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Jeff Corey ACTOR

Jeff Corey was born on August 10th, 1914 in Brooklyn, New York, born to Mary and Nathan Zwerling.  It was during high school when he enrolled in an acting class that he realized his love for drama.  After high school, he earned a scholarship to study at Feagin School of Dramatic Arts in New York City and soon he began working with a Shakespearean repertory company.
After gaining some experience there he toured with a traveling troupe and then later toured in a production of Hamlet.  After more stage experience, he broke into the film industry with his first film role, "One Third of a Nation" (1939).

Corey then decided to relocate to Hollywood in search of more film work and began adding such credits as, "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (1941), "The Postman Didn't Ring" (1942) and  "My Friend Flicka" (1943).
Corey continued to work as a stage actor and then did not appear in films for three years, instead he found work with the United States Navy Photographic Service and served with them during World War II. 

When he completed his service, he returned to his pursuit of a career as an actor and continued to add more successful film roles such as, "The Killers" (1946), "Brute Force" (1947), "Joan of Arc" (1948), "Hone of the Brave" (1949), "Bagdad" (1949), "The Outriders" (1950), "Rawhide" (1951), "New Mexico" (1951) and his last role, "Red Mountain" (1951) starring Alan Ladd, Lizabeth Scott, prior to being subpoenaed to appear before the House Committee on Un-American Activities being accused of being a former member of the Communist Party.

He was blacklisted for ten years and chose this time to study speech therapy at UCLA and also began teaching acting classes out of his garage.  By the middle of the 1950's, Hollywood still refused to give him work as an actor, yet they would send other actors to receive formal training from Corey.  His teaching became known as the professional Actors Workshop and over time, his students included such actors as, James Dean, Shirley Knight, Jack Nicholson, Irvin Kershner, Rob Reiner and Robert Blake, among many others. 

When the blacklist came to an end, Corey returned to acting and some of his later film role appearances included, "Yellow Canary" (1962), "Lady in a Cage" (1964), "Pyramid of the Sun God" (1965), "Mercenaries of the Rio Grande" (1965), "In Cold Blood" (1967), "The Boston Strangler" (1968), "Butch Cassidy and the Sundane Kid" (1969) starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross "True Grit" (1969) starring John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Dennis Hopper, Strother Martin, "Cover Me Babe" (1970), "Little Big Man" (1970) and "Shoot Out" (1971).
In addition to being welcomed back to Hollywood film roles he also made numerous television appearances on such series as, "Bonanza", "The Outer Limits", "Perry Mason", 'Rawhide", "Hawk", "Channing", "Iron Horse", "Gunsmoke", "Headmaster", "Mannix", "Hawaii Five-O", "Search", "Police Story", "Paper Moon" and "Kojak" among many others.

Not only did he work as an actor, he continued teaching acting classes California State University and also worked on the other side of the industry directing such television series as, "Rod Serling's Night Gallery", "Alias Smith and Jones", "Anna and the King", "Hawkins" and "Sons and Daughters".
Most recent appearances included the television series, "Brimstone" (1998), "Charmed" (2000) and his final role was on, "The District" (2000).  He then retired from the industry and two years later, he passed away on August 16th, 2002 in Santa Monica, California at the age of weighty eight after suffering complications from a fall.

His wife, Hope Corey of sixty four years outlived him along with their three children. 


2000         The District
2000         Charmed 
1998         Brimstone
1998         Ted
1997         Perversions of Science 
1997         Murphy Brown 
1995-1997     Spider-Man 
1996         The Lottery 
1996         Babylon 5 
1996         Blacklist: Hollywood on Trial
1995         Picket Fences 
1995         The Home Court 
1995         The Marshal 
1994         Color of Night
1994         Surviving the Game
1994         Locals
1993         Beethoven's 2nd
1993         Moon Over Miami 
1993         Ruby Cairo
1992         Sinatra
1991         Payoff 
1991         Gabriel's Fire 
1991         The Washing Machine Man 
1991         Lightning Force
1990         The Judas Project
1990         To My Daughter 
1990         Bagdad Cafe 
1990         Babes 
1990         Beauty and the Beast
1990         Bird on a Wire
1990         The Rose and the Jackal
1989         Santa Barbara
1989         Jake and the Fatman
1989         A Deadly Silence 
1989         Roseanne 
1989         The Magic Boy's Easter 
1988         War of the Worlds 
1988         Messenger of Death
1988         Cognac
1987         Perfect Strangers
1986         Starman 
1986         The A-Team
1986         True Confessions
1986         Second Serve
1986         Morningstar/Eveningstar 
1986         Fist of the North Star
1984-1986     Night Court 
1985         Hell Town 
1985         Final Jeopardy
1985         Creator
1985         Hell Town
1985         Simon & Simon
1984         Newhart
1984         Faerie Tale Theatre 
1984         Conan the Destroyer
1984         Whiz Kids
1983         Manimal 
1983         Amanda's 
1983         Archie Bunker's Place 
1983         Rooster: Spurs of Death!
1982         Knots Landing
1982         The Powers of Matthew Star
1982         The Sword and the Sorcerer
1980-1982     Lou Grant
1982         King's Crossing
1982         Cry for the Strangers 
1979-1981     Little House on the Prairie
1980         Breaking Away 
1980         Homeward Bound
1980         Battle Beyond the Stars
1978-1979     Barney Miller
1979         Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
1979         One Day at a Time
1979         Up River
1978         The Pirate
1978         Greatest Heroes of the Bible 
1978         Fantasy Island 
1978         The Wild Geese
1978         Jennifer
1978         What's Happening!! 
1977         Captains Courageous
1977         Oh, God!
1977         The Richard Pryor Show 
1977         Curse of the Black Widow
1977         Moonshine County Express
1977         Testimony of Two Men 
1977         The Bionic Woman 
1976         Switch
1976         The Last Tycoon
1976         The Sad and Lonely Sundays 
1976         The Premonition
1976         Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free
1976         McCloud 
1975         Kojak 
1975         Starsky and Hutch 
1975         Doctors' Hospital 
1975         Paper Tiger
1975         The Six Million Dollar Man 
1974         Paper Moon
1974         The Gun and the Pulpit
1974         Hawkins 
1973         Police Story
1973         Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 
1973         The Bob Newhart Show
1973         The Streets of San Francisco
1973         The Fuzz Brothers 
1973         Set This Town on Fire
1972         Alias Smith and Jones
1972         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1972         The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
1972         Search 
1972         Something Evil
1970-1971     Rod Serling's Night Gallery 
1971         Catlow
1969-1971     Hawaii Five-O 
1971         Clay Pigeon
1971         Shoot Out
1971         Mannix
1971         The Psychiatrist 
1966-1971     Bonanza 
1971         Big Fish, Little Fish
1970         Little Big Man
1970         Headmaster 
1970         Cover Me Babe
1970         They Call Me Mister Tibbs!
1970         Getting Straight
1970         Beneath the Planet of the Apes
1970         The Bold Ones: The Senator 
1970         The Movie Murderer 
1969         Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1969         True Grit
1969         Impasse
1969         Star Trek 
1969         Gunsmoke 
1968         The Boston Strangler
1967-1968     Judd for the Defense 
1965-1968     The Wild Wild West 
1967         In Cold Blood
1966-1967     Run for Your Life
1967         Iron Horse 
1967         Garrison's Gorillas 
1966         Seconds
1966         Hawk
1966         Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 
1966         Insight
1965         Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
1965         The Cincinnati Kid
1965         Mickey One
1965         Rawhide
1965         Once a Thief
1965         Pyramid of the Sun God
1965         Mercenaries of the Rio Grande
1964         Perry Mason
1964         The Doctors and the Nurses 
1964         Lady in a Cage
1964         Channing 
1963         The Outer Limits 
1963         The Yellow Canary
1963         The Balcony
1961         The Untouchables 
1960         Inside Magoo 
1951         Red Mountain
1951         Superman and the Mole-Men
1951         Never Trust a Gambler
1951         The Prince Who Was a Thief
1951         Sirocco
1951         New Mexico
1951         Only the Valiant
1951         Rawhide
1951         Fourteen Hour
1950         The Next Voice You Hear...
1950         Bright Leaf
1950         Rock Island Trail
1950         The Outriders
1950         Singing Guns
1950         The Nevadan
1949         Bagdad
1949         Scene of the Crime
1949         Follow Me Quietly
1949         Home of the Brave
1949         Roughshod
1949         City Across the River
1949         Hideout
1948         Wake of the Red Witch
1948         Kidnapped
1948         Joan of Arc
1948         A Southern Yankee
1948         Canon City
1948         I, Jane Doe
1948         Homecoming
1948         Let's Live Again
1948         The Wreck of the Hesperus
1948         Alias a Gentleman
1947         The Gangster
1947         The Flame
1947         Unconquered
1947         Hoppy's Holiday
1947         Brute Force
1947         Miracle on 34th Street
1947         Ramrod
1947         California
1947         The Shocking Miss Pilgrim
1946         The Killers
1946         It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
1946         Rendezvous with Annie
1946         Somewhere in the Night
1946         Joe Palooka, Champ
1943         My Friend Flicka
1943         Aerial Gunner
1943         The Moon Is Down
1943         Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
1942         Tennessee Johnson
1942         Girl Trouble
1942         The Postman Didn't Ring
1942         Syncopation
1942         The Man Who Wouldn't Die
1942         Who Is Hope Schuyler?
1942         Roxie Hart
1942         North to the Klondike
1941         Paris Calling
1941         You Belong to Me
1941         The Devil and Daniel Webster
1941         Mutiny in the Arctic
1941         The Lady from Cheyenne
1941         Petticoat Politics
1941         Small Town Deb
1940         You'll Find Out
1940         Bitter Sweet
1940         Third Finger, Left Hand
1939         ...One Third of a Nation...
1938         I Am the Law

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