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Jackie Cooper ACTOR


Jackie Cooper was born John Cooper Jr. on September 15th, 1921.  His father was a studio production manager and his mother, Mabel a stage pianist.  His grandmother was an actress and use to take him to auditions with her.
His father abandoned his family at the age of two and so by three years old he was already working as an actor appearing in silent films as an extra to help his mother out financially.  Cooper began appearing in short comedy films with Lloyd Hamilton and Bobby Clark when he was only three years old.  At the young age of nine, he was already a cast member of the "Our gang" comedies which was a part of MGM.  He was signed by the producer, Hal Roach to a $50 a week contract and between 1929 and 1931 he had already appeared in 15, "Our Gang" comedies.  
By 1930, he had made it into features.  At the age of eight years old he gained quite a bit of popularity playing the title role in, "Skippy" (1931), for which he  received an Oscar nomination for appearing in.  This made him the first child actor to ever be nominated for a Best Actor academy Award.  This film was followed by an appearance on, "The Champ" (1931), "The Bowery" (1931), "Treasure Island' (1934), "O'Shaughnessy's Boy" (1935), "When a feller Needs a Friend" (1932), "Pecks Bad Boy" (1934), "The Devil is a Sissy" (1936), "Boy of the Streets" (1937), "Gangster Boy" (1938), " Streets of New York" (1939), "Seventeen" (1940), "The Return of Frank James" (1940) and "Ziegfeld Girl" (1941).  He also did a nice job as a trumpeter in "Syncopation" (1942), but the audience had tired of him.
Sadly, he lost most of his childhood since he was such a popular working actor.  Jackie did not receive a good education on set and to avoid ever been injured, he was forbidden to ever ride a bike, roller skate or even cross the street alone.  He was also brought up believing that his real father had passed away, when years later he found out his mother was sending his dad $100 a week of money he had earned in his acting career.  
As a childhood actor, by 1943 he had reached adolescence and his career was slowing down.  At the age of fourteen his contract ended with MGM and he was feeling the experience of an adolescent career lull.  He decided to join the war and rose to the rank of Captain in the Navy.  After he returned from fighting in the War he found it difficult to return to the entertainment industry as a film actor.  It was odd to him that since the age of three he had always had a Hollywood contract and for the first time in his career, he was without that security.
He was able to land a couple roles in 'B' rated films such as, "Kilroy Was Here" (1947) and "Stork Bites Man" (1947).  He took off for New York and made his stage debut on, "Magnolia Alley" (1949) and then toured the country in, "Mr. Roberts" and played the role in the London production in 1951.  Stage work was easy for him to land roles, but films were not as easy to break back in to.    However, he found success not only as a television actor but also as a producer and director.
He had the opportunity to direct episodes of M*A*S*H and "The White Shadow".  At one time he was also Screen Gems' executive in charge of production.  He also earned two Emmy wards as a TV director.    
In 1955, he helped put together his first series, "The People's Choice" for NBC which was successful and ran for three years.  From 1959-1962, Cooper worked on another series, "Hennesey" with CBS as a producer and primary director but this series was not as well taken by critics.    
In 1964, Cooper was offered the position of vie president of program development for Columbia pictures Television division.  He accepted and for five years he was responsible for various projects and selling them to the other networks.  The company sold such shows as, "I Dream of Jeanie", "Gidget", "The Flying Nun" and the daytime Soap Opera titled, "Days of Our Lives".  Cooper also founded his own independent production company after leaving his job at Columbia where he would develop Television and Movie properties.
He also continued to work as an actor in the TV-movie "Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring" (ABC, 1971).  Cooper also was responsible for hosting "The Dean Martin Comedy World" (1974) on NBC and in 1975 he gave a Television series one more try as a regular actor on "Mobile One" (ABC).  His most well known role was as Perry White in all four feature Christopher Reeve's "Superman films" (1978).
Cooper announced his retirement in 1989, even though  he was still directing episodes of the syndicated series "The Adventures of Superboy".  He chose to spend more time raising horses at his home outside San Diego.  Occasionally returning for documentary programs about Hollywood in which he had toiled for the entire sound period to-date, and even some silent films.  His god friend Ann Rutherford said, "he was wonderful, and he became a very good television producer".

Jackie Cooper had a total of four children, three of whom are from his current wife,  Barbara Kraus, and one son, John from his first marriage to June Horne.  He was living at a nursing facility in Santa Monica, California when he passed away at the age of eighty eight on May 4th, 2011.
Jackie Cooper was an all around good person.  He even had his own fan club, a namesake newspaper and someone who would answer his fan mail.  He always looked back on his career with thoughts of regret of losing his childhood to an early movie career.  He is survived by his sons John and Russell.     

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Matinee Classics - The People's Choice starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, Margaret Irving, Paul Maxey, Cleo and Dick Wesson

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