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Jennifer Aniston ACTOR


Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11th, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California, born to parents John and Nancy Dow, who were both working actors.  As a young girl she lived in Greece with her family for about a year before her family then relocated to New York City.  At the age of nine her parents divorced and she continued to be raised in New York by both her mother and father.
She attended school at Rudolf Steiner and graduated from Fiorello H. Laguardia School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.  Aniston then began trying to find work in the entertainment industry first working on an of Broadway production of, "For Dear Life" followed by a small role in, "Dancing on Checker's Grave".   
After working several other part times jobs to support herself while living in New York, in 1989 she decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California.  It was not too long before she began getting work in the industry.  She had her first role on the television series, "Molly" (1990) and was also cast in a television movie titled, "Camp Cucamonga" and a role in the television version of the film, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", which was short lived and unsuccessful.
As her career progressed, she worked on a couple other projects but most were not successful either.  Her big break came when she was almost ready to give up a career as an actress. Aniston auditioned for a television series titled, 'Friends" and she was cast as the character, Rachel Green.  This was a huge hit series and it lasted on air from 1994 through 2004.  The last two seasons of the show she was earning $1 million per episode and also earned five Emmy nominations and won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy.
During the filming of "Friends", Aniston also worked on a number of films such as, "Dream for an Insomniac" (1996), "She's the One' (1996), "Picture Perfect" (1997), "'Til There Was You" (1997), "The Iron Giant" (1999), "The Object of My Affection" (1998), "Office Space" (1999) and "Good Girl" (2002).
After the cancellation of the series she made a number of guest appearances on such shows as, "Dirt", "30 Rock" and "Cougar Town".  She also continued working as a film actress with one of her best known roles in 2004 in, "Along Came Polly".  Another very successful film as, "Break Up" (2006) which on opening weekend brought in $39.17 million.  Her next film then exceeded the grossing earnings of, "Break Up" when she starred in the film, "Marley & Me" (2008) which in a four day weekend earned $51.7 million. 
Along with working as a television and film actress, Aniston also received a chance to work on the other side of the industry as a director for the short film, "Room 10" (2006).  Some of her latest well known film roles have been on such feature films as, "He's Just Not That In To You" (2009), "The Bounty Hunter" (2010), "The Switch" (2010) and "Just Go With It" (2011) which co starred Adam Sandler.
Aniston has married only once to another famous actor, Brad Pitt.  The couple were married in July 2000 and divorced just five years later.  They never had any children and Pitt went on to date another famous actress, Angelina Jolie.  Aniston's personal life has been the cover of many tabloid issues as fans are always wondering will she ever marry again or have any children of her own, which is something she has made known public for many years of her huge desire to have her own child. 
Aniston has received a number of honors over the years such as in 1999 when People Magazine chose her as one of the most Beautiful People in the World and in 2001 E named her in their Top 20 Entertainers list.  Aniston currently resides in Los Angeles, California and her latest appearance was in the film, "Wanderlust" (2011).
Jennifer Aniston has made a great career for herself in the industry and Forbes listed her and the 10th richest woman in the entertainment industry.  Aniston has been on FHM's 100 Sexiest woman's list since 2006 and she continues to be idolized by her fans all over the world.   


2011 Wanderlust
2011 Horrible Bosses
2011 Just Go with It 
2010 Cougar Town
2010 The Switch
2010 The Bounty Hunter 
2009 Love Happens 
2008 Marley & Me
2008 30 Rock
2008 Management
2007 Dirt 
2006 The Break-Up 
2006 Friends with Money
2005 Rumor Has It... 
2005 Derailed 
1994-2004 Friends
2004 Along Came Polly 
2003 Bruce Almighty 
2003 King of the Hill
2003 Freedom: A History of Us 
2002 The Good Girl 
2001 Rock Star 
1999 The Iron Giant
1999 South Park
1999 Office Space 
1998 Hercules 
1998 The Thin Pink Line 
1998 The Object of My Affection 
1997 'Til There Was You 
1997 Picture Perfect 
1996 Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair 
1996 She's the One 
1996 Dream for an Insomniac 
1996 Partner
1995 The Larry Sanders Show 
1994 Muddling Through 
1994 Burke's Law 
1992-1993 Herman's Head 
1993 Leprechaun 
1992 Quantum Leap
1990-1991 Ferris Bueller 
1990 Camp Cucamonga 
1990 Molloy 

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