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Jack Mulhall ACTOR


Jack Mulhall was born on October 7th, 1897 in Wappingers Falls, New York with the birth name John Joseph Francis Mulhall.  His entertainment career began when as a child he would sing on the tent circuit followed by working in vaudeville and stock theatre.  He appeared on stage with the Bennett Molton Stock Company and the Whitehead Opera House in Passaic, New jersey.
By 1913 he had settled in New York and he made his film debut in he silent film, "The House of Discord" and up until 1920, he starred in a number of silent films.  When sound era for films came about he had no issue making the transition.  Jack became a popular romantic lead in drama and high comedy films.  He also added to his resume one producing credit in 1918 for the silent short film, "Madame Spy". 
Mulhall had the opportunity to appear on screen with some of Hollywood's most leading and glamorous female stars such as Mary Pickford, Dorothy Mackaill and the Talmadge sisters. 
He is remembered for completing the first dual role ever in talking pictures in 1929 on the film, "Dark Streets".  He also once was on the board of the screen Actors Guild (SAG).  As his career progressed into the 1930's, even though he was working a lot, the quality of film roles he took on were decreasing and so was his popularity. 
Some of his other better known work was a revue stage performance in Los Angeles called, "Ken Murray's Blackouts" and he also made a guest star appearance on television's, "How To Marry a Millionaire" (1957).  He continued working up until the early 60's, however, for the most part the last 30 years of his career never could quite reach the level of stardom that he achieved during the silent era.
Mulhall married three times throughout his life.  His first two wives were Laura and Bertha but dates of marriage are unknown.  Jack did have one child with Laura and did stay with Bertha until she passed away.  His third marriage was to Evelyn Mulhall from 1924 through his death on June 1st, 1979 in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from congestive heart failure. 


1958 I Married a Woman
1958 In the Money
1957 Up in Smoke
1957 Around the World in Eighty Days
1956 Calling Homicide
1956 The She-Creature
1956 The Man with the Golden Arm
1955 Tennessee's Partner
1954 Chained for Life
1952 Just for You
1952 Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom
1949 My Friend Irma
1949 Sky Liner
1949 You're My Everything
1948 Lulu Belle
1946 North of the Border
1946 'Neath Canadian Skies
1946 Monsieur Beaucaire
1946 Deadline for Murder
1946 The Searching Wind
1945 Flame of Barbary Coast
1945 The Phantom of 42nd Street
1945 The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Dillinger
1944 Bowery Champs
1944 My Buddy
1944 An American Romance
1944 A Wave, a WAC and a Marine
1944 National Barn Dance
1944 Babes on Swing Street
1944 South of Dixie
1944 Gambler's Choice
1944 Lady in the Dark
1943 Whistling in Brooklyn
1943 Wedtime Stories
1943 Hi'ya, Sailor
1943 Corvette K-225
1943 The Kansan
1943 Swing Shift Maisie
1943 Ghosts on the Loose
1943 The Falcon in Danger
1943 Hers to Hold
1943 Colt Comrades
1943 Cowboy in Manhattan
1943 I Escaped from the Gestapo
1943 Idaho
1943 The Ape Man
1943 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday
1943 Kid Dynamite
1943 Silent Witness
1942 Queen of Broadway
1942 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
1942 The Forest Rangers
1942 The Glass Key
1942 Foreign Agent
1942 Sin Town
1942 Between Us Girls
1942 Wake Island
1942 Top Sergeant
1942 So's Your Aunt Emma!
1942 A Gentleman After Dark
1942 Gang Busters
1942 The Dawn Express
1942 Mr. Wise Guy
1942 Man from Headquarters
1942 Treat 'Em Rough
1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
1941 Harvard, Here I Come!
1941 I Killed That Man
1941 Appointment for Love
1941 Hard Guy
1941 International Lady
1941 Sea Raiders
1941 It Started with Eve
1941 Unexpected Uncle
1941 Dangerous Lady
1941 Saddle Mountain Roundup
1941 Bowery Blitzkrieg
1941 My Life with Caroline
1941 Desperate Cargo
1941 In the Navy
1941 Love Crazy
1941 The Spider Returns
1941 Invisible Ghost
1941 Federal Fugitives
1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel
1941 Las Vegas Nights
1941 Cheers for Miss Bishop
1941 Ride, Kelly, Ride
1941 Back Street
1941 Buck Privates
1941 Caught in the Act
1940 Mysterious Doctor Satan
1940 The Son of Monte Cristo
1940 The Quarterback
1940 Third Finger, Left Hand
1940 A Little Bit of Heaven
1940 Dulcy
1940 Strike Up the Band
1940 The Golden Fleecing
1940 Comin' Round the Mountain
1940 I Love You Again
1940 A Failure at Fifty
1940 Grandpa Goes to Town
1940 Strange Cargo
1940 Black Friday
1940 The Heckler
1940 Broadway Melody of 1940
1940 That Inferior Feeling
1939 Judge Hardy and Son
1939 Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President
1939 First Love
1939 6,000 Enemies
1939 It's a Wonderful World
1939 Outlaws' Paradise
1939 Buck Rogers
1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up
1939 Made for Each Other
1939 Home on the Prairie
1939 Scouts to the Rescue
1938 Sharpshooters
1938 The Storm
1938 Swing That Cheer
1938 The Gladiator
1938 The Chaser
1938 Crime Ring
1938 Held for Ransom
1938 You and Me
1938 Outlaws of Sonora
1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
1938 Mad About Music
1938 Of Human Hearts
1938 The Spy Ring
1937 Tim Tyler's Luck
1937 Amateur Crook
1937 Saturday's Heroes
1937 Music for Madame
1939 Radio Patrol
1937 Sky Racket
1937 The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning
1937 Framing Youth
1937 One Hundred Men and a Girl
1937 The Toast of New York
1937 Topper
1937 Born Reckless
1937 Dangerous Holiday
1937 Armored Car
1937 Wings Over Honolulu
1937 Internes Can't Take Money
1937 History Is Made at Night
1937 Love Is News
1937 Secret Valley
1936 Beloved Enemy
1936 Under Your Spell
1936 Without Orders
1936 Libeled Lady
1936 Wedding Present
1936 The Big Broadcast of 1937
1936 Murder with Pictures
1936 Wives Never Know
1936 Straight from the Shoulder
1936 Hollywood Boulevard
1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track
1936 Kelly of the Secret Service
1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes
1936 The Last Outlaw
1936 The Rogues Tavern
1936 Undersea Kingdom
1936 Show Boat
1936 One Rainy Afternoon
1936 Thirteen Hours by Air
1936 The Country Beyond
1936 The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand
1936 Wife vs. Secretary
1936 The Preview Murder Mystery
1936 Klondike Annie
1936 A Face in the Fog
1936 Anything Goes
1936 Strike Me Pink
1936 Custer's Last Stand
1935 The Shadow of Silk Lennox
1935 Skull and Crown
1935 Your Uncle Dudley
1935 The Last Days of Pompeii
1935 His Night Out
1935 Night Life
1935 The Big Broadcast of 1936
1935 The Gay Deception
1935 Page Miss Glory
1935 Two for Tonight
1935 Here Comes the Band
1935 Here's to Romance
1935 Lady Tubbs
1935 Men Without Names
1935 Love Me Forever
1935 Pickled Peppers
1935 Chinatown Squad
1935 What Price Crime?
1935 Paris in Spring
1935 People Will Talk
1935 The Headline Woman
1935 The Informer
1935 Love in Bloom
1935 Reckless
1935 Fighting Lady
1935 Roaring Roads
1935 Wig-Wag
1935 George White's 1935 Scandals
1935 Straight from the Heart
1935 Mississippi
1935 The Woman in Red
1934 I've Been Around
1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes
1934 One Hour Late
1934 The Dancing Millionaire
1934 Behold My Wife
1934 Bandits and Ballads
1934 Broadway Bill
1934 It's a Gift
1934 Evelyn Prentice
1934 Cleopatra
1934 The Human Side
1934 The Notorious Sophie Lang
1934 The Old Fashioned Way
1934 Whom the Gods Destroy
1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes
1934 Many Happy Returns
1933 The Mystery Squadron
1933 Secret Sinners
1933 Curtain at Eight
1933 The Three Musketeers
1932 Hell's Headquarters
1932 Passport to Paradise
1932 Love Bound
1932 Sinister Hands
1932 Murder at Dawn
1932 Sally of the Subway
1931 Night Beat
1931 Lover Come Back
1930 Reaching for the Moon
1930 For the Love o' Lil
1930 Road to Paradise
1930 The Fall Guy
1930 Show Girl in Hollywood
1930 Murder Will Out
1930 Her Golden Calf
1930 In the Next Room
1930 Second Choice
1929 The Show of Shows
1929 Dark Streets
1929 Twin Beds
1929 Two Weeks Off
1929 Children of the Ritz
1928 Naughty Baby
1928 Waterfront
1928 The Butter and Egg Man
1928 Lady Be Good
1928 Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bath
1927 Man Crazy
1927 The Crystal Cup
1927 Smile, Brother, Smile
1927 The Poor Nut
1927 See You in Jail
1927 Orchids and Ermine
1926 Just Another Blonde
1926 God Gave Me Twenty Cents
1926 Subway Sadie
1926 Sweet Daddies
1926 Silence
1926 The Dixie Merchant
1926 Pleasures of the Rich
1926 The Far Cry
1925 Joanna
1925 We Moderns
1925 Classified
1925 Wild West
1925 She Wolves
1925 Friendly Enemies
1925 The Mad Whirl
1925 Three Keys
1924 Folly of Vanity
1924 The Breath of Scandal
1924 The Naked Truth
1924 Into the Net
1924 The Goldfish
1923 The Drums of Jeopardy
1923 The Marriage Market
1923 The Bad Man
1923 Call of the Wild
1923 Dulcy
1923 Within the Law
1923 The Wolves of the Waterfront
1923 The Yellow Handkerchief
1923 The Social Buccaneer
1923 Dangerous Waters
1922 Heroes of the Street
1922 The Siege of the Lancashire Queen
1922 The Forgotten Law
1922 The Law of the Sea
1922 Pirates of the Deep
1922 Broad Daylight
1922 The Channel Raiders
1922 The White and Yellow
1922 Dusk to Dawn
1922 Flesh and Blood
1922 Sleepwalker
1922 Midnight
1922 Turn to the Right
1922 Fourteenth Lover
1921 Molly O'
1921 The Ne'er to Return Road
1921 Two Weeks with Pay
1921 The Little Clown
1921 The Off-Shore Pirate
1921 Sleeping Acres
1920 You Never Can Tell
1920 The Hope
1920 Miss Hobbs
1920 All of a Sudden Peggy
1919 Should a Woman Tell?
1919 The Spite Bride
1919 The Merry-Go-Round
1919 A Favor to a Friend
1919 The Solitary Sin
1919 Fools and Their Money
1919 Whom the Gods Would Destroy
1919 Creaking Stairs
1919 Don't Change Your Husband
1918 Danger, Go Slow
1918 The Brass Bullet
1918 The Whispering Chorus
1918 Wild Youth
1918 Madame Spy
1918 The Flames of Chance
1918 The Grand Passion
1917 Sirens of the Sea
1917 The Midnight Man
1917 High Speed
1917 Three Women of France
1917 The Flame of Youth
1917 The Gunman's Gospel
1917 The Hero of the Hour
1917 Her Primitive Man
1917 Mr. Dolan of New York
1917 The Saintly Sinner
1917 The Terror
1917 Love Aflame
1917 Fighting for Love
1916 The Prodigal Daughter
1916 The Price of Silence
1916 The Eyes of Love
1916 The Place Beyond the Winds
1916 Wanted: A Home
1916 The Whirlpool of Destiny
1916 The Crimson Yoke
1916 Merry Mary
1916 A Spring Chicken
1916 Celeste
1916 The Man Who Called After Dark
1916 Alias Jimmy Barton
1916 The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary
1916 The Mystery of Orcival
1916 The Guilt of Stephen Eldridge
1916 The Iron Will
1916 The Chain of Evidence
1916 Stronger Than Woman's Will
1916 The Skating Rink
1916 The Avenging Shot
1915 The Tides of Retribution
1915 Her Stepchildren
1915 Woman Without a Soul
1915 The Sheriff's Trap
1915 Harvest
1915 Arline's Chauffeur
1915 The Girl Who Didn't Forget
1915 A Kentucky Episode
1915 At the Road's End
1915 Dora
1915 The Need of Money
1915 His Last Wish
1915 The Little Slavey
1915 The Fixer
1915 A Letter to Daddy
1915 The Little Runaways
1915 Love's Melody
1915 The Girl Hater
1915 His Ward's Scheme
1915 Bobby's Bargain
1915 The Little Scapegoat
1915 A Much-Needed Lesson
1915 His Poor Little Girl
1915 When Hearts Are Young
1915 One Hundred Dollars
1915 The Girl and the Matinee Idol
1915 The Bridge Across
1915 His Brother's Keeper
1915 The Soup Industry
1915 The Deputy's Duty
1915 Rose o' the Shore
1915 Their Divorce Suit
1915 P?re Goriot
1915 The Gang's New Member
1915 All for the Boy
1914 The Suffering of Susan
1914 For Her People
1914 Little Miss Make-Believe
1914 The Girl and the Miser
1914 A Better Understanding
1914 All for Business
1914 The Broken Rose
1914 They Called It 'Baby'
1914 Our Home-Made Army
1914 Who's Looney Now?
1914 The Fall of Muscle-Bound Hicks
1914 Strongheart
1914 Classmates
1913 The House of Discord
1910 A Child's Stratagem
1910 Sunshine Sue
1910 The Fugitive        

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