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Jim Hutton ACTOR


Jim Hutton was born on May 31st, 1934 in Binghamton, New York with the birth name Dana James Hutton.  When he became an adult he first got involved in acting performing in live theater in Germany while he was serving in the United States Army.  He was actually the founding actor and director of the first English-speaking theatre in Berlin.  During this time an American director by the name of Douglas Sirk took notice of him and chose to cast him in some films.
He was cast in, "The Twilight Zone" (1959).  Jim soon relocated to Hollywood to continue his pursuit of a career in acting.  Hutton was cast in the film, "Where the Boys Are" (1960) starring alongside Paula Prentiss, Dolores Hart, George Hamilton, Frank Gorshin, Yvette Mimieux, Chill Wills and Connie Frances followed by roles on, "The Honeymoon Machine" (1960), "Bachelor in Paradise" (1961) starring Bob Hope, Lana Turner, Paul Prentiss, Janis Paige and Agnes Moorehead and "The Horizontal Lieutenant" (1962) also starring Paula Prentiss, Charles McGraw, Jim Backus, and Jack Carter.  
Hutton did one more final feature appearance in, 'Walk, Don't Run" (1966) co-starring Cary Grant and Samantha Eggar.  He proved himself to viewers that not only was he a talented comedic actor but he was also capable of taking on challenging dramatic roles such as in 1965 in, "Major Dundee" starring Charlton Heston and Richard Harris and "The Green Berets" starring John Wayne, Aldo Ray and David Janssen.  He is most remembered for his role as, Ellery Queen in the 1970's television series title as his character name.
Hutton was married twice throughout his lifetime, his first wife was Maryline Poole whom he wed in 1958 and they had two children before they divorced in 1963.  He then married Lynni M. Solomon in 1970 and they had 1 child together before they too divorced in 1973.  
One of his sons, Timothy Hutton, followed in his fathers footsteps and also became an actor.  When his son was awarded an Academy Award he made a public announcement that he was dedicating the award to his father.  Hutton remained living in Los Angeles, California until he passed away two days after his 45th birthday on June 2nd, 1979 after suffering from liver cancer. 


1979 Butterflies
1979 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1979 $weepstake$
1978 Flying High
1977 One Day at a Time
1975-1976 Ellery Queen 
1975 Psychic Killer
1974 Ironside
1974 The Underground Man 
1974 Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1974 Wide World Mystery 
1973 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 
1971-1973 Love, American Style
1972 Captain Newman, M.D.
1972 Call Holme 
1972 Wednesday Night Out
1972 Call Her Mom 
1971 They Call It Murder 
1971 The Reluctant Heroes 
1971 The Deadly Hunt 
1971 The Name of the Game
1971 The Psychiatrist 
1968 Hellfighters 
1968 The Green Berets 
1967 Who's Minding the Mint? 
1966 Walk Don't Run 
1966 The Trouble with Angels
1965 Everything's Relative
1965 Never Too Late 
1965 The Hallelujah Trail
1965 Major Dundee
1964 Looking for Love
1963 Sunday in New York 
1962 Period of Adjustment 
1962 You're Only Young Once 
1962 The Horizontal Lieutenant 
1961 Bachelor in Paradise 
1961 The Honeymoon Machine 
1960 Where the Boys Are 
1960 The Subterraneans
1960 Father Knows Best
1959 Twilight Zone 
1959 Ten Seconds to Hell
1958 A Time to Love and a Time to Die 

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