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Jean Parker ACTOR


Jean Parker was born on August 11th, 1915 in Deer Lodge, Montana with the birth name Lois Mae Green to Lewis Green and Melvina Burch.  She was one of eighteen children and during the great depression her parents could not afford to take care of her so a family by the name of the Spickards adopted her and she lived in Pasadena, California.
She grew up dancing and taking gymnastics and also enjoyed painting.  When she entered a poster painting contest and won, the studio Chief of MGM, Loius B. Mayer contacted her after realizing how pretty she herself was, he decided to offer her a contract.
Parker began working in the film industry right away with roles on such films as, "Little Women" (1933), "Operator 13" (1934), "The Ghost Goes West" (1935) and "Sequoia" (1934).  Throughout her career she would appear in a total of seventy films.
During World War II, she became involved in entertaining the troops and afterwards began to focus on stage acting.  She appeared in such productions as, "Burlesque", "Born Yesterday" and "Loco".  
Returning to films later in her career she had roles in such features as, "Toughest Man in Arizona" (1952), "Those Redheads from Seattle" (1953), "A Lawless Street" (1955) and "The Parson and the Outlaw" (1957).  She also made a number of television appearances later on in her career on such series as, "Damon Runyon Theater" (1955), "Matinee Theatre" (1956) and "The Red Skelton Hour" (1957).  After retiring from the film and television industry she focused on working on the West Coast theatre circuit and also taught acting. 
Throughout her lifetime she married four times.  First to George MacDonald from 1936 through 1940.  She then married, Douglas Dawson in 1941 but this marriage ended in 1943.  Her third marriage was to Curtis Grotter in 1944 and lasted until 1949.  Her fourth and final husband was Robert Lowery in 1951 and they had one son together, Robert, before this marriage too ended in divorce in 1957.
In November 2005 she suffered a stroke at the age of ninety, and moved into the Motion Picture Country Home and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California.  She passed away that same month on November 30th, 2005.   


1965 Apache Uprising 
1957 The Parson and the Outlaw 
1957 The Red Skelton Hour
1956 Private Secretary
1956 Matinee Theatre 
1955 A Lawless Street 
1955 Damon Runyon Theater 
1954 Black Tuesday 
1954 The Adventures of Falcon
1954 Stories of the Century 
1954 The Lone Wolf 
1953 Those Redheads from Seattle
1953 Cowboy G-Men 
1952 Toughest Man in Arizona
1951 Suspense 
1951 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 
1951 Starlight Theatre 
1950 The Gunfighter 
1946 Rolling Home 
1945 Adventures of Kitty O'Day
1944 One Body Too Many
1944 Bluebeard
1944 Dead Man's Eyes
1944 Oh, What a Night
1944 Detective Kitty O'Day 
1944 Lady in the Death House
1944 The Navy Way 
1943 The Deerslayer
1943 Minesweeper 
1943 Alaska Highway
1943 High Explosive
1942 The Traitor Within
1942 Wrecking Crew
1942 Tomorrow We Live
1942 Hi, Neighbor
1942 I Live on Danger
1942 Hello, Annapolis 
1942 The Girl from Alaska
1942 Torpedo Boat
1941 No Hands on the Clock
1941 The Pittsburgh Kid
1941 Flying Blind 
1941 Power Dive 
1941 Roar of the Press 
1940 Knights of the Range 
1940 Young America Flies 
1940 Beyond Christmas
1940 Son of the Navy 
1939 The Flying Deuces
1939 Parents on Trial 
1939 Flight at Midnight
1939 She Married a Cop 
1939 Romance of the Redwoods
1938 The Arkansas Traveler 
1938 Romance of the Limberlost 
1938 Penitentiary 
1937 The Barrier 
1937 Life Begins with Love
1936 The Texas Rangers 
1936 The Farmer in the Dell
1935 The Ghost Goes West
1935 Murder in the Fleet 
1935 Princess O'Hara
1934 Sequoia 
1934 Limehouse Blues
1934 A Wicked Woman
1934 Caravan
1934 Have a Heart 
1934 Operator 13
1934 Lazy River
1934 You Can't Buy Everything 
1934 Two Alone 
1933 Little Women
1933 Lady for a Day 
1933 Storm at Daybreak 
1933 What Price Innocence? 
1933 Made on Broadway 
1933 Gabriel Over the White House 
1933 The Secret of Madame Blanche 
1932 Rasputin and the Empress 
1932 Divorce in the Family

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