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Hugh Beaumont ACTOR

Hugh Beaumont was born on February 16th, 1909 in Lawrence, Kansas with the birth name Eugene High Beaumont, born to parents, Ethel Adaline Whitney and Edward H. Beaumont.  Originally, he intended to have a career as a minister and studied for the clergy, however he later switched to acting and did later on in life become an ordained minister.   
He first became involved in the entertainment industry working as a stage actor in theatres, nightclubs and also appearing on radio.  After high school, Beaumont enrolled at the University of Chattanooga, but later dropped out.  He did finally return to college earning a Master's degree of Theology from the University of Southern California in 1946.
By the early 1940's, he had broken into the film industry, mostly, with small un-credited roles before he began working on television series such as, "Racket Squad" (1952-1953), "Adventures of Superman" (1953), "The Public Defender" (1954-1955), "Cavalcade of America" (1954-1956), "The Ford Television Theatre" (1953-1956) and his most well known role in, "Leave it to Beaver" (1957-1963) playing the father character, Ward Cleaver. 
Along with working as an actor on this series, he was also given the chance to write and direct several episodes.  Once the series came to an end, he continued for a while working in the entertainment industry appearing in a couple theatrical stage productions and guest starred on such television series as, "The Virginian", "Wagon Train", "Lassie", "Mannix" and "Medical Center".  
In the late 1960's, he retired from the industry and moved to Minnesota where started a Christmas-tree farm and only on occasion, would he return to Hollywood to make a small guest appearance on a television show.  In 1972 he suffered a stroke and due to his declining health, he retired from working all together. 
He married only once to Kathryn Adams in 1942 and they had three children and remained married until 1974.  Just a couple years later he died of a sudden heart attack on May 14th, 1982 in Munich, Germany.  His remains were cremated and his ashes were scattered on his family owned island on Lake Wabana in Minnesota. 


1971   The Most Deadly Game

1970   Medical Center 

1968-1970  Mannix 

1970   Marcus Welby, M.D. 

1966-1968  The Virginian 

1966-1967  Petticoat Junction 

1955-1966  Lassie 

1965   The Human Duplicators 

1964   Wagon Train

1957-1963  Leave It to Beaver

1957   Night Passage 

1957   The Adventures of McGraw

1957   Tales of Wells Fargo

1956   The Mole People

1953-1956  The Loretta Young Show 

1956   Alias Mike Hercules

1956   General Electric Summer Originals 

1956   The Revolt of Mamie Stover 

1956   Celebrity Playhouse

1953-1956  Schlitz Playhouse 

1954-1956  Four Star Playhouse 

1953-1956  The Ford Television Theatre 

1956   My Friend Flicka 

1954-1956  Cavalcade of America

1955   Hell's Horizon

1955   Medic

1955   Crossroads 

1955   Science Fiction Theatre 

1955   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 

1955   The Touch of Steel 

1954-1955  The Public Defender 

1955   The Courtship of George Washington and Martha Custiss 

1955   Climax

1954   The Lineup

1954   Studio 57

1954   Fireside Theatre

1954   Lux Video Theatre 

1954   City Detective 

1954   Waterfront

1953   Adventures of Superman

1952-1953  Racket Squad

1953   The Lone Ranger 

1953   The Mississippi Gambler

1952   The Member of the Wedding

1952   Hopalong Cassidy 

1952   Night Without Sleep 

1952   Washington Story 

1952   Wild Stallion

1952   Dangerous Assignment 

1952   Bugles in the Afternoon 

1952   Phone Call from a Stranger

1951   Overland Telegraph 

1951   Callaway Went Thataway 

1951   Lost Continent

1951   Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell

1951   Savage Drums

1951   Home Town Story 

1951   Pier 23 

1951   Go for Broke

1951   Roaring City 

1951   Danger Zone

1951   The Bigelow Theatre 

1951   The Last Outpost 

1951   Target Unknown 

1950   The Flying Missile 

1950   Second Chance 

1950   The Silver Theatre

1949   Tokyo Joe 

1948   The Counterfeiters 

1948   Money Madness 

1948   Reaching from Heaven

1947   Bury Me Dead

1947   Railroaded!

1947   Too Many Winners 

1947   Three on a Ticket

1947   The Guilt of Janet Ames 

1946   Blonde for a Day

1946   Larceny in Her Heart

1946   The Blue Dahlia

1946   Johnny Comes Flying Home 

1946   Murder Is My Business 

1945   Apology for Murder 

1945   A Gun in His Hand

1945   You Came Along

1945   The Blonde from Brooklyn

1945   The Lady Confesses 

1945   Blood on the Sun

1945   Counter-Attack

1945   Objective, Burma!

1945   I'm a Civilian Here Myself

1944   Practically Yours

1944   They Live in Fear 

1944   Strange Affair

1944   I Love a Soldier

1944   The Seventh Cross

1944   Mr. Winkle Goes to War 

1944   Song of the Open Road 

1944   The Racket Man

1944   Prunes and Politics

1943   There's Something About a Soldier 

1943   The Seventh Victim 

1943   The Fallen Sparrow

1943   Salute to the Marines 

1943   Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event

1943   Good Luck, Mr. Yates 

1943   Du Barry Was a Lady

1943   Bombardier

1943   He Hired the Boss

1943   Flight for Freedom 

1942   Keep 'Em Sailing

1942   Northwest Rangers

1942   Wake Island

1942   Flight Lieutenant 

1942   Top Sergeant 

1942   The Wife Takes a Flyer 

1942   To the Shores of Tripoli 

1942   Canal Zone 

1942   Right to the Heart 

1941   Week-End in Havana 

1941   Unfinished Business 

1941   Private Nurse 

1941   Sucker List

1941   The Cowboy and the Blonde 

1941   South of Panama

1941   A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: 'Forbidden Passage' 

1941   Respect the Law 

1940   You, the People 

1940   Good Bad Boys

1940   Soak the Old

1940   Buyer Beware

1940   The Secret Seven 

1940   Phantom Raiders 

1940   Jack Pot

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