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James Brolin ACTOR


James Brolin was born on July 18th, 1940 in Los Angeles, California with the birth name Craig Lenneth Bruderlin, born to Helen Sue and Henry Hurst Bruderlin.  He had four siblings and he was the oldest.  He was raised in Westwood, California and graduated from University High School.
After graduating from high school he began pursuing a career as an actor with the support of his parents.  He began with appearing on such television series as, "Bus Stop" (1961) followed by roles in, "Margie", "Bottom of the Sea", "Twelve O'Clock High", "Love, American Style", "Hot Summer", "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "The Virginian", "Batman" and had a recurring role on, "The Monroes".
He was then offered a contract with 20th Century Fox and began appearing in film roles on, "Take her, She's Mine" (1963), "Dear Bridgitte" (1965), "Von Ryan's Express" (1965) starring Frank Sinatra, "Fantastic Voyage" (1966) and "The Cape Town Affair" (1967).
His contract with 20th Century Fox came to an end and he began to freelance working on more films such as, "Skyjacked" (1972), "Westworld" (1973), "Gable and Lombard" (1976), "The Car" (1977), "Capricorn One" (1978), "The Amityville Horror" (1979), "Night of the Juggler" (1980) and "High Risk" (1981).
Along with his film work he began appearing in a number of other television series later on in his career such as a regular role on, "Marcus Welby, M.D." (1969-1976) starring alongside veteran actor Robert Young for which he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and received this nomination three other times along with a Golden Globe nomination three times for Best Supporting actor for which he won twice. 
Other roles he is remembered by are on the television series, "Hotel" (1983) for which again he was nominated twice for Golden Globe Awards between 1983 and 1984 and "Pensacola: Wings of Gold" (1997) for which he not only acted on but also worked as the executive producer and director for the series.
Recently he has been seen on such films as, "Traffic" (2000), "Catch Me if You Can" (2002), "A Guy Thing" (2003), "The Alibi" (2006), "The Hunting Party" (2007), "Last Chance Harvey" (2008), "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" (2009), "Burlesque" (2010) and "A Fonder Heart" (2011). 
He has married three times throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Jane Cameron Agee whom he married in 1966 and after having two children this marriage ended in divorce in 1986.  He then married Jan Smithers in 1986 and they also had one child together before by 1995, this marriage also came to an end.  His third time to marry was to Barbra Streisand in 1998 and they remain together today and reside in Malibu, California.  


2012   Gametime

2011-2012  Blackout 

2012  Nailed

2011   Love, Wedding, Marriage

2011   Royal Reunion

2010   The Defenders

2010   Burlesque

2010   Angel Camouflaged

2010   Last Will 

2009   Psych

2009   The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

2009   Bitter/Sweet

2008   Last Chance Harvey

2008   Lost City Raiders

2008   Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

2008   The American Standards

2007   Sirens of the Caribbean

2007   The Hunting Party

2007   Reinventing the Wheelers 

2006   Wedding Wars

2006   Lies & Alibis

2005   Category 7: The End of the World 

2005   Monk

2005   Widow on the Hill

2003   The Reagans

2003   A Guy Thing 

2002   Catch Me If You Can 

2002   The West Wing

2002   Antwone Fisher 

2002   The Master of Disguise 

2000   Traffic

2000   Children of Fortune

1997-2000  Pensacola: Wings of Gold

2000   Skyscrapers: Going Up

1999   To Love, Honor & Betray

1998   A Marriage of Convenience

1997   California

1997   The Haunted Sea

1997   Lewis & Clark & George

1997   El aroma del Copal 

1997   Goodbye America 

1997   Blood Money

1997   Roseanne

1997   My Brother's War

1996   To Face Her Past 

1996   Promised Land

1996   Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season 

1996   Tracks of a Killer

1996   Hijacked: Flight 285

1995   The Expert

1995   Der schwarze Fluch - Tödliche Leidenschaften 

1995   Extreme 

1995   Savate 

1995   Relative Fear 

1995   Terminal Virus 

1994   Indecent Behavior II 

1994   A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Grimacing Governor

1994   The Visual Bible: Acts 

1994   Parallel Lives

1994   Burke's Law

1994   We the People

1993   Angel Falls 

1993   Paper Hearts

1993   Gunsmoke: The Long Ride

1993   Visions of Murder 

1992   The Sands of Time

1992   Twin Sisters 

1992   City Boy

1992   Gas, Food Lodging 

1991   Ted & Venus 

1991   And the Sea Will Tell

1990   Nightmare on the 13th Floor

1990   Back Stab 

1990   High Score 

1990   Bad Jim

1989   Voice of the Heart

1989   Finish Line

1983-1988  Hotel 

1987   Deep Dark Secrets 

1986   Hold the Dream

1986   Intimate Encounters

1985   Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues

1983   Cowboy 

1983   White Water Rebels 

1982   Mae West 

1982   The Ambush Murders 

1981   High Risk 

1980   Night of the Juggler

1979   The Amityville Horror 

1978   Steel Cowboy 

1977   Capricorn One

1977   The Car 

1969-1976  Marcus Welby, M.D.

1976   Gable and Lombard

1973   Westworld

1973   Trapped 

1973   Class of '63 

1972   Short Walk to Daylight 

1972   Skyjacked 

1972   Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law

1971   Love, American Style 

1969   The Virginian

1969   City Beneath the Sea 

1968   The Boston Strangler 

1967   The Cape Town Affair 

1966-1967  Batman 

1966-1967  The Monroes 

1966   Way... Way Out 

1966   Fantastic Voyage 

1966   The Long, Hot Summer 

1966   Our Man Flint 

1965   The Patty Duke Show

1965   12 O'Clock High 

1965   Von Ryan's Express 

1965   John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! 

1965   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

1965   Valentine's Day

1965   Dear Brigitte 

1964   Goodbye Charlie 

1963   Take Her, She's Mine 

1962   Margie

1961   Bus Stop 

1961   Follow the Sun

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Matinee Classics - Marcus Welby, M.D. starring Robert Young, James Brolin, Elena Verdugo, Sharon Gless and Anne Baxter
Matinee Classics - Marcus Welby, M.D. starring Robert Young, James Brolin, Elena Verdugo, Sharon Gless and Anne Baxter
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