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Halliwell Hobbes ACTOR


Halliwell Hobbes was born on November 16th, 1877 in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England with the birth name Herbert Halliwell Hobbes.  He first made his stage debut in 1898 with the well known acting company of Sir Frank Benson throughout England.
After gaining quite a bit of stage experience in England he relocated to the United States and began performing on Broadway.  He also worked as a director before making the move west to break into the film industry in 1929.
Some of his film roles included appearances in, "The Right of Way" (1931), "Love Affair" (1932)
starring Dorothy Mackaill and Humphrey Bogart, "Six Hours to Live" (1932), "Mandalay" (1934), "Fit for a King" (1937), "The Prince and the Pauper" (1937) starring Errol Flynn, "Kidnapped" (1938) starring Warner Baxter and Freddie Bartholomew, "Storm Over Bengal" (1938), "Tell no Tales" (1939) and "The Hamilton Woman" (1941) among many others.
Along with his film work he would often return to the stage adding such credits as, "Romeo and Juliet". 
In addition to film and stage work as his career progressed he turned his focus towards television work appearing on such series as, "Martin Kane", "Lights Out", "Studio One in Hollywood", "Lux Video Theatre" and his last television appearance was on, "The Alcoa Hour".
Halliwell Hobbes married only once to Nancie B. Marsland and they never had any children.  He passed away on February 20th, 1962 in Santa Monica, California after suffering from a heart attack.  His remains are buried at the Chapel of the Pines Crematory in Los Angeles, California.  


1955-1957  The Alcoa Hour 

1956   Miracle in the Rain 

1956   Studio One in Hollywood
1951-1953  Robert Montgomery Presents 

1951   Lux Video Theatre 

1950-1951  Lights Out
1949   That Forsyte Woman

1949   Martin Kane

1948   You Gotta Stay Happy 
1948   The Black Arrow

1947   If Winter Comes 

1946   Canyon Passage 
1944   Casanova Brown

1944   The Invisible Man's Revenge

1944   Mr. Skeffington
1944   Gaslight 

1944   Information Please

1943   His Butler's Sister
1943   Mr. Muggs Steps Out 

1943   Sherlock Holmes Faces Death 

1943   Forever and a Day
1942   Journey for Margaret

1942   The Undying Monster

1942   The War Against Mrs. Hadley
1942   To Be or Not to Be 

1942   Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake

1941   Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day

1941   Here Comes Mr. Jordan

1941   Sunny
1941   That Hamilton Woman

1940   Lady with Red Hair

1940   Third Finger, Left Hand
1940   The Sea Hawk

1940   Waterloo Bridge

1940   The Earl of Chicago
1939   The Light That Failed

1939   Remember?

1939   Nurse Edith Cavell 
1939   Naughty But Nice

1939   Tell No Tales

1939   The Hardys Ride High 
1939   Pacific Liner

1938   A Christmas Carol

1938   Storm Over Bengal
1938   Service de Luxe

1938   Charles and Mary 

1938   You Can't Take It with You
1938   Ann and Harold

1938   Kidnapped 

1938   Bulldog Drummond's Peril
1938   The Jury's Secret

1937   Varsity Show

1937   Fit for a King
1937   Parnell

1937   The Prince and the Pauper

1937   Maid of Salem
1936   Love Letters of a Star

1936   Give Me Your Heart

1936   Mary of Scotland
1936   Spendthrift 

1936   The White Angel

1936   Hearts Divided
1936   Changing of the Guard

1936   Dracula's Daughter

1936   The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936   Here Comes Trouble

1936   Rose-Marie

1935   Captain Blood 
1935   Millions in the Air 

1935   Charlie Chan in Shanghai

1935   Jalna
1935   Cardinal Richelieu

1935   Vanessa: Her Love Story

1935   Folies Bergère de Paris 
1935   The Right to Live

1934   Father Brown, Detective 

1934   Menace 
1934   We Live Again 

1934   Madame Du Barry 

1934   British Agent 
1934   She Was a Lady

1934   Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 

1934   The Key 
1934   Double Door 

1934   All Men Are Enemies 

1934   Riptide
1934   Mandalay 

1933   I Am Suzanne

1933   Should Ladies Behave
1933   If I Were Free 

1933   Lady for a Day 

1933   The Masquerader 
1933   Captured! 

1933   Midnight Mary 

1933   A Study in Scarlet 
1933   Looking Forward 

1932   Cynara 

1932   Payment Deferred
1932   6 Hours to Live

1932   Week Ends Only

1932   Man About Town
1932   Devil's Lottery 

1932   Love Affair

1932   The Menace 
1932   Lovers Courageous 

1932   Forbidden

1931   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
1931   Platinum Blonde 

1931   The Sin of Madelon Claudet

1931   The Woman Between 
1931   Five and Ten

1931   The Lady Refuses 

1931   The Right of Way 
1931   The Bachelor Father 

1930   Charley's Aunt

1930   Scotland Yard
1930   Grumpy 

1929   Jealousy

1929   Lucky in Love

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