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Inger Stevens ACTOR


Inger Stevens was born on October 18th, 1934 in Stockholm, Sweden with the birth name Inger Stensland.  She was the oldest of three siblings and grew up a very shy little girl.  When she as only six years old her mother abandoned the family for another man.  As a young girl she watched her father perform on stage in an amateur production, she began to develop an interest in acting.    

Her father soon moved to the United States, remarried and brought over all three children.  She lived a very unhappy childhood and as a teenager she ran away from home and found work in a burlesque chorus line, however, her father forced her to return home.  When she completed High School she worked odd end jobs and moved to New York City to pursue work as a model.  

While living in New York she enrolled in the Actors Studio.  She soon found work in summer stock which soon followed with work on television commercials.  At the age of twenty two she made her film debut in, "Man on Fire" (1957) opposite Bing Crosby.  She followed with a number of successful film roles such as, "Cry Terror!" (1958), "The Buccaneer" (1958) and "The World the Flesh and the Devil" (1959).  However she had big issue while filming in that she continued to fall hard for her male co stars such as James Mason and the director Anthony Quinn
Inger was often depressed on set and in 1959 she tried to attempt suicide.  However, she survived the incident and continued to work in the industry appearing on Broadway in, "Roman Candle" and receiving an Emmy nomination for her role in, "Price of Tomatoes".  Inger also worked on the series, "Bonanza", "The Twilight Zone" and Route 66".  Stevens even earned a Golden Globe Award and Emmy nomination for her role in, "The Farmer's Daughter" (1963) which aired for three seasons.  

She was becoming a household name and throughout the 60's she starred in a number of films such as, "A Guide for the Married Man" (1967), "Hang 'Em High" (1968) starring Clint Eastwood, "Firecreek" (1968), "House of Cards" (1968), "5 Card Stud" (1968) starring Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum, "A Dream of Kings" (1969) and a number of television movies.  However, Stevens could not keep herself from on going affairs with her co star male counterparts such as Dean Martin, Burt Reynolds and Robert Mitchum.
Regardless of the level of success her professional life reached, her personal life and affects of her childhood continued to have a toll on her overall personal state.  On April 30th, 1970 she was found unconscious on the floor in her home in Hollywood, California and even though she was rushed to the hospital her life was unable to be saved.  She suffered from an overdose of alcohol and drugs.
Following her untimely death, tabloids revealed that since 1961 she had secretly been married to African American bit actor, Ike Jones, however by the time of her death the couple was already estranged. 
After an autopsy was performed on her remains, her body was cremated and her ashes were scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean.   


1970 Run, Simon, Run 
1970 The Mask of Sheba 
1970 The Most Deadly Game
1969 A Dream of Kings 
1968 House of Cards 
1968 Hang 'Em High 
1968 5 Card Stud
1968 Madigan 
1968 Firecreek
1967 A Time for Killing 
1967 A Guide for the Married Man 
1967 The Borgia Stick 
1963-1966 The Farmer's Daughter
1964 The New Interns
1963 Empire
1962-1963 The Dick Powell Theatre 
1963 The Doctors and the Nurses 
1963 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962 Sam Benedict
1962 The Eleventh Hour
1962 Golden Showcase
1961 Follow the Sun
1960-1961 Route 66
1961 The Detectives starring Robert Taylor
1961 The Aquanauts
1961 Adventures in Paradise
1961 The DuPont Show of the Month 
1960 Twilight Zone
1960 Hong Kong
1960 Checkmate 
1960 Moment of Fear
1960 Zane Grey Theater
1959 Sunday Showcase
1959 Bonanza
1959 The World, the Flesh and the Devil 
1956-1959 Playhouse 90
1958 The Buccaneer
1958 Cry Terror!
1957 Man on Fire 
1957 Climax!
1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1956 The Millionaire
1956 The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial
1956 Conflict
1956 Crusader
1956 Matinee Theatre
1956 Crunch and Des
1954-1955 Studio One in Hollywood
1955 Robert Montgomery Presents
1954 Kraft Theatre
1954 Danger
1954 Armstrong Circle Theatre
1954 Goodyear Playhouse   

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