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James Gleason ACTOR

James Gleason was born on May 23rd, 1882 in New York City, New York with the birth name James Austin Gleason to parents, William Gleason and Mina Crolius.  Both of his parents were in the entertainment industry and so as he grew older he followed in his parents footsteps.
By the age of thirteen he was already working to make money doing odd jobs such as a messenger boy and lift boy.  When he turned sixteen years old, he joined the United States Army and served his country for three years.
He fought in the Spanish-American War and then when he completed his military service, Gleason decided to work as a stage actor and joined the stock company at the Liberty Theater in Oakland, California.
James later relocated with his then wife, Lucile Gleason whom he married in 1905 and together they moved to Oakland, Oregon and worked in theater there.  Gleason then took a break from acting during World War I to serve in the United States Army.
After his discharge from service he continued doing stage work and also became involved in a number of writing projects that he produced for the New York stage as well as dialogue for comedy films.  He was involved in co-writing, "The Broadway Melody" (1929) which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
As his career progressed he also appeared in a number of film such as, "Change of Heart" (1934) and  "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" (1941), for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting actor. "Meet John Doe" (1941) starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Brennan and Edward Arnold, "The Clock" (1945) , "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1945) "Suddenly" (1954) starring Frank Sinatra and "A Penguin Pool Murder" (1932), which was one of a series of six mystery films succeeded his nomination and "Loving You" (1957) starring Elvis Presley in his 3rd movie with Lizabeth Scott, Dolores Hart and Wendell Corey.
In addition to stage, film and writing, James Gleason also appeared on a variety of television series throughout his career such as, "The Stu Erwin Show" which also known as "The Trouble With Father", "The Public Defender", "The Restless Gun", "The Life of Riley", "Climax!", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Ford Television Theatre", "The Real McCoys", "Playhouse 90" "Racket Squad" and "Leave it to Beaver".
He has only one child from his marriage to Lucile Russell Gleason who is also a working actor.  The couple remained together until she passed away in 1947.  He never re-married or had any other children.  James Gleason then passed away on April 12th, 1959 in Woodland Hills, California from asthma.  His remains are interred in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.  
1958   Money, Women and Guns
1958   The Last Hurrah
1958   Once Upon a Horse... 
1958   Rock-a-Bye Baby 
1958   Man or Gun 
1958   Playhouse 90 
1958   The Real McCoys
1958   The Female Animal 
1957   The Restless Gun
1957   Leave It to Beaver 
1957   Man in the Shadow
1957   Loving You 
1957   Cavalcade of America 
1957   Spring Reunion 
1956-1957  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1956   The Millionaire
1956   Star in the Dust
1956   Climax!
1953-1956  The Ford Television Theatre
1956   Cheyenne 
1955   Damon Runyon Theater 
1955   Screen Directors Playhouse 
1955   The Girl Rush 
1955   The Night of the Hunter 
1955   So This Is Hollywood 
1955   The Stu Erwin Show 
1953-1955  The Life of Riley 
1955   The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater 
1954   The Colgate Comedy Hour 
1954   Suddenly 
1954   The Public Defender
1954   Hollywood Thrill-Makers 
1954   Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson
1953   Forever Female 
1953   Racket Squad
1952   What Price Glory
1952   The Story of Will Rogers
1952   We're Not Married! 
1951   I'll See You in My Dreams
1951   Come Fill the Cup 
1951   Joe Palooka in Triple Cross 
1951   Two Gals and a Guy
1950   Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle
1950   The Jackpot 
1950   Riding High 
1950   The Yellow Cab Man
1950   Screen Snapshots 2856: It Was Only Yesterday 
1950   Key to the City 
1949   Miss Grant Takes Richmond
1949   Take One False Step 
1949   The Life of Riley 
1949   Bad Boy 
1948   When My Baby Smiles at Me 
1948   The Return of October 
1948   The Dude Goes West
1948   Smart Woman 
1947   Tycoon 
1947   The Bishop's Wife 
1947   Down to Earth
1947   The Homestretch
1946   Lady Luck
1946   Home, Sweet Homicide
1946   The Well-Groomed Bride
1946   The Hoodlum Saint
1945   Captain Eddie
1945   The Clock
1945   A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 
1945   This Man's Navy 
1944   The Keys of the Kingdom 
1944   Arsenic and Old Lace 
1944   Once Upon a Time
1943   A Guy Named Joe
1943   Crash Dive
1942   Manila Calling
1942   Tales of Manhattan
1942   Footlight Serenade
1942   The Falcon Takes Over 
1942   My Gal Sal
1942   A Date with the Falcon
1942   Hay Foot
1941   Babes on Broadway
1941   Nine Lives Are Not Enough 
1941   Tanks a Million
1941   Here Comes Mr. Jordan
1941   Affectionately Yours
1941   Meet John Doe
1940   Earl of Puddlestone
1940   Grandpa Goes to Town
1939   Money to Burn
1939   The Covered Trailer
1939   On Your Toes 
1939   Should Husbands Work?
1939   My Wife's Relatives
1938   Army Girl
1938   The Higgins Family
1937   Manhattan Merry-Go-Round
1937   Forty Naughty Girls
1936   The Plot Thickens
1936   The Big Game
1936   Don't Turn 'em Loose 
1936   Yours for the Asking 
1936   The Ex-Mrs. Bradford 
1936   Murder on a Bridle Path 
1935   We're Only Human 
1935   Hot Tip
1935   West Point of the Air
1935   Murder on a Honeymoon
1935   Helldorado 
1934   Murder on the Blackboard 
1934   Change of Heart
1934   Orders Is Orders
1934   Search for Beauty
1934   The Meanest Gal in Town
1933   Hoop-La
1933   Gleason's New Deal
1933   Mister Mugg
1933   Alias the Professor
1933   Clear All Wires!
1933   Rock-a-Bye Cowboy
1933   Billion Dollar Scandal
1932   Lights Out
1932   A Hockey Hick
1932   Penguin Pool Murder 
1932   The Devil Is Driving
1932   Always Kickin'
1932   Yoo-Hoo
1932   The All-American
1932   The Crooked Circle 
1932   Off His Base
1932   Blondie of the Follies 
1932   Lady and Gent
1932   High Hats and Low Brows 
1932   Fast Companions
1932   Stealin' Home
1932   Rule 'Em and Weep
1932   Battle Royal
1931   Doomed to Win
1931   Suicide Fleet
1931   Slow Poison
1931   The Big Gamble
1931   Where Canaries Sing Bass
1931   Sweepstakes
1931   A Free Soul 
1931   It's a Wise Child 
1931   Beyond Victory 
1930   Big Money 
1930   Her Man
1930   The Matrimonial Bed 
1930   Dumbbells in Ermine 
1930   The Swellhead 
1930   Puttin' on the Ritz 
1930   Don't Believe It
1929   The Shannons of Broadway 
1929   Fairways and Foul
1929   Oh, Yeah! 
1929   The Garden of Eatin'
1929   Meet the Missus
1929   The Broadway Melody 
1928   The Count of Ten 
1922   Polly of the Follies

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Matinee Classics - Suddenly starring Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, Nancy Gates, Kim Charney, Willis Bouchey, Paul Frees, Christopher Dark, James O'Hara, Ken Dibbs, Clark Howat, Charles Smith and Paul Wexler
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