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Gloria Swanson ACTOR


Gloria Swanson was born on March 27th, 1899 in Chicago, Illinois with the birth name Gloria May Josephine Swanson.  She was the daughter of Adelaide and Joseph Theodore Swanson.  Her father was a soldier and his heritage was Swedish where is surname was actually Svensson.

She was raised in various places during her childhood such as Chicago, Puerto Rico and Key West, Florida.  She went to  public school in Chicago.  Her parents separated while she was still in school and so she dropped out of school. 
It was not Swanson's original intention to get involved into acting, but with her parents splitting up, she had to find work. She began finding employment at a department store working as a clerk, but soon her aunt convinced her to go to a film studio in Chicago and was able to get a job as an extra.  Her film debut was on, "The Fable of Elvira and Farina and the Meal Ticket" (1915).  She then received another role as an extra on, "At the End of a Perfect Day" (1915). 
Luckily she got involved in the business as the right time as she was seen and liked by many production companies.  She got another small part in, "Sweedie Goes to College" (1915).  She went on to get lead roles for pictures such as Keystone Productions and Triangle Productions.  Many of Gloria's films were quite successful such as, "The Pullman Bride" (1917), "Shifting Hands" (1918) and "Don't Change Your Husband" (1919). 
In 1919, she was signed to a contract with Cecil B. DeMille.  By the mid 1920's, she was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.  When film entered into the sound era, Gloria had no problem adapting to a new type of acting.  In 1928, she received an Oscar nomination for her role as Sadie Thompson in the film, "Sadie Thompson". 
Her career was at an all time high with another nomination the following year for her role on, "The Trespasser" (1929).  As she entered the 1930's she slowed down significantly not doing so many films, but still film roles of quality.  She was next seen on, "Music in the Air" (1934) and then took a break until, "Father Takes a Wife" (1941). 
Her next box office hit was her role as a movie actress all washed up in, "Sunset Blvd" (1950) in which she earned her third Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.  As her career progressed she appeared in a couple more films, but for the most part retired from the film industry.  She did do a couple television roles, one more popular was on, "Burke's Law" (1963-1964). 
Gloria's final screen appearance was in 1974 on, "Killer Bees" and she then retired from acting for good.  Gloria Swanson passed away on April 4th, 1983 in New York City, New York from a heart ailment at the age of eighty six.  
Throughout her lifetime she married a total of six times.  First to Wallace Beery on March 27th, 1916 and they remained together until 1919.  Her second marriage was to Herbert K. Somborn on December 20th, 1919 until August 9th, 1922 and together they had one child.  Again, she married for a third time to Henri de la Falaise on January 29th, 1925 and again this marriage ended in divorce on November 6th, 1931.  Her fourth time to marry was too Michael Farmer on August 16th, 1931 and after having one child, this too ended in divorce on November 7th, 1934.  Marriage number five was to George William Davey January 29th, 1945 and again three years later on December 28th, 1948 this marriage too ended in a divorce.  Her final marriage was to William Dufty on February 2nd 1976 and she remained with her sixth husband until she passed away. 

Gloria Swanson also wrote her own autobiography and was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame one for Motion Pictures contribution and the other for her contribution to television.  Gloria Swanson was always known for living a very extravagant lifestyle.  It was estimated that when she passed her estate was worth $1,440,000. 


1974   Killer Bees
1965   Ben Casey 
1965   My Three Sons
1963-1964  Burke's Law
1964   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
1964   Kraft Suspense Theatre  
1963   Dr. Kildare 
1961   Straightaway 
1957   The Steve Allen Plymouth Show  
1956   Nero's Mistress  
1954   Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson
1953   Hollywood Opening Night  
1952   Three for Bedroom C  
1950   The Peter Lind Hayes Show 
1950   Sunset Blvd.
1941   Father Takes a Wife
1934   Music in the Air  
1933   Perfect Understanding
1932   Queen Kelly  
1931   Tonight or Never
1931   Indiscreet
1930   What a Widow!  
1929   The Trespasser  
1928   Sadie Thompson  
1927   The Love of Sunya  
1926   Fine Manners  
1926   The Untamed Lady  
1925   Stage Struck  
1925   The Coast of Folly
1924   Madame Sans-GĂȘne  
1924   Wages of Virtue  
1924   Her Love Story  
1924   Manhandled  
1924   A Society Scandal  
1924   The Humming Bird  
1923   Zaza  
1923   Bluebeard's Eighth Wife  
1923   Prodigal Daughters  
1922   My American Wife  
1922   The Impossible Mrs. Bellew  
1922   Beyond the Rocks  
1922   Her Gilded Cage  
1922   Her Husband's Trademark  
1921   Don't Tell Everything  
1921   Under the Lash  
1921   The Affairs of Anatol 
1921   The Great Moment  
1920   Something to Think About
1920   Why Change Your Wife?  
1919   Male and Female
1919   For Better, for Worse  
1919   Don't Change Your Husband  
1918   Wife or Country
1918   The Secret Code  
1918   Shifting Sands  
1918   Everywoman's Husband
1918   You Can't Believe Everything  
1918   Station Content
1918   Her Decision  
1918   Society for Sale 
1918   The Admirable Crichton 
1917   The Pullman Bride
1917   The Sultan's Wife  
1917   II Whose Baby?
1917   Dangers of a Bride
1917   Baseball Madness
1917   Teddy at the Throttle
1916   The Nick of Time Baby
1916   Haystacks and Steeples  
1916   The Danger Girl
1916   A Social Cub
1916   Hearts and Sparks 
1916   A Dash of Courage 
1916   Sunshine
1915   The Broken Pledge
1915   The Romance of an American Duchess
1915   Sweedie Goes to College
1915   The Fable of Elvira and Farina and the Meal Ticket
1915   His New Job
1915   The Ambition of the Baron
1915   At the End of a Perfect Day
1915   The Misjudged Mr. Hartley
1914   I The Song of the Soul 

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