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John Carroll ACTOR


John Carroll was born on July 17th, 1906 in New Orleans, Louisiana with the birth name Julian Lafaye.  Prior to his career as an actor he drove race cars and later moved to Italy for a period to study Opera.

When he did decide to work as an actor some of his early roles included, "Marianne" (1929) with Marion Davies and George Baxter, "The Rogue Song" (1930) starring Lawrence Tibbett, Catherine Dale Owen, Laurel and Hardy and Nance O'Neil, "Monte Carlo" (1930) starring Jeanette MacDonald as Countess Helene Mara, with Jack Buchanan, Claud Allister, ZaSu Pitts and Tyler Brooke, "Doughboys" (1930) starring Buster Keaton, Sally Ellers, Cliff Edwards, Edward Brophy, Victor Potel, Arnold Korff and Frank Mayo and "New Moon" (1930) starring Grace Moore, Lawrence Tibbett, Adolphe Menjou, Emily Fitzroy and Roland Young, however all his early work were un-credited.

He took a brief break from his acting career to serve as an Air Force pilot during World War II.  Upon completing his service, Carroll returned back to pursuing a full time career as an actor

As Carroll began to take on more roles his career began to advance and he was being offered more substantial film work.  Well known feature roles he added to his resume included, "Hi, Gaucho!" (1935) with Steffi Duna, Rod La Roque and Montague Love, "Zorro Rides Again" (1937) also starring Reed Howes, Duncan Renaldo, Richard Alexander, Tom London, Edmund Cobb, Mona Rico, Nigel De Brulier, Jack Ingram, Noah Beery Sr. and Helen Christian, "Flying Tigers" (1942) starring with John Wayne, Anna Lee, Paul Kelly, Gordon Jones, Addison Richards, Tom Neal, Mae Clarke, Jimmie Dodd, David Bruce, Gregg Barton and Bill Shirley, "A Letter for Evie" (1945) co-starring Marsha Hunt, Hume Cronyn, Pamela Britton, Esther Howard and Spring Byington, "The Flame" (1947) with Vera Ralston, Robert Paige, Broderick Crawford, Henry Travers, Blanche Yurka, Constance Dowling, Hattie McDaniel and Victor Sen Yung, "Surrender" (1950) with Vera Ralston and Walter Brennan and "Two Grooms for a Bride" (1955) also starring Virginia Bruce, Brian Oulton and Arthur Lowe.
Carroll also appeared on two television shows during his career as an actor, "Hondo" and "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" both 1967.  From this point on, his career began to fade and his final film role was in 1974 on, "Ride a Pink Car" starring Glenn Corbett, Morgan Woodward, William Kerwin, Erni Benet and Ivy Jones.

John Carroll married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Steffi Duna in 1935 and they had one daughter together before the marriage came to an end just one year later.  He then married Lucille Ryman and they remained married until he passed away on April 24th, 1979 in Hollywood, California after suffering from leukemia.


1974         Ride in a Pink Car
1967         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1967         Hondo 
1959         Plunderers of Painted Flats
1957         Decision at Sundown
1955         Two Grooms for a Bride
1953         Geraldine
1953         The Farmer Takes a Wife
1951         Belle Le Grand
1950         Hit Parade of 1951
1950         Surrender
1950         The Avengers
1948         Angel in Exile
1948         I, Jane Doe
1948         Old Los Angeles
1947         The Flame
1947         The Fabulous Texan
1947         Wyoming
1947         Fiesta
1946         A Letter for Evie
1945         Bedside Manner
1943         Hit Parade of 1943
1943         The Youngest Profession
1942         Flying Tigers
1942         Pierre of the Plain
1942         Rio Rita
1941         Lady Be Good
1941         This Woman Is Mine
1941         Sunny
1940         Go West
1940         Hired Wife
1940         Susan and God
1940         Phantom Raiders
1940         Congo Maisie
1939         Wolf Call
1939         Only Angels Have Wings
1938         I Am a Criminal
1938         Rose of the Rio Grande
1938         Swingtime in the Movies
1937         Zorro Rides Again
1937         We Who Are About to Die
1936         Death in the Air
1936         The Accusing Finger
1936         Murder on a Bridle Path
1936         Muss 'em Up
1935         Hi, Gaucho!
1930         New Moon
1930         Doughboys
1930         Monte Carlo
1930         The Rogue Song
1929         Devil-May-Care
1929         Marianne 

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