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Jack Hoxie ACTOR


Jack Hoxie was born on January 11th, 1885 in Guthrie, Oklahoma with the birth name John Hartford Hoxie.  Being raised on Indian land from a young age he became exposed to riding and roping and began entering rodeo contests.   Soon he was touring the country performing in Wild West Shows and winning national championships.

After gaining quite a bit of exposure in the rodeo circuit he decided to relocate to Hollywood and see if he could break into the film industry finding work as a stunt man.  With his good looks and his riding skills it did not take long for Hollywood producer Anthony J. Xydias to take notice of Hoxie and signed him to a contract with Sunset Productions. 

Soon he was appearing in such films as, "Hills of Hate" (1921), "Devil Dog Dawson" (1921) starring with Helene Rosson, Evelyn Selbie and Wilbur McGaugh, "Barb Wire" (1922) with Jean Porter and Olah Norman and "Wolf Tracks" (1923) co-starring Andree Tourneur, Jim Welch and Albert J. Smith.  With quite a bit of other film experience now on his resume, Universal Pictures began to take notice of his riding talents and he was cast in quite a number of Western films with Universal such as, "Hello 'Frisco" (1924) starring with Slim Summerville, James Rolph Jr., William Duncan and Bobby Dunn, "The Demon" with Lola Todd and William Welsh, "A Six Shootin' Romance" with Olive Hasbrouck, William A. Steele, "The Border Sheriff" with Olive Hasbrouck, Al J. Jennings and Gilbert Holmes and Buck Moulton, "Looking For Trouble" co-starring Marceline Day and J. Gordon Russell, "The Fighting Peacemaker" with Lola Todd and Ted Oliver, "The Last Frontier" co-starring William Boyd, "The Wild Horse Stampede" also starring Fay Wray and William Steele and "Red Hot Leather" with Ena Gregory and William Malan, (all 1926).
After adding a couple more roles to his resume when the silent film era came to an end he had a difficult time making the transition to sound films as he could barely read and did not have the acting talent to continue his success in the industry. 

He chose to then leave the acting industry and starred in his own western-style circus.  Hoxie then retired completely and lived the remainder of his life on a ranch in Oklahoma.  He passed away on March 28th, 1965 in Elkhart, Kansas at the age of eighty after suffering from leukemia.
Jack Hoxie married a total of  four times.  First briefly to Hazel Panky and they had two daughters before this marriage came to an end.  He then wed briefly to Dixie Starr.  His third wife was Marin Sais from 1920 through 1925.  His fourth and final marriage was in 1944 to Bonnie Avis Showalter in 1944 and they remained together until he passed away. 


1933         Trouble Busters
1933         Gun Law
1933         Via Pony Express
1932         Law and Lawless
1932         Outlaw Justice
1932         Gold
1929         Forbidden Trail
1927         Heroes of the Wild
1927         The Fighting Three
1927         Men of Daring
1927         Grinning Guns
1927         The Rambling Ranger
1927         The Western Whirlwind
1927         Rough and Ready
1926         Red Hot Leather
1926         The Wild Horse Stampede
1926         The Last Frontier
1926         The Fighting Peacemaker
1926         Looking for Trouble
1926         The Border Sheriff
1926         A Six Shootin' Romance
1926         The Demon
1925         Two-Fisted Jones
1925         Hidden Loot
1925         Bustin' Thru
1925         The White Outlaw
1925         The Red Rider
1925         Don Dare Devil
1925         Ridin' Thunder
1925         A Roaring Adventure
1925         Flying Hoofs
1925         The Sign of the Cactus
1924         Daring Chances
1924         The Western Wallop
1924         Fighting Fury
1924         The Back Trail
1924         Ridgeway of Montana
1924         The Galloping Ace
1924         The Phantom Horseman
1924         The Man from Wyoming
1923         The Red Warning
1923         Men in the Raw
1923         Where Is This West?
1923         Desert Rider
1923         Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande
1923         Wolf Tracks
1923         Galloping Thru
1923         The Forbidden Trail
1922         Riders of the Law
1922         Back Fire
1922         The Crow's Nest
1922         Barb Wire
1922         The Marshal of Moneymint 
1922         The Desert Bridegroom 
1922         The Desert's Crucible 
1922         Two-Fisted Jefferson
1921         Sparks of Flint
1921         The Double O 
1921         Hills of Hate
1921         The Broken Spur 
1921         Devil Dog Dawson
1921         Cupid's Brand 
1921         Dead or Alive
1921         The Sheriff of Hope Eternal 
1921         Cyclone Bliss
1920         Thunderbolt Jack
1920         A Man from Nowhere
1920         Death Valley Kid
1919         Lightning Bryce
1919         Told in the Hills
1919         The Valley of the Giants
1919         The Love Call
1919         Johnny Get Your Gun
1918         The Iron Test
1918         A Fight for Millions
1918         His Majesty, Bunker Bean
1918         Nobody's Wife
1918         'Blue Blazes' Rawden
1918         The Wolf and His Mate
1917         Nan of Music Mountain 
1917         Jack and Jill
1917         Whirlwind of Whiskers
1917         The Vanished Line Rider
1917         The Trapping of Two-Bit Tuttle
1917         The Tyrant of Chiracahua
1917         The Skeleton Canyon Raid
1916         Joan the Woman
1916         On the Brink of War
1916         The Stain of Chuckawalla
1916         Border Wolves
1916         The Fight for Paradise Valley
1916         The Witch of the Dark House
1916         The Son of Cain
1916         The Harvest of Gold
1916         The Ore Plunderers
1916         Tigers Unchained
1916         The Oil Field Plot 
1916         The Girl from Frisco
1916         The Three Godfathers
1916         A Youth of Fortune
1916         The Dumb Girl of Portici
1916         The Quarter Breed
1916         Buck Simmons, Puncher
1916         Blind Fury 
1915         Fatherhood
1915         The Gopher 
1915         The Scarlet Sin
1915         The Diamond from the Sky
1915         Captain Courtesy
1914         The Girl at the Throttle 
1914         The Hazards of Helen 
1914         The Car of Death 
1914         Near Death's Door
1914         The Operator at Black Rock
1914         The Identification 
1914         Kaintucky Bill
1914         The Conductor's Courtship
1913         The Big Horn Massacre
1913         The Battle at Fort Laramie
1913         The Invaders
1913         Brought to Bay
1913         The Tragedy of Big Eagle Mine

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