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Herman Brix ACTOR


Born May 19th, 1906 with the birth name, Harold Herman Brix in Tacoma, Washington, USA. His father was a lumber man and owned various logging camps. Here, Bruce worked with his dad and built up quite a physique.  He was very athletic and was a track star at the university of Washington, where he earned a degree in Economics. He also played in the 1926 Rose Bowl. He first found fame at the 1928 Olympics where he won a silver medal for the shot-put in Amsterdam.   
In the 1930's he relocated to Hollywood and was cast in a couple small roles. In 1931, MGM selected Herman to play the main character in "Tarzan Adventures", however Herman had been recently injured filming "Touchdown" (1931) which also kept him from entering the 1932 Olympics. The role of MGM's Tarzan, went to Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller. However, by 1934, the author of the, "Tarzan Adventures" Edgar Rice Burroughs had become dissatisfied with the Tarzan character portrayal, but he had no control over the way Tarzan was bring portrayed because he had leased the rights to the character to MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), so he decided to film his own Tarzan movie titled, "The New Adventures Of Tarzan" (1935). He had not forgotten about Herman Brix, and selected Herman to play the Tarzan character, but he chose a different location and a different way for the character to be portrayed.  
MGM had a strong hold on the American Film Industry and therefore, Burroughs film was not widely seen by the American public, it did however become quite popular in Europe and Asia. On January 21st, 1933 he married Jeannette C. Braddock and together they had two children Christopher and Christina.
During the late 1930's, Herman decided it was time to lose his identity as a former athlete and the well known Tarzan character. He changed his name to Bruce Bennett and then signed with Columbia Studios. He began by appearing in small roles and un credited parts in comedy films like, "Blondie Brings Up Baby" (1939), "The Spook Speaks" (1940), and the Three Stooges short, "No Census, No Feeling" (1940). His career was beginning to improve with roles in various genres. 

His next career step took place in 1944 with a move from Columbia to Warner Brothers. 

His first film under his new contract was, "Mildred Pierce" (1945) followed by, "A Stolen Life" (1946). In 1948 he followed with a role in, "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" starring Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt and Walter Huston. He was making a career move taking on some tenacious roles such as in "Mystery Street" (1950) and "Sudden Fear" (1952).  

In 1960, he retired from acting and went into business, becoming sales manager of a major vending machine company, making only occasional TV guest appearances. For 1961's low-budget, "Fiend of Dope Island" he did return to the entertainment industry one more time, Bruce himself wrote the screenplay and played the title role, a marijuana farmer and brutal gun smuggler. He also became quite successful in real-estate later on in life. 
On February 24th, 2007, Bruce passed away in Santa Monica, California, USA from complications due to a broken hip.

    1973   The Clones    
    1972   Deadhead Miles 
    1961   The Outsider 
    1959   The Alligator People 
    1959   The Cosmic Man  
    1956   Three Violent People  
    1956   Love Me Tender 
    1956   Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer 
    1956   The Three Outlaws  
    1956   The Bottom of the Bottle 
    1955   Robbers' Roost 
    1955   Strategic Air Command 
    1955   The Big Tip Off  
    1953   Dream Wife 
    1952   Sudden Fear 
    1951   Angels in the Outfield 
    1951   Cavalry Charge 
    1950   Mystery Street  
    1949   Undertow 
    1949   Without Honor 
    1949   The Doctor and the Girl 
    1949   Task Force 
    1949   The Younger Brothers 
    1948   Silver River  
    1948   To the Victor 
    1948   The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
    1947   Dark Passage 
    1947   Cheyenne  
    1947   Nora Prentiss 
    1947   The Man I Love 
    1946   A Stolen Life 
    1945   Danger Signal   
    1945   Mildred Pierce  
    1943   Sahara    
    1943   The More the Merrier  
    1940   Before I Hang     
    1940   The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady       
    1939   Daredevils of the Red Circle        
    1938   Hawk of the Wilderness        
    1938   Tarzan and the Green Goddess        
    1935   The New Adventures of Tarzan      

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