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J. Carrol Naish ACTOR


J. Carrol Naish was born on January 21st, 1896 in New York City, New York.  He began working as a stage actor for quite a few years before breaking in to the film industry.  He was a member of Gus Edward's vaudeville troupe of child performers in Paris directly following World War I.  He joined the navy at sixteen and directly following completing his service, he traveled all over the world performing his special dance and song act and ended up staying in California when the ship he was on touring from China had engine problems.
He broke into the film industry and worked on such films as, "The Mystery Squadron" (1933) a chapter serial featuring Bob Steele, Jack Mulhall, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Lucille Browne and Lafe McKee, "Sahara" (1943) starring Humphrey Bogart, Lloyd Bridges, Bruce Bennett, Dan Duryea and Rex Ingram and "A Medal for Benny" (1945) starring Dorothy Lamour, Arturo de Cordova, Grant Mitchell, Frank McHugh and Douglass Dumbrille, from which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor-Motion Picture.  He was a great character actor and although he had an Irish accent, he chose to play characters with Native American, Asian and Mediterranean accents among others and one such film was "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef" (1953) starring with Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Gilbert Roland and Peter Graves and Naish was just as adept in westerns such as "Rio Grande" (1950) starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., Grant Withers, Chill Wills, Victor McLaglen and Claude Jarman Jr., "Sitting Bull" (1954) co-starring Dale Robertson, Mary Murphy, John Litel, John Hamilton, Douglas Kennedy, William Hopper and Iron Eyes Cody and "Rage at Dawn" (1955) starring Randolph Scott, Edgar BuchananForrest Tucker, Mala Powers, Howard Petrie and Denver Pyle.
His most well known role was on radio on, "Life with Luigi" (1948-1953).  He also essayed a total of thirty nine episodes of, "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan" (1957).   
He also made a number of television appearances on such shows as, "Justice" (1954), "The Restless Gun" (1959) starring John Payne and on the ABC sitcom, "Guestward, Ho!" (1960-1961). 
J. Carrol was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and only married once to another actress, Gladys Heaney from 1929 through 1973 and together they had one daughter.
He was forced to retire from the industry in 1969 due to illness, however he did make one more appearance in, "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" even though he was very sick and wheelchair bound.  
Later on in life he chose to study philosophy and theology in San Diego, California.
J. Carrol Naish passed away on January 24th, 1973 from emphysema in La Jolla, California and is interred in Calvary Cemetery.  


1971 Dracula vs. Frankenstein
1968 Get Smart
1966 Beau Geste
1966 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1964 The Hanged Man
1960 Guestward Ho!
1960 Force of Impulse
1957 The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
1957 This Could Be the Night
1956 Rebel in Town
1955 Desert Sands
1955 Hit the Deck
1955 Man on a Bus
1955 New York Confidential
1955 Rage at Dawn
1955 Violent Saturday
1955 The Last Command
1954 Sitting Bull
1954 Saskatchewan
1953 Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
1953 Fighter Attack
1952 Clash By Night
1951 Across the Wide Missouri
1951 Denver and the Rio Grande
1950 Black Hand
1950 Annie Get Your Gun
1950 Rio Grande
1950 The Toast of New Orleans
1949 That Midnight Kiss
1948 Joan of Arc
1947 The Fugitive
1946 Bad Bascomb
1946 Humoresque
1946 The Beast With Five Fingers
1945 Star in the Night
1945 Getting Gertie's Garter
1945 A Medal for Benny
1945 Strange Confession
1945 The Southerner
1944 Dragon Seed
1944 House of Frankenstein
1944 Jungle Woman
1944 Waterfront
1944 The Monster Maker
1943 Gung Ho!
1943 Batman
1943 Behind the Rising Sun
1943 Sahara
1942 A Gentleman at Heart
1942 The Pied Piper
1941 Blood and Sand
1941 That Night in Rio
1941 The Corsican Brothers
1940 Golden Gloves
1940 Queen of the Mob
1940 Down Argentine Way
1939 Beau Geste
1938 King of Alcatraz
1937 Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Thunder Trail
1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade
1936 Anthony Adverse
1936 Crack-Up
1936 Ramona
1935 Little Big Shot
1935 Lives of a Bengal Lancer
1935 Front Page Woman
1935 Captain Blood
1935 Confidential
1934 Murder in Trinidad
1934 Upper World
1933 The Mystery Squadron
1933 World Gone Mad
1933 The Big Chance
1932 Two Seconds
1931 The Royal Bed 
1931 Tiger Shark
1930 Cheer Up and Smile 

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