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Irene Rich ACTOR

Irene Rich was born on October 13th, 1891 in Buffalo, New York with the birth name Irene Luther.  Her family began their lives in Buffalo, but later relocated to California.  After earning her high school diploma she went on to find work as a realtor but later at the age of twenty seven began pursuing an interest in acting.
She began with working as an extra and it did not take long before she was appearing in such feature films as, "The Girl in His House" (1918), "Everywhere" (1920), "The Strange Boarder" (1920), "Jes' Call Me Jim" (1920), "Boys Will Be Boys" (1921) and "The Ropin' Fool" (1921) starring Will Rogers.
Irene continued her career in films in a number of more successful roles such as, "Desperate Trails" (1921), "The Trap" (1922), "Brawny of the North" (1922), "Lady Windermere's Fan" (1925), 'So This is London" (1930) , "Down to Earth" (1932) and "Queen of the Yukon" (1940).
Along with having a successful career as a film actress she also began working on the radio on such programs as, "Dear John" (1933) which was also known as, "The Irene Rich Show".  This show lasted ten years and in addition to her film and radio work she also took the opportunity to appear in a number of stage productions such as, "Seven Keys to Baldpate" (1935).
Her final film roles prior to retiring were in, "Angel and the Badman" (1947) starring John Wayne, Gail Russell and Harry Carey, "Calendar Girl" (1947), "New Orleans" (1947), "Joan of Arc" (1948), "Fort Apache" (1948) starring John Wayne and Henry Fonda and her final role in 1949 on, "The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre".        
She married a total of four times throughout her lifetime.  First to Elvo Deffenbaugh and they had one child together before the marriage came to an end.  She then married Charles Rich and together they had two children before this marriage also ended in divorce after only four years.  Her third husband was David Blankenthorn whom she wed in 1926 but this marriage also ended in divorce.  Her fourth time to marry was to George Henry Clifford in 1950, but again this was another unsuccessful union.  
Irene was awarded with two Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for Radio and one for Motion Pictures. She passed away on April 22nd, 1988 in Hope Ranch, California after suffering from heart failure at the age of ninety six.   


1949   The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre

1948   Joan of Arc

1948   Fort Apache 

1947   New Orleans 

1947   Angel and the Badman 

1947   Calendar Girl 

1942   This Time for Keeps 

1941   Three Sons o' Guns

1940   Keeping Company 

1940   Queen of the Yukon

1940   The Lady in Question

1940   The Mortal Storm

1939   Everybody's Hobby

1939   The Right Way 

1938   That Certain Age 

1938   Hollywood Handicap

1934   Spitfire

1932   Manhattan Tower

1932   Her Mad Night

1932   Down to Earth 

1931   The Champ

1931   Wicked

1931   The Mad Parade

1931   Five and Ten

1931   Strangers May Kiss

1931   Father's Son 

1931   Beau Ideal

1930   Check and Double Check 

1930   On Your Back

1930   So This Is London

1929   They Had to See Paris

1929   The Exalted Flapper

1929   Daughters of Desire 

1929   Shanghai Rose 

1928   Ned McCobb's Daughter

1928   Women They Talk About

1928   Perfect Crime

1928   Craig's Wife

1928   Powder My Back 

1928   Across the Atlantic

1928   Beware of Married Men

1927   The Silver Slave

1927   The Desired Woman

1927   Dearie 

1927   The Climbers

1927   Don't Tell the Wife

1926   My Official Wife

1926   The Honeymoon Express

1926   Silken Shackles

1925   Lady Windermere's Fan

1925   Pleasure Buyers

1925   Compromise

1925   The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted

1925   Eve's Lover

1925   The Man Without a Conscience

1925   My Wife and I 

1924   A Lost Lady 

1924   This Woman

1924   Behold This Woman

1924   A Woman Who Sinned

1924   Captain January 

1924   Being Respectable 

1924   Cytherea

1924   Beau Brummel 

1924   Pal o' Mine 

1924   What the Butler Saw

1923   Boy of Mine 

1923   Lucretia Lombard 

1923   Defying Destiny

1923   Rosita 

1923   Yesterday's Wife

1923   Michael O'Halloran

1923   Snowdrift 

1923   Brass 

1923   Dangerous Trails

1922   The Marriage Chance

1922   While Justice Waits 

1922   Brawn of the North 

1922   The Ropin' Fool

1922   The Yosemite Trail 

1922   A Fool There Was 

1922   One Clear Call 

1922   The Trap 

1922   The Call of Home

1922   Strength of the Pines

1921   The Poverty of Riches

1921   The Invisible Power 

1921   Desperate Trails 

1921   A Voice in the Dark

1921   A Tale of Two Worlds

1921   Boys Will Be Boys

1921   One Man in a Million 

1921   Sunset Jones

1920   Godless Men 

1920   Just Out of College 

1920   Stop Thief

1920   Jes' Call Me Jim

1920   The Strange Boarder

1920   The Street Called Straight

1920   Water, Water, Everywhere 

1919   The Spite Bride 

1919   Her Purchase Price

1919   Wolves of the Night

1919   The Blue Bonnet 

1919   The Sneak 

1919   The Lone Star Ranger 

1919   Castles in the Air

1919   The Silver Girl 

1919   A Man in the Open

1919   Todd of the Times 

1918   A Law Unto Herself

1918   The Girl in His House

1918   A Desert Wooing

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