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James Millican ACTOR


James Millican was born on February 17th, 1910 in Palisades, New Jersey and he became a well known character actor during the 30's through the 1950's.  After high school he enrolled at the University of Southern California and once he earned his college degree, he enrolled at MGM's dramatic school.
His career in the industry began working in films with Paramount Studio's on, "Sign of the Cross" (1932) and then he signed with Columbia appearing in such films as, "Mills of the Gods" (1934), "Love Me Forever" (1935), "Killer at Large" (1936) and "SOS Coast Guard" (1937). 

The majority of roles he played were secondary roles usually the best friend of hero's of the films.  He appeared in hundreds of westerns and was good friends with cowboy star, William 'Wild' Bill Elliot.  Almost all of his films he was un-credited in, however, he claims to have appeared in more then 400 roles.     

A few highly rated and successful films he appeared in were "Winchester '73" (1950) starring James Stewart, Stephen McNally and Dan Duryea, "High Noon" (1952) starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, "Springfield Rifle" (1952) starring Gary Cooper, "Strategic Air Command" (155) starring James Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Lovejoy and Barry Sullivan.

He only did films up until 1952 and then began adding such television credits to his resume as, "Adventures of Wild Bill Hitchcock", "Gruen Guild Theater", "Four Star Playhouse", "Fireside Theater", "The Man Behind the Badge" and "Studio 57".  
James Millican married only once to Dorothy Eleanor Griffith and never had any biological children.  He passed away on November 24th, 1955 in Los Angeles, California at the young age of forty five. 


1956   Red Sundown

1955   Top Gun 

1955   The Ford Television Theatre 

1955   The Vanishing American

1955   I Died a Thousand Times 

1955   Celebrity Playhouse

1955   The Man from Laramie 

1953-1955  The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 

1955   Soldiers of Fortune 

1955   Studio 57 

1955   Las Vegas Shakedown

1955   G.E. True Theater 

1955   Chief Crazy Horse

1955   The Man Behind the Badge 

1955   Strategic Air Command 

1955   The Big Tip Off 

1954-1955  Schlitz Playhouse 

1954   Dawn at Socorro 

1954   The Outcast 

1954   Fireside Theatre 

1954   The Long Wait 

1954   Riding Shotgun

1954   Jubilee Trail 

1953   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

1953   Crazylegs 

1953   Four Star Playhouse 

1952-1953  Gruen Guild Theater

1953   A Lion Is in the Streets

1953   The Stranger Wore a Gun 

1953   Gun Belt 

1953   Cow Country

1953   The Silver Whip 

1952   Torpedo Alley

1952   Springfield Rifle

1952   Battle Zone

1952   High Noon 

1952   The Winning Team

1952   Diplomatic Courier 

1952   Carson City 

1952   Bugles in the Afternoon

1952   Scandal Sheet 

1952   Adventures of Gallant Bess 

1951   Warpath 

1951   Cavalry Scout 

1951   I Was a Communist for the FBI

1951   Rawhide

1951   Fourteen Hours

1951   The Great Missouri Raid

1951   Missing Women 

1951   Al Jennings of Oklahoma

1950   The Du Pont Story 

1950   Mister 880

1950   Devil's Doorway

1950   Convicted 

1950   Winchester '73 

1950   Beyond the Purple Hills 

1950   The Gunfighter 

1950   Military Academy with That Tenth Avenue Gang 

1950   Everybody's Dancin' 

1949   Fighting Man of the Plains

1949   The Dalton Gang

1949   The Gal Who Took the West 

1949   Grand Canyon 

1949   Rimfire 

1948   Last of the Wild Horses

1948   Command Decision

1948   Disaster

1948   Rogues' Regiment 

1948   In This Corner

1948   The Return of Wildfire 

1948   The Man from Colorado 

1948   Hazard 

1948   Mr. Reckless

1948   Let's Live Again 

1948   The Tender Years

1947   The Trouble with Women

1947   Stepchild

1947   Spoilers of the North 

1947   Suddenly It's Spring

1946   Rendezvous with Annie 

1946   The Searching Wind

1946   Our Hearts Were Growing Up

1946   The Well-Groomed Bride

1946   The Bride Wore Boots

1946   The Blue Dahlia

1946   Two Years Before the Mast

1946   Tokyo Rose 

1945   The Lost Weekend

1945   Duffy's Tavern

1945   Love Letters 

1945   Incendiary Blonde

1945   You Came Along 

1945   The Affairs of Susan 

1945   Bring on the Girls

1944   Practically Yours

1944   And Now Tomorrow 

1944   National Barn Dance

1944   I Love a Soldier 

1944   The Story of Dr. Wassell 

1943   A Guy Named Joe

1943   Northern Pursuit

1943   Riding High

1943   Thousands Cheer

1943   So Proudly We Hail! 

1943   Pilot #5

1943   Air Force

1943   Freedom Comes High 

1942   Stand by for Action 

1942   Star Spangled Rhythm

1942   I Married a Witch

1942   The Forest Rangers

1942   The Glass Key

1942   A Man's World

1942   The Secret Code

1942   Wake Island 

1942   Take a Letter, Darling

1942   The Wife Takes a Flyer 

1942   Hello, Annapolis 

1942   Fingers at the Window 

1942   Tramp, Tramp, Tramp 

1942   My Favorite Blonde 

1942   The Remarkable Andrew

1942   Joe Smith, American 

1942   Don't Talk

1942   The Man Who Returned to Life

1942   The Fleet's In

1942   Cadets on Parade 

1942   Nazi Agent 

1942   The Bugle Sounds 

1941   Among the Living 

1941   You'll Never Get Rich

1941   Down in San Diego

1941   Coffins on Wheels 

1941   Love Crazy 

1941   A Woman's Face 

1941   Meet John Doe 

1941   Washington Melodrama

1941   Barnacle Bill

1941   I Wanted Wings

1940   Flight Command

1940   Girls Under 21 

1940   So You Won't Talk 

1940   Glamour for Sale 

1940   Golden Gloves 

1940   Convicted Woman 

1940   A Chump at Oxford 

1940   His Girl Friday 

1939   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 

1939   Scandal Sheet 

1939   Those High Grey Walls

1939   Coast Guard

1939   Only Angels Have Wings

1939   Back Door to Heaven 

1939   North of the Yukon 

1939   Society Lawyer 

1939   The Sap Takes a Wrap 

1939   Honolulu

1939   Flying G-Men

1939   The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt

1938   The Little Adventuress

1938   Spring Madness

1938   Flight to Fame

1938   I Am the Law

1938   You Can't Take It with You 

1938   Highway Patrol 

1938   The Main Event 

1938   Extortion 

1938   Who Killed Gail Preston? 

1937   SOS Coast Guard 

1937   The Devil Is Driving 

1937   Let's Get Married

1936   Killer at Large

1936   Counterfeit

1936   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

1936   You May Be Next

1935   Too Tough to Kill

1935   Case of the Missing Man 

1935   Love Me Forever 

1934   Mills of the Gods 

1932   The Sign of the Cross

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