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Howard Petrie ACTOR


Howard Petrie was born on November 22nd, 1906 in Beverly, Massachusetts.  From a young age he developed an interest in music and during high school he lead his high school glee club and played a number of instruments.

He also began to develop an interest in acting during high school and participated in a number of school productions.  Once earning his high school diploma from Somerville High in 1924, Petrie began working as a security salesman.  On one of his sales calls to a local radio station, he was offered a job with WBX radio in Boston.

After a ten month term there he chose to relocate to New York City where he was hired by NBC and it was just a matter of time before he was hosting a number of their network shows such as, "Everything Goes", "Abbie's Irish Rose", "Big Sister", "Camel Caravan", "Blondie" and "The Ray Bolger Show".

In 1943 he made a move again, this time to California to work as the announcer for, "The Judy Canova Show" followed by work on "The Jimmy Durante Show" and "The Garry Moore Show".

now living in Hollywood, the film industry began to show an interest in him and soon he was adding such film credits as, "Walk Softly, Stranger" (1950) starring Joseph Cotton, Spring Byington, John McIntire and Frank Puglia, "Cattle Drive" (1951) starring Joel McCrea, Dean Stockwell, Leon Ames, Bob Steele and Chill Wills, "The Wild North" (1952) starring Stewart Granger, Wendell Corey, John War Eagle, Ray Teal and Cyd Charisse, "Red Ball Express" (1952) starring alongside Jeff Chandler, Alex Nicol, Charles Drake, Sidney Poitier, Judith Braun and Hugh O'Brian, "Fair Wind to Java" (1953) starring Fred MacMurray, Vera Ralston, Robert Douglas, Victor McLaglen, John Russell, Buddy Baer and Grant Withers, "The Bounty Hunter" (1954) starring Randolph Scott, Marie Windsor and Ernest Borgnine, "Rage at Dawn" (1955) starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers, Denver Pyle, Edgar Buchanan and J. Carrol Naish and "Timberjack" (1955) co-starring Sterling Hayden, Vera Ralston, David Brian, Hoagy Carmichael, Chill Wills and Adolphe Menjou

In addition to film work he also appeared on a variety of television series during the course of his career as an actor such as, "Rawhide", "Peter Gunn", "Perry Mason", "Mr. Lucky", "Shotgun Slade", "Have Gun - Will Travel", "Maverick", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Lawman", "The Loretta Young Show", "Bonanza", "Casey Jones", "Gunsmoke", "Big Town" and "Soldiers of Fortune".

His final roles were on the television series, "National Velvet" (1961), "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" (1961), "Death Valley Days" (1960-1962) and "The Edge of Night" (1964-1965).  He passed away  just four years after retirement on March 24th, 1968 in Walpole, New Hampshire.


1964-1965     The Edge of Night 
1960-1962     Death Valley Days
1961         The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
1961         National Velvet
1960-1961     Rawhide
1960         Peter Gunn 
1960         Hennesey 
1960         Bronco
1960         The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 
1960         Bat Masterson
1958-1960     Perry Mason
1960         Johnny Ringo 
1960         Mr. Lucky 
1956-1960     Zane Grey Theatre
1960         Tombstone Territory 
1960         Have Gun - Will Travel
1960         M Squad
1959-1960     Wanted: Dead or Alive 
1960         Shotgun Slade
1959         Father Knows Best
1959         The DuPont Show with June Allyson 
1959         Colt .45
1959         Maverick
1959         Lawman
1959         Bonanza
1958         Alcoa Theatre
1958         The Californians
1956-1958     Cheyenne
1958         Man Without a Gun
1957         Casey Jones 
1957         The Tin Star
1957         The Phil Silvers Show 
1957         The Loretta Young Show 
1957         Broken Arrow
1956         Johnny Concho
1956         A Kiss Before Dying
1955-1956     Crossroads 
1956         The Maverick Queen
1956         Gunsmoke 
1956         Chevron Hall of Stars 
1955         Big Town 
1955         The Return of Jack Slade
1955         How to Be Very, Very Popular
1955         The Ford Television Theatre 
1955         Rage at Dawn
1955         Soldiers of Fortune
1955         Timberjack
1954         Sign of the Paga
1954         The Bob Mathias Story
1954         Waterfront 
1954         The Bounty Hunter
1954         Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
1954         Border River
1953         The Veils of Bagdad
1953         Fort Ti
1953         Fair Wind to Java
1953         Trouble Along the Way
1952         Pony Soldier
1952         Woman of the North Country
1952         Red Ball Express
1952         Carbine Williams
1952         Bend of the River
1952         The Wild North
1951         The Racket
1951         The Golden Horde
1951         Cattle Drive
1951         No Questions Asked
1950         Rocky Mountain
1950         Walk Softly, Stranger
1950         Fancy Pants
1947         The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival
1947         The Fabulous Joe

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