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Iron Eyes Cody ACTOR


Iron Eyes Cody was born April 3rd, 1904 with the birth name Espera Oscar de Corti in Kaplan, Louisiana. He was the son of Antonio de Corti and hisewife, Francesca Salpietra who immigrated from Sicily, Italy.  His parents owned a grocery store in Gueydan, Louisiana where Iron Eyes Cody was also raised. 

Cody started acting at the young age of twelve and wroked as an actor his entire life.  He started out as a Wild West performer just like his father.  Cody's earliest film that is known was, "Back to God's Country" (1919).  He was limited though from the 20's through the 40's to mostly portrayal of American Indians.  He was however not only an actor, but also an advisor to Hollywood because he offered his services as an advisor on Indian lore, customs, costume design and even sign language.

Not only was Cody involved as a televison and film actor, he also made personal appearances with the Ringling brothers Circus.  He also accepted various supporting roles in hollywood westens.  Cody appeared in more then 200 movies on the big screen and many as a television actor.  Some of his more popular films were, "The Big Trail" (1930), "Custer's Last Stand" and "Ride Ranger Ride" (both 1936), "Sitting Bull" (1954), "The Great Sioux Massacre" (1965). "Nevada Smith" (1966), "A Man Called Horse" (1970), "Ernest Goes to Camp" (1987), and he appeared twice as Chief Big Cloud in the television series, "The Cisco Kid" (1953).

Even though Cody was actually an American Italian he lived his entire life as though he were of Indigenous descent not only on screen but in his personal life as well.  He even married, Bertha Parker a woman of indigenous descent from 1936 til 1978 when she passed away, he then married Wendy Foote from 1992 but their marriage only lasted 1 year.

Iron Eyes Cody received many honors.  Some of which were, from the Hollywood American Indian Community for his contribution to Indian life in 1995.  He lived all his adult life claiming he was American Indian and supported related causes.  Cody and his wife Bertha, who was, in fact, an American Indian, adopted several children, all of Indian descent.  He was also a member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles Indian Center, the Southwest Museum and Los Angeles Library Association.  He did not stop there with his involvement in Indian culture, Cody was also a member of the Verdugo Council of Boy Scouts of America and was a Grand Marshal of Native American Pow-wows throughout the United States.

Cody was most famous for his 'Crying Indian' role in the "Keep America Beautiful" Public Service Announcement (PSA) in the early 1970's.  This was an environmental commercial.  Cody also made a cameo appearance in the 1990 film, "Spirit of '76".

Cody wrote his autobigraphy in 1982 and was also a published writer, writing several books with Indian Themes.  Along with being an actor, Cody also had a huge interest in collecting Indian artifacts, artwork, books and costumes. 

Cody died January 4th, 1999 at the age of 94 and was interred in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. He was survived by his adopted son, American Indian flautist Robert 'Tree' Cody.

1956    The Wild Dakotas
1955    Apache Ambush
1955    Cavalcade of America
1955    The Hostage
1955    White Feather
1954    Sitting Bull
1954    Arrow in the Dust
1953    Indian Uprising
1953    The Gramophone
1953    Fast Company
1953    Fort Vengeance
1953    Meet Me at the Fair
1952    Montana Belle
1952    The Savage
1952    Apache War Smoke
1952    Lost in Alaska
1952    The Big Sky
1952    Son of Paleface
1952    Apache Country
1952    Fort Osage
1952    Night Raiders
1951    Red Mountain
1951    Fort Defiance
1951    Ace in the Hole
1951    The Last Outpost
1951    The Redhead and the Cowboy
1950    California Passage
1950    North of the Great Divide
1950    Cherokee Uprising
1950    Broken Arrow
1950    The Iroquois Trail
1950    Comanche Territory
1950    Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
1949    Mrs. Mike
1949    The Cowboy and the Indians
1949    Sand
1949    Massacre River
1949    Tulsa
1948    The Paleface
1948    Indian Agent
1948    Blood on the Moon
1948    Train to Alcatraz
1948    The Gallant Legion
1948    Albuquerque
1947    The Senator Was Indiscreet
1947    The Last Round-up
1947    Bowery Buckaroos
1947    Unconquered
1946    So You Want to Keep Your Hair 
1946    Plainsman and the Lady
1946    Under Nevada Skies
1946    The Scarlet Horseman
1944    Can't Help Singing
1943    The Phantom
1942    Dawn on the Great Divide
1942    The Valley of Vanishing Men
1942    Springtime in the Rockies
1942    Here We Go Again
1942    The Omaha Trail
1942    Overland Mail
1942    King of the Stallions
1942    Pierre of the Plains
1942    Perils of Nyoka
1942    Ten Gentlemen from West Point
1942    Perils of the Royal Mounted
1942    My Gal Sal
1942    The Girl from Alaska
1942    Klondike Fury
1942    Lawless Plainsmen
1942    Ride 'Em Cowboy
1942    Valley of the Sun
1942    Don Winslow of the Navy
1941    King of the Texas Rangers
1941    Outlaws of Cherokee Trail
1941    This Woman Is Mine
1941    Saddlemates
1941    In Old Cheyenne
1941    The Roundup
1941    Western Union
1940    Pony Post
1940    Arizona
1940    Young Bill Hickok
1940    Too Many Girls
1940    Colorado
1940    Kit Carson
1940    Untamed
1940    Winners of the West
1940    Alias the Deacon
1940    Young Buffalo Bill
1940    Pioneers of the West
1940    Green Hell
1939    Crashing Thru
1939    Overland Mail
1939    Fighting Mad
1939    Overland with Kit Carson
1939    The Oregon Trail
1939    Across the Plains
1939    Man of Conquest
1939    Union Pacific
1939    The Kid from Texas
1939    Scouts to the Rescue
1938    Hawk of the Wilderness
1938    Flaming Frontiers
1938    The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1938    The Lone Ranger
1937    Prairie Thunder
1937    Wild West Days
1937    Old Louisiana
1937    Riders of the Whistling Skull
1936    The Boss Rider of Gun Creek
1936    The Bold Caballero
1936    Ride Ranger Ride
1936    The Phantom Rider
1936    Treachery Rides the Range
1936    Rose-Marie
1936    I Custer's Last Stand
1935    Annie Oakley
1935    The Ivory-Handled Gun
1935    The Farmer Takes a Wife
1935    Toll of the Desert
1935    Fighting Shadows
1935    The Miracle Rider
1935    The Rustlers of Red Dog
1934    The Return of Chandu
1934    The Scarlet Letter
1934    Young Eagles
1934    Massacre
1933    Fighting with Kit Carson
1933    King of the Arena
1932    The Golden West
1932    Wild Girl
1932    The Big Stampede
1932    The Rider of Death Valley
1932    Texas Pioneers
1932    The Rainbow Trail
1931    Oklahoma Jim
1931    Fighting Caravans
1930    The Big Trail
1927    Back to God's Country 

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