972).
Towards the end of his career, he turned his focus to mainly films with some of his most recent appearances being on, "The Haircut" (1982), "The Incubus" (1982), "Tempest" (1982), "Marvin &  Tige" (1983), "Love Streams" (1984) and "King Kong's Faust" (1985).  
John married only once to actress Gena Rowlands in 1954 and they had three children and remained married until he passed away.  Throughout his life, although having a successful professional and personal life, he suffered from alcohol addiction and therefore, was diagnosed at the age of fifty nine with un-curable liver damage and told he had six months to live.  He took the time to write a three-act play, "Woman of Mystery" which debuted at the Court Theater. 
On February 3rd, 1989 he succumbed to the disease in Los Angeles, California after suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.  Found by his family was a collection of more than forty un-produced screenplays he had written.  His son, Nick Cassavetes followed in his father's footsteps working as an actor and director and later took one of his father's screenplays, "She's Delovely" and turned it into the film, "She's So Lovely" (1997). 


1985   King Kong's Faust 

1985   Nederland C 

1984   Fräulein Berlin 

1984   Love Streams

1983   Marvin & Tige 

1982   Tempest 

1982   The Incubus 

1982   The Haircut 

1981   Whose Life Is It Anyway?

1979   Flesh & Blood

1978   Brass Target

1978   The Fury

1977   Opening Night

1977   Heroes 

1976   Mikey and Nicky 

1976   Two-Minute Warning 

1975   Capone 

1973   Nightside 

1972   Columbo 

1971   Minnie and Moskowitz

1970   Husbands 

1969   If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium 

1969   Machine Gun McCain

1968   Bandits in Rome

1968   Rosemary's Baby

1968   Alexander the Great

1968   Off to See the Wizard

1967   The Dirty Dozen 

1967   Devil's Angels 

1965-1967  Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 

1966   The Long, Hot Summer

1966   The Virginian

1965   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 

1965   The Legend of Jesse James 

1965   Combat!

1964-1965  Burke's Law

1965   Kraft Suspense Theatre 

1965   Profiles in Courage

1964   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

1964   The Killers 

1963   Breaking Point

1963   Channing 

1963   A Child Is Waiting

1962   Dr. Kildare

1962   The Lloyd Bridges Show

1962   The Webster Boy 

1961   Too Late Blues 

1961   Rawhide 

1959-1960  Johnny Staccato 

1959   Shadows 

1959   Our Virgin Island 

1959   Decoy 

1959   Lux Playhouse 

1959   G.E. True Theater

1958   Pursuit

1958   Alcoa Theatre 

1958   Studio One in Hollywood 

1958   Saddle the Wind 

1957   Affair in Havana 

1957   Playhouse 90

1957   Edge of the City 

1956   Climax

1956   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 

1956   Crime in the Streets

1956   Appointment with Adventure 

1956   Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1956   The United States Steel Hour 

1955   Goodyear Playhouse

1955   The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 

1955   The Night Holds Terror

1955   Ponds Theater

1955   Armstrong Circle Theatre 

1955   The Elgin Hour 

1955   Kraft Theatre 

1954-1955  Danger

1954   Robert Montgomery Presents

1953   You Are There 

1953   Taxi

1951   Fourteen Hours

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