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H. B. Warner ACTOR


H.B. Warner was born on October 26th, 1875 in London, England with the birth name Harry Byron Warner.  His father was actor, Charles Warner and being born into a family involved in acting with his grandfather also being a working actor made it easier for Warner to also pursue a career as an actor.
Although his family initially hoped he would become a doctor, after high school he went on to study medicine at London University and after graduating with his degree he chose to pursue acting and not medicine.
He is most well remembered for portraying Jesus Christ in the Cecil B. DeMille film, "The King of Kings" (1927).  After college he studied acting in Paris and Italy and then joined his father's stock company.
Warner began his work as a stage actor appearing in a production of, "Drink" and soon was debuting on Broadway in, "Audrey", "Nurse Marjorie", "Susan in Search of a Husband" and "A Tenement Tragedy". 
After over thirteen Broadway performances he began to break into the film industry first debuting in, "Harp of Tara" (1914) followed by roles in, "The Ghost Breaker" (1914), "Sorrell and Son" (1927) and later in the movie "In Old Santa Fe" starring Ken Maynard, Gene Autry, George 'Gabby' Hayes and Smiley Burnette.
When the silent film era came to an end he made the transition to sound films with ease.  Soon he was adding such roles to his resume as, "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" (1936) starring Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur and George Bancroft, Frank Capra's "Lost Horizon" (1937) starring alongside Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Sam Jaffe and John Howard, Academy Award winner for Best Picture "You Can't Take It With You" (1938) starring Jean Arthur, James Stewart, Edward Arnold and Lionel Barrymore, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939) starring James Stewart, Jean Arthur and Claude Rains, "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (1941) starring Edward Arnold, Thomas Mitchell, Gene Lockhart, John Qualen, Walter Huston and James Craig, "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) starring James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers, Ward Bond, Beulah Bondi and Frank Faylen, "Sunset Blvd." (1950) starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden, "The Ten Commandments" (1956) with an all star cast including Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner and Anne Bancroft just to name a few and "The Darby's Rangers" (1958) starring James Garner, Jack Warden, Stuart Whitman, Peter Brown, Reginald Owen, Edd Byrnes and Murray Hamilton.
He never worked as a television actor and instead all his focus was towards stage and film work.  He added over one hundred and thirty film appearances to his resume and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 
H.B. Warner married twice throughout his lifetime, first to F.R. Hamlin and when this marriage came to an end he wed Rita Stanwood in 1919 and they had two children together before divorcing in 1933.  He did not re-marry and on December 21st, 1958 he passed away at the age of eighty three in Woodland Hills, California from a heart attack.  His remains are buried in the Chapel of Pines crematory in Los Angeles, California.   

1956   The Ten Commandments

1951   Journey Into Light 
1951   Here Comes the Groom

1951   Savage Drums

1951   The First Legion
1949   The Judge Steps Out 

1949   Hellfire 

1949   El Paso
1948   The Prince of Thieves 

1947   High Wall

1947   Driftwood 
1946   It's a Wonderful Life 

1946   Gentleman Joe Palooka 

1946   Strange Impersonation 
1945   Captain Tugboat Annie

1944   Rogues Gallery

1944   Faces in the Fog 
1944   Enemy of Women

1944   Prices Unlimited

1944   Action in Arabia 
1943   Women in Bondage

1943   Hitler's Children 

1942   The Boss of Big Town
1942   A Yank in Libya 

1942   Crossroads

1941   The Corsican Brothers
1941   The Devil and Daniel Webster

1941   South of Tahiti 

1941   Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime
1941   City of Missing Girls

1941   Topper Returns

1940   New Moon
1940   The Man from Dakota 

1939   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

1939   The Rains Came 
1939   Nurse Edith Cavell 

1939   Bulldog Drummond's Bride 

1939   The Gracie Allen Murder Case 
1939   Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

1939   Let Freedom Ring 

1939   Arrest Bulldog Drummond
1938   Bulldog Drummond in Africa

1938   You Can't Take It with You

1938   Army Girl
1938   The Toy Wife

1938   Kidnapped

1938   The Adventures of Marco Polo 
1938   The Girl of the Golden West

1937   Victoria the Great

1937   Torpedoed 
1937   Lost Horizon

1936   Along Came Love

1936   Blackmailer
1936   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

1936   Moonlight Murder

1936   The Garden Murder Case
1936   Rose of the Rancho 

1935   A Tale of Two Cities 

1935   Born to Gamble
1934   Night Alarm

1934   Behold My Wife

1934   In Old Santa Fe
1934   Grand Canary

1934   Viva Villa!

1933   Sorrell and Son 
1933   Christopher Bean

1933   Jennie Gerhardt 

1933   Supernatural
1933   Justice Takes a Holiday

1932   The Son-Daughter

1932   The Phantom of Crestwood 
1932   The Crusader

1932   Tom Brown of Culver

1932   Unholy Love 
1932   Cross Examination 

1932   A Woman Commands 

1932   The Menace 
1932   Charlie Chan's Chance

1931   Expensive Women

1931   Five Star Final
1931   The Reckless Hour

1931   A Woman of Experience

1930   Princess and the Plumber
1930   Liliom 

1930   On Your Back

1930   Wild Company 
1930   The Second Floor Mystery

1930   The Furies

1930   The Green Goddess 
1929   Wedding Rings 

1929   Tiger Rose

1929   The Show of Shows 
1929   The Argyle Case

1929   The Gamblers

1929   The Trial of Mary Dugan 
1929   The Divine Lady 

1929   Stark Mad

1929   The Doctor's Secret 
1928   Conquest 

1928   The Naughty Duchess

1928   Romance of a Rogue 
1928   Man-Made Women 

1927   French Dressing 

1927   Sorrell and Son 
1927   The King of Kings 

1926   Silence

1926   Whispering Smith
1924   Is Love Everything? 

1923   Zaza 

1921   When We Were 21 
1920   Dice of Destiny 

1920   Felix O'Day

1920   One Hour Before Dawn
1920   Uncharted Channels

1920   The White Dove 

1919   Haunting Shadows
1919   A Fugitive from Matrimony 

1919   The Gray Wolf's Ghost 

1919   For a Woman's Honor
1919   The Pagan God 

1919   The Man Who Turned White 

1917   Danger Trail 
1917   God's Man 

1917   The Seventh Sin 

1917   Wrath
1917   The Seven Deadly Sins 

1916   The Vagabond Prince

1916   Shell 43
1916   The Market of Vain Desire 

1916   The Beggar of Cawnpore

1916   The Raiders 
1914   The Ghost Breaker 

1914   The Lost Paradise

1914   Harp of Tara
1900   English Nell

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