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Harry Guardino ACTOR


Harry Guardino was born on December 23rd, 1925 in New York City, New York with the birth name Harry Vincent Guardino.  He first got involved with acting studying at the, 'Hard Knocks' school of acting.  It took him over ten years to really get his career moving.
He was cast in a number of films with small bit parts up until the mid 1950’s.  When he performed on Broadway in a production of, “A Hatful of Rain” (1956) followed by a role in the stage production, “One More River” (1960), he earned his first Tony Award nomination and critics began to take notice of his skills.
Finally decent film roles began to come his way appearing on the screen in such films as, “Houseboat” (1958), “Pork Chop Hill” (1959), “5 Branded Women” (1960), “Hell Is for Heroes” (1962), “Madigan” (1968), "Dirty Harry” (1971) and “The Enforcer” (1976).
Along with building a decent film career, he also made a number of television appearances on such series as, “Perry Mason”, “Johnny Staccato”, “Overland Trail”, “The Virginian”, “Checkmate” and “Monty Nash”.
Towards the end of his career, he returned to his love of theater and starred in such productions as, “Woman of the Year”, “Chicago”, “Anyone Can Whistle”, "The Seven Descents of Myrtle”, “Route 66” and “Cheers” amongst many others.
Throughout his lifetime he married three times, first to Ann Norwood in 1958 through 1969 and together they had one child.  His second wife was Jennifer Revson in 1973 but this marriage only lasted one year.  His third and final wife was Elyssa Paternoster in 1985 and they remained together until Guardino passed away from lung cancer at the age of sixty five on July 17th, 1995 in Palm Springs, California

1993 Fist of Honor
1984-1993 Murder, She Wrote
1992 Renegade
1992 Human Target
1992 Cheers
1991 P.S.I. Luv U
1991 Jake and the Fatman
1991 Under Surveillance 
1989 Hunter
1989 The Neon Empire
1988 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1985-1986 Hotel
1985 On Our Way 
1984 Jessie
1981 The Sophisticated Gents 
1981 Vega$
1980 Any Which Way You Can
1980 Barnaby Jones
1969-1979 Hawaii Five-O
1979 Bender 
1979 Goldengirl  
1979 Pleasure Cove 
1978 Every Which Way But Loose
1978 Evening in Byzantium
1978 Matilda
1973-1978 Police Story
1978 No Margin for Error
1978 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
1978 Fantasy Island
1977 Contract on Cherry Street
1977 Rollercoaster 
1977 Future Cop – 
1976 The Enforcer 
1976 The Streets of San Francisco  
1976 Having Babies
1976 Street Killing
1976 St. Ives  
1976 Good Heavens
1975 McCoy
1975 Whiffs  
1975 Capone  
1974 The Manhunter 
1973-1974 The Evil Touch 
1974 Kojak  
1973-1974 The New Perry Mason
1974 Get Christie Love!
1974 Indict and Convict
1973 Wide World Mystery
1973 Partners in Crime 
1973 McCloud
1972 They Only Kill Their Masters  
1972 Medical Center 
1972 Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1971 Dirty Harry
1971 Monty Nash
1971 The Last Child 
1971 Red Sky at Morning
1971 Love, American Style
1968-1971 The Name of the Game
1971 Men at Law
1971 Slingshot
1970 The F.B.I.
1970 Lovers and Other Strangers 
1969 The Lonely Profession
1968 The Hell with Heroes
1968 Jigsaw
1968 Madigan
1967 Valley of Mystery 
1967 The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin
1966 The Treasure of San Gennaro
1966 Run for Your Life
1966 12 O'Clock High
1965 The Virginian
1964 The Reporter
1964 Rhino!
1964 Ben Casey  
1963 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 
1963 The Outer Limits
1963 The Greatest Show on Earth 
1959-1963 Naked City
1963 The Eleventh Hour
1962 Route 66  
1962 Alcoa Premiere
1962 Dr. Kildare  
1962 The Dick Powell Theatre
1962 The Lloyd Bridges Show  
1962 The United States Steel Hour
1962 Hell Is for Heroes  
1962 The Pigeon That Took Rome 
1960-1962 The Untouchables
1962 Cain's Hundred
1962 Target: The Corruptors
1961 King of Kings 
1961 Checkmate
1960 Overland Trail
1960 5 Branded Women
1959 Johnny Staccato
1959 The Five Pennies
1959 Playhouse 90  
1959 Pork Chop Hill 
1959 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1958 Houseboat 
1958 Suspicion
1958 Kraft Theatre
1957 Studio 57
1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1957 The Millionaire
1957 Schlitz Playhouse
1957 Studio One in Hollywood
1957 The Kaiser Aluminum Hour
1956 The Court Jester 
1955 Hold Back Tomorrow
1955 I Married Joan
1955 The Big Tip Off 
1955 I Led 3 Lives
1952 Son of Ali Baba  
1952 Flesh and Fury
1952 Dangerous Assignment
1951 Purple Heart Diary 
1951 Sirocco 
1951 Up Front 

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