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Jack Albertson ACTOR


Jack Albertson was born on June 17th, 1907 in Malden, Massachusetts with the birth name Harold Albertson to parents Flora and Leopold Albertson who were Russian-born Jewish immigrants.  His mother supported the family by working at a shoe factory but also had experience as a stock actress.  He also had one sister, Mabel Albertson who also worked as an actress.
Albertson did not complete High School, he chose instead to drop out early and relocate to New York City to see if he had a chance of pursuing a career in show business.  His first real job was working with a vaudeville troupe called, the Dancing Verselle Sisters.  He later found work with the Minsky's  Burlesque Circuit.  Soon he was working on Broadway appearing in such productions as, "High Button Shoes", "Top Banana", "The Cradle Will Rock", "Girl Crazy" and "The Sunshine Boys" amongst others.
When he began working in the film industry his popularity increased rapidly.  In total he appeared in over thirty films throughout his career.  Some of his work included appearances in, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (1971), "The Poseidon Adventure" (1972), The Fox and the Hound" (1981) and on the television sitcom, "Chico and the Man" which aired from 1974 through 1978.
Albertson also made a number of television appearances on such series as, "Hey, Jeannie!", "Ensign O'Toole", "Happy", "Bus Stop" and "The Andy Griffith Show".  His last appearances were on, "My body, My Child" (1982) and "Grandpa, Will You Run With Me? " (1983) both television movies. 

Jack Albertson married only one time to Wallace Thompson in 1952 and together they had one child,  Maura Dhu Studi who later became a singer and actress.  He as together with his wife before he passed away on November 25th, 1981 in Hollywood Hills, California from colon cancer.  His remains were cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea.  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to television.

1983 Grandpa, Will You Run with Me?
1982 The American Adventure
1982 Terror at Alcatraz
1982 My Body, My Child 
1981 Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase 
1981 The Fox and the Hound
1981 Dead & Buried 
1980 Charlie's Angels
1980 Uptown: A Tribute to the Apollo Theatre 
1980 Marriage Is Alive and Well 
1979 Valentine 
1978-1979 Grandpa Goes to Washington 
1974-1978 Chico and the Man
1978 The Comedy Company 
1978 America 2-Night 
1977 3 Girls 3 
1976 The Sad and Lonely Sundays
1967-1974 Insight
1969-1974 Gunsmoke 
1973 The Streets of San Francisco 
1972 The Poseidon Adventure 
1968-1972 Bonanza 
1972 The New Temperatures Rising Show 
1972 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 
1972 Pickup on 101 
1972 Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1971-1972 Police Surgeon 
1971 The Man and the City 
1971 Alias Smith and Jones
1971 The Late Liz
1971 Lock, Stock and Barrel 
1971 Congratulations, It's a Boy
1971 Sarge 
1971 McMillan & Wife 
1971 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
1971 The Name of the Game
1971 Montserrat
1971 Love, American Style
1968-1970 Ironside
1970 Rabbit, Run
1970 Arnie 
1970 The Immortal
1969-1970 The Virginian
1970 Nanny and the Professor
1970 The Bold Ones: The Senator
1970 Paris 7000
1970 Bracken's World 
1970 Daniel Boone 
1970 Squeeze a Flower 
1970 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1969-1970 Land of the Giants
1969 CBS Playhouse 
1969 The Monk 
1960-1969 The Red Skelton Hour
1969 Justine
1969 The Big Valley
1969 Changes
1968 Here Come the Brides 
1968 The Subject Was Roses 
1968 How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life
1967 The Andy Griffith Show 
1966-1967 Run for Your Life 
1967 The Flim-Flam Man
1967 It's About Time
1966 Hey, Landlord 
1966 Run Buddy Run 
1966 Pistols 'n' Petticoats
1965 The Trials of O'Brien 
1965 The Defenders 
1965 How to Murder Your Wife
1964 Roustabout
1964 The Doctors and the Nurses
1964 The Patsy
1961-1964 Mister Ed 
1964 Grindl
1964 A Tiger Walks 
1964 Kissin' Cousins
1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1964 The Lucy Show
1964 Death Valley Days
1963 Glynis
1963 The Lieutenant
1962-1963 Ensign O'Toole
1961-1963 Twilight Zone
1963 The Dick Powell Theatre
1963 Son of Flubber
1962 Days of Wine and Roses
1962 Who's Got the Action?
1962 Period of Adjustment 
1962 Saints and Sinners
1962 Convicts 4 
1962 Room for One More
1962 Lawman 
1961-1962 87th Precinct 
1959-1962 The Jack Benny Program 
1962 The Dick Van Dyke Show 
1962 Dr. Kildare 
1962 Bus Stop 
1962 Little Amy
1961 Lover Come Back 
1961 The Joey Bishop Show
1961 The George Raft Story
1961 Margie
1961 The Tom Ewell Show
1960-1961 The Tab Hunter Show
1961 Westinghouse Playhouse 
1960-1961 The Donna Reed Show
1960-1961 Pete and Gladys
1961 Sugarfoot
1961 Riverboat
1960 Klondike
1957-1960 Have Gun - Will Travel 
1960 Michael Shayne
1960 Happy 
1960 The Slowest Gun in the West 
1960 Startime 
1960 The Gale Storm Show 
1960 The Ann Sothern Show 
1960 Goodyear Theatre
1960 Tightrope 
1957-1959 The Thin Man 
1959 The Danny Thomas Show
1959 The Shaggy Dog
1959 Richard Diamond, Private Detective 
1959 Never Steal Anything Small
1959 Yancy Derringer 
1958 The Lineup
1958 Frontier Doctor
1956-1958 Playhouse 90
1958 Bachelor Father 
1958 The People's Choice 
1958 Matinee Theatre 
1958 State Trooper 
1958 Shirley Temple Theatre
1958 The Frank Sinatra Show
1958 Teacher's Pet 
1958 Studio 57
1958 December Bride 
1957 Don't Go Near the Water 
1957 Suspicion
1957 G.E. True Theater 
1957 Man of a Thousand Faces 
1957 Monkey on My Back 
1957 The 20th Century-Fox Hour
1956 Sheriff of Cochise
1956 The Unguarded Moment
1956 You Can't Run Away from It
1956 Hey, Jeannie!
1956 Crusader 
1956 The Eddy Duchin Story 
1956 The Life of Riley
1956 Our Miss Brooks
1956 Over-Exposed
1956 The Harder They Fall
1956 The Phil Silvers Show 
1956 I Love Lucy 
1955 Damon Runyon Theater
1955 Bring Your Smile Along 
1955 Shower of Stars
1953-1955 The Jackie Gleason Show 
1954 Inner Sanctum
1953-1954 Man Against Crime 
1954 Top Banana 
1952 Anything Can Happen 
1950 The Clock 
1947 Miracle on 34th Street
1940 Strike Up the Band 
1938 Next Time I Marry 

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