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Joaquin Martinez ACTOR


Joaquin Martinez was born on November 5th, 1930 in Cozumel, Mexico.  He began his career goals with the intention to study medicine, however while at Mexico City's University, a teacher told him to join the school drama club and he then realized his appreciation for the arts.
Martinez was then offered a scholarship to Seki Sano's Drama Studio.  He did not neglect his medical career and together along with acting he earned a degree in medicine but also began to pursue a career as an actor.
He first appeared in the film, "Pedro Páramo" (1967) for which he earned a "Best Newcomer" award for his performance.  It did not take long for Hollywood to take notice of him and he was contacted by an agent, Paul Kohner who convinced him to put his medical career on break and give Hollywood a chance.
Martinez relocated to the United States and began appearing on such films as, "Jeremiah Johnson" (1972) starring Robert Redford, "Joe Kidd" (1972) starring Clint Eastwood, "Ulzana's Raid" (1972) starring Charles Bronson, "Who'll Stop the Rain" (1978), "Revenge" (1990), "The Cowboy Way" (1994), "The Odd Couple II" (1998) and "Die Another Day" (2002).
He was so well admired in the industry he even traveled to Europe to work in the film, "The House of Spirits" (1993) portraying the father of Antonio Banderas and again went to London in 2002 to film, "Die Another Day".
In addition to his film credits he appeared on a number of television series throughout his career such as, "Bonanza", "Ironside", "Death Valley Days", "Gunsmoke", "The Twilight Zone", "Quincy, M.E.", "Dynasty" and "LA Law". 
Along with his acting career, he also started his own company, Victoria Films International.  He remained working in the industry and had homes in Mexico, California and frequently traveled to Europe to film.  Sadly, he passed away on January 3rd, 2012 in Everdingen, Netherlands from pancreatic cancer.   


2005   Castingx

2002   Die Another Day

2000   Too Much Sun

1998   The Odd Couple II 

1996   Hustler White 

1994   The Cowboy Way 

1993   The House of the Spirits 

1993   House of Cards 

1993   Northern Exposure

1991   Lightning Field 

1990   The Young Riders

1990   Gunsmoke: The Last Apache 

1990   Revenge 

1990   Drug Wars: The Camarena Story

1989   L.A. Law 

1988   Stones for Ibarra 

1987   Werewolf

1987   Persecución en Las Vegas: 'Volvere'

1986   Dynasty 

1986   Dream West

1985   Rituals

1985   The Twilight Zone

1985   Little Treasure

1984   Flashpoint 

1984   Meatballs Part II 

1982   Bring 'Em Back Alive

1977-1981  Quincy, M.E.

1979   How the West Was Won

1979   Centennial

1978   Ishi: The Last of His Tribe 

1978   Who'll Stop the Rain 

1977   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1977   The City

1977   Kit Carson and the Mountain Men

1976   The Call of the Wild

1975   He Is My Brother 

1974   Firehouse 

1973   Executive Action

1969-1973  Ironside

1973   Moonfire 

1972   Ulzana's Raid

1972   Jeremiah Johnson 

1972   Joe Kidd

1972   The Bravos

1972   The Bold Ones: The New Doctors

1971   Cannon

1968-1971  Bonanza

1971   Alias Smith and Jones

1971   The Bill Cosby Show

1970   Men at Law

1970   Marcus Welby, M.D.

1967-1970  The High Chaparral

1970   Death Valley Days

1970   Gunsmoke

1969   Mission: Impossible 

1969   Lauro Puñales

1968   The Stalking Moon 

1967   The Bandits 

1967   Dundee and the Culhane

1967   El asesino se embarca 

1967   Alma Grande en el desierto 

1967   Pedro Páramo

1963   Tesoro de mentiras

1963   El señor Tormenta

1962   Tlayucan 

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