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Harry Lauter ACTOR


Harry Lauter was born on June 19th, 1914 in White Plains, New York with the birth name Herman Arthur Lauter, born to Hermen E. and Franceska Lauter.  His family raised him in Colorado and began his career in the industry in the 1930's.
Some of his early film roles included, "The Magnificent Rogue" (1946) starring Lynne Roberts, Warren Douglas, Gerald Mohr and Adele Mara, "Hit Parade of 1947" (1947) starring Eddie Albert, Constance Moore Joan Edwards, "Jungle Patrol" (1948) starring Kristine Miller, Arthur Franz, Ross Ford and Tommy Noonan and State Department: File 649 (1949) starring William Lundigan and Virginia Bruce.
His first real star role was on the wstern television series, "Tales of the Texas Rangers" (1955) sharring the spotlight with fellow actor Willard Parker, for which he starred in a total of fifty two episodes.

Other television appearances over the course of his career included, "The Gene Autry Show", "Annie Oakley" starring Gail Davis and Jimmy Hawkins, "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" starring Ozzie Nelson and Ricky Nelson, "The Lone Ranger" starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, "The Range Rider" starring Jock Mahoney and Dickie Jones, "Cowboy G-Men" starring Russell Hayden and Jackie Coogan, "Death Valley Days", "Gunsmoke" starring James Arness and Milburn Stone, "Rawhide" starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood, "The Virginian" starring James Drury and Doug McClure, "How the West Was Won" starring James Arness and "State Trooper" starring Rod Cameron among many others.

In addition to television work he remained working as a film actor appearing in, "White Heat" (1949) starring James Cagney, Virginia Mayo and Edmond O'Brien, "The Cry Baby Killer" (1958) starring alongside Jack Nicholson in his film debut and Carolyn Mitchell, "Good Day for a Hanging" (1959) starring Fred MacMurray, Maggie Hayes, Joan Blackman and Robert Vaughn, "Posse From Hell" (1961) starring Audie Murphy, Vic Morrow, John Saxon, Royal Dano and James Bell, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (1963) with an allstar cast including Spencer Tracy, Buddy Hackett, Milton Berle, Mickey Rooney, Edie Adams, Jimmy Durante, Dorothy Provine, Buster Keaton, Sid Caesar, Phil Silvers, Peter Falk just to name a few, "Convict Stage" (1965) co-staring Don 'Red' Barry and Jodi Mitchell, "Ambush Bay" (1966) starring Hugh O'Brian, Mickey Rooney and James Mitchum and "More Dead Than Alive" (1969) starring Clint Walker, Anne Francis and Vincent Price.

Later in life he owned an art gallery and displayed many of his own paintings.  He married a total of two times throughout his life.  His first wife was Barbara Jane Lauter whom he wed in 1952 and they had one child together before the marriage came to an end in 1980.  He then married Doris Gilbert and they remained together until he passed away on October 30th, 1990 at the age of seventy six in Ojai, California.  His remains were cremated and scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean. 


1979         How the West Was Won 
1975-1976     The Blue Knight 
1974         The Manhunter
1974         Chopper One
1973         Cannon 
1973         Chase 
1972         Room 222
1972         Superbeast
1972         Mission: Impossible
1972         The Smith Family
1966-1972     The F.B.I.
1972         Cade's County 
1971         The Todd Killings
1971         Alias Smith and Jones
1971         Escape from the Planet of the Apes
1964-1971     The Virginian
1970         The High Chaparral 
1970         Ironside
1970         Zig Zag
1970         Barquero
1970         Adam-12
1969         The Big Valley 
1968-1969     The Guns of Will Sonnett
1965-1969     The Wild Wild West
1969         More Dead Than Alive
1953-1969     Death Valley Days
1968         Land of the Giants
1960-1968     Gunsmoke
1968         Mannix
1968         Daniel Boone
1967-1968     Cimarron Strip
1967         Tarzan
1964-1967     The Beverly Hillbillies
1966-1967     Iron Horse
1967         Fort Utah
1967         Dragnet 1967 
1967         The Invaders
1967         The Time Tunnel
1967         Return of the Gunfighter
1966         Days of Our Lives
1966         Gomer Pyle: USMC
1966         Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
1966         For Pete's Sake
1966         The Green Hornet
1966         Batman
1966         Ambush Bay
1966         Laredo
1966         Daktari
1966         Hogan's Heroes 
1956-1965     The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
1959-1965     Rawhide
1965         Branded
1964-1965     My Favorite Martian
1965         Harlow
1965         Fort Courageous
1965         The Satan Bug
1965         Slattery's People
1964-1965     My Living Doll
1960-1965     Lassie 
1965         Gilligan's Island 
1965         Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1965         Convict Stage
1964         The Bing Crosby Show 
1964         Arrest and Trial 
1963         Temple Houston
1963         Burke's Law
1963         It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
1963         The Third Man
1963         Perry Mason 
1963         Showdown
1959-1963     Laramie
1962-1963     Hawaiian Eye 
1963         The Rifleman 
1956-1962     Cheyenne
1962         Going My Way 
1961-1962     Bonanza 
1962         Lonely Are the Brave
1958-1962     Tales of Wells Fargo
1962         National Velvet
1959-1961     Bronco 
1958-1961     77 Sunset Strip 
1957-1961     Maverick 
1961         Lawman 
1961         The Investigators
1959-1961     Sea Hunt
1961         Buffalo Gun
1960-1961     Stagecoach West
1961         Coronado 9 
1961         Posse from Hell
1961         Sugarfoot
1961         Wagon Train
1961         Checkmate
1961         The Deputy 
1960         Have Gun - Will Travel
1960         Klondike
1960         The Brothers Brannagan
1960         Key Witness
1958-1960     M Squad
1960         Riverboat
1960         Bat Masterson 
1960         Peter Gunn
1960         Hotel de Paree 
1960         Men Into Space
1959-1960     Colt .45 
1960         This Man Dawson
1958-1959     Tombstone Territory
1959         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1959         Wichita Town
1959         World of Giants
1956-1959     Fury
1959         Date with Death
1959         Markham
1959         The Gunfight at Dodge City
1959         The Texan 
1959         Louisiana Hussy
1959         The Rough Riders
1956-1959     Zane Grey Theater 
1957-1959     State Trooper 
1959         Yancy Derringer
1955-1959     The Millionaire
1959         Good Day for a Hanging
1955-1958     Tales of the Texas Rangers 
1958         U.S. Marshal
1957-1958     The Lineup 
1958         The Last Hurrah
1958         Girl on the Run
1958         Northwest Passage
1958         The Cry Baby Killer
1958         Jefferson Drum
1958         Tarzan's Fight for Life
1958         The Case Against Brooklyn
1958         The Toughest Gun in Tombstone
1958         Trackdown
1958         Richard Diamond, Private Detective 
1958         Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
1958         Return to Warbow
1957         Casey Jones
1957         26 Men
1957         Date with the Angels
1957         Raiders of Old Californi
1957         Jet Pilot
1957         Death in Small Doses
1957         Official Detective
1957         Code 3
1957         The George Sanders Mystery Theater
1957         The Lawless Eighties
1957         Hellcats of the Navy
1957         The Oklahoman
1957         Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend
1957         The Silent Service 
1957         The Adventures of Jim Bowie
1957         The Badge of Marshal Brennan
1957         Whirlybirds
1957         Soldiers of Fortune
1954-1957     Annie Oakley 
1957         Hey, Jeannie!
1957         Dr. Christian
1956         The Women of Pitcairn Island
1949-1956     The Lone Ranger 
1956         Navy Log
1956         The Count of Monte Cristo
1952-1956     Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1956         Tension at Table Rock
1956         Miami Expose
1955-1956     Buffalo Bill Jr.
1956         Gun Brothers
1956         Combat Sergeant 
1956         The Werewolf
1956         Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
1956         Real George
1956         Four Star Playhouse
1956         The Three Outlaws
1956         Blonde Bait
1956         Women Without Men
1956         The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
1956         Screen Directors Playhouse
1956         Steve Donovan, Western Marshal
1955-1956     Cavalcade of America
1956         The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1955-1956     The Adventures of Champion
1956         Chevron Hall of Stars
1955         Dig That Uranium
1955         At Gunpoint
1955         The Crooked Web
1950-1955     The Gene Autry Show 
1955         Apache Ambush
1955         It Came from Beneath the Sea
1955         Creature with the Atom Brain
1955         Schlitz Playhouse
1955         Not as a Stranger
1955         King of the Carnival
1955         Lord of the Jungle
1955         Outlaw Treasure
1955         The Eternal Sea
1954-1955     Treasury Men in Action 
1953-1955     My Little Margie 
1955         So You Don't Trust Your Wife
1955         The Public Defender 
1952-1955     The Roy Rogers Show 
1954         Captain Midnight 
1951-1954     The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1954         The Bob Mathias Story
1954         Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
1954         Waterfront
1954         Dragnet
1954         Return to Treasure Island
1954         Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl
1954         Mr. and Mrs. North 
1954         The Forty-Niners
1953-1954     The Loretta Young Show 
1954         They Rode West
1954         Yankee Pasha
1953-1954     Ramar of the Jungle
1954         Dragonfly Squadron
1954         Stories of the Century
1954         Riot in Cell Block 11
1954         The Boy from Oklahoma
1954         Crime Wave
1954         Trader Tom of the China Seas
1954         The Joe Palooka Story
1954         City Detective
1953         Forbidden
1953         Fighter Attack
1953         Hopalong Cassidy
1953         Flight Nurse
1953         The Big Heat
1953         The Fighting Lawman
1953         Topeka
1953         Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invader
1953         Pack Train
1953         The Marshal's Daughter
1953         I Love Melvin
1952-1953     Cowboy G-Men
1953         Family Theatre 
1953         Prince of Pirates
1953         Biff Baker, U.S.A. 
1951-1953     The Range Rider
1952         Androcles and the Lion
1952         Battle Zone
1952         Yukon Gold
1952         Sea Tiger
1952         The Winning Team
1952         Sound Off
1952         Apache Country
1952         Red Ball Express
1952         Talk About a Stranger
1952         Night Stage to Galveston
1952         Bugles in the Afternoon
1952         Rancho Notorious
1952         This Woman Is Dangerous
1952         The Steel Fist
1951         I Want You
1951         The Racket
1951         Valley of Fire
1951         The Kid from Amarillo
1951         Come Fill the Cup
1951         The Hills of Utah
1951         The Day the Earth Stood Still
1951         Roadblock
1951         The Mob
1951         Flying Leathernecks
1951         Let's Go Navy!
1951         Racket Squad
1951         Lorna Doone
1951         According to Mrs. Hoyle
1951         Whirlwind
1951         Thunder in God's Country
1951         Inside Straight
1951         Silver City Bonanza
1951         Call Me Mister
1951         Operation Pacific
1951         Bowery Battalion
1951         The Living Christ Series 
1950         The Flying Missile
1950         Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard
1950         Experiment Alcatraz
1950         Flying Disc Man from Mars
1950         Ready to Ride 
1950         I'll Get By
1950         Between Midnight and Dawn
1950         Bunco Squad
1950         No Way Out
1950         The Showdown
1950         The Great Jewel Robber
1950         711 Ocean Drive
1950         Fireside Theatre
1950         When Willie Comes Marching Hom
1950         Blue Grass of Kentucky
1949         Twelve O'Clock High
1949         The Great Dan Patch
1949         Without Honor
1949         The Life of
1949         Zamba
1949         White Heat
1949         Bandit King of Texas
1949         I Was a Male War Bride
1949         Slattery's Hurricane
1949         Alimony
1949         Frontier Investigator
1949         Tucson
1949         Prince of the Plains
1949         State Department: File 649
1948         Parole, Inc.
1948         Incident
1948         Moonrise
1948         The Gay Intruders
1948         A Foreign Affair
1948         Let's Live Again
1948         Jungle Patrol
1947         Hit Parade of 1947
1946         The Magnificent Rogue
1938         The Big Broadcast of 1938
1930         The Family Ford

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