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Glenn Strange ACTOR


Glenn Strange was born on August 16th, 1899 in Weed, New Mexico with the birth name George Glenn Strange, born to parents William Russell Strange and Sarah Elizabeth Byrd.  He grew to be very tall at 6'5" he became involved working as a rancher, deputy sheriff as well as a rodeo performer.  Along with this he also excelled as a fiddle and guitar player from a young age and yearned for a career as a performer.
In the late 20's along with his cousin, they joined a radio singing group called the, "Arizona Ranglers" and would tour throughout the country.  Soon they were working on western films and after gaining some experience, Strange began getting roles in a number of other western series such as, "The Hurricane Express" (1932) starring a young John Wayne, "The Law of the Wild" (1934), "Flash Gordon" (1936), "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" (1939) and "Riders of Death Valley" (1941).
By the mid 40's Boris Karloff had become to old to play his well known Frankenstein character so Strange became the perfect replacement.  He was cast in Universal's film, "House of Frankenstein" (1945) followed by roles in, "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" (1948).
Along with his film work as western popularity began to fade away, Strange turned his focus to working as a television actor appearing on such series as, "Cheyenne", "Maverick", "The Rifleman", "Rawhide", "Wagon Train" and another more well known role as Sam the bartender in, "Gunsmoke" (1962-1973) starring James Arness.
On September 20th, 1973 he passed away from lung cancer in Los Angeles, California.  Throughout his lifetime he married twice.  His first wife was Flora Hooper whom he wed in 1020.  After this marriage came to an end he married for a second time to Minnie Thompson Strange in 1937 and they had two children and remained together until he passed away.  His remains were interred at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills Cemetery. 


1961-1973 Gunsmoke 
1964 Petticoat Junction 
1963 The Cardinal 
1959-1963 Rawhide 
1957-1961 Tales of Wells Fargo
1961 Wagon Train
1961 Thriller 
1960 The Untouchables 
1958-1960 The Rifleman 
1960 Sugarfoot 
1955-1960 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1960 Colt .45
1957-1960 Maverick 
1959-1960 Cheyenne 
1959 The Jayhawkers!
1959 Last Train from Gun Hill 
1958-1959 26 Men 
1959 Alias Jesse James 
1952-1959 Sky King 
1959 G.E. True Theater 
1959 Mackenzie's Raiders 
1954-1958 Death Valley Days
1958 Terror in a Texas Town 
1958 Frontier Doctor 
1958 Quantrill's Raiders
1958 The Restless Gun
1958 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
1957 Gunfire at Indian Gap
1957 The Bob Cummings Show 
1957 Jailhouse Rock
1957 Casey Jones 
1957 The Last Stagecoach West 
1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 
1957 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 
1957 The Halliday Brand 
1954-1956 Annie Oakley
1956 The Adventures of Jim Bowie 
1956 The Fastest Gun Alive
1956 Backlash 
1955-1956 The Cisco Kid 
1955-1956 The Adventures of Champion
1956 Judge Roy Bean 
1955 The Gene Autry Show
1955 The Vanishing American
1955 Buffalo Bill, Jr.
1955 The Kentuckian
1955 The Road to Denver
1955 Marty
1949-1955 The Lone Ranger 
1955 The Lone Ranger Rides Again 
1955 Treasure of Ruby Hills 
1954 Stories of the Century 
1954 The Colgate Comedy Hour
1954 Jubilee Trail
1953 Escape from Fort Bravo 
1953 All the Brothers Were Valiant
1953 Calamity Jane
1953 Fireside Theatre
1953 The Veils of Bagdad
1953 Devil's Canyon 
1953 The Great Sioux Uprising 
1953 Born to the Saddle 
1953 The Lawless Breed 
1953 The Range Rider
1952 The Abbott and Costello Show
1952 Montana Belle
1952 The Lusty Men
1952 Hopalong Cassidy
1952 Space Patrol
1952 Wagons West 
1952 I Dream of Jeanie
1952 Gruen Guild Theater
1952 Craig Kennedy, Criminologist 
1952 The Legend of the Lone Ranger 
1951 Callaway Went Thataway
1951 Texas Carnival 
1951 The Adventures of Kit Carson
1951 Comin' Round the Mountain
1951 The Red Badge of Courage 
1951 Vengeance Valley 
1951 Double Crossbones 
1950 Surrender 
1950 Comanche Territory
1949 Master Minds
1949 The Gal Who Took the West 
1949 Roll, Thunder, Roll! 
1949 Rimfire 
1948 Red River
1948 A Southern Yankee
1948 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein
1948 The Gallant Legion
1948 California Firebrand 
1947 The Fabulous Texan
1947 The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap
1947 Heaven Only Knows 
1947 Wyoming 
1947 Brute Force
1947 The Sea of Grass
1947 Sinbad the Sailor
1946 Beauty and the Bandit
1946 Up Goes Maisie
1945 House of Dracula
1945 Saratoga Trunk 
1945 Bad Men of the Border 
1945 Renegades of the Rio Grande 
1944 Can't Help Singing 
1944 House of Frankenstein 
1944 Harmony Trail 
1944 Alaska 
1944 Trail to Gunsight 
1944 The San Antonio Kid 
1944 Silver City Kid 
1944 Forty Thieves
1944 Sonora Stagecoach 
1944 Twilight on the Prairie 
1944 The Contender 
1944 Valley of Vengeance
1944 The Monster Maker
1944 Knickerbocker Holiday
1943 The Woman of the Town 
1943 Death Valley Rangers
1943 False Colors 
1943 Bullets and Saddles 
1943 Return of the Rangers
1943 Arizona Trail
1943 The Kansan
1943 Black Market Rustlers 
1943 Cattle Stampede
1943 The Black Raven
1943 The Desperadoes
1943 Action in the North Atlantic
1943 Prairie Chickens 
1943 Western Cyclone 
1943 Mission to Moscow 
1943 Wild Horse Stampede 
1943 Haunted Ranch 
1943 The Kid Rides Again
1942 Little Joe, the Wrangler
1942 Beyond the Line of Duty 
1942 Army Surgeon
1942 The Mummy's Tomb
1942 Overland Stagecoach 
1942 Bandit Ranger 
1942 Texas Trouble Shooters
1942 Come on Danger 
1942 Juke Girl 
1942 Down Texas Way 
1942 Romance on the Range 
1942 The Spoilers
1942 The Mad Monster
1942 Rolling Down the Great Divide 
1942 Boot Hill Bandits 
1942 Sunset on the Desert 
1942 Sundown Jim 
1942 Billy the Kid Trapped
1942 Raiders of the West 
1942 Western Mail 
1942 Stagecoach Buckaroo 
1942 The Lone Rider and the Bandit 
1941 Playmates 
1941 Dude Cowboy 
1941 Billy the Kid's Round-up 
1941 Lone Star Law Men
1941 Go West, Young Lady
1941 Arizona Cyclone
1941 California or Bust
1941 The Driftin' Kid
1941 The Bandit Trail 
1941 Billy the Kid Wanted 
1941 Westward Ho-Hum
1941 Badlands of Dakota
1941 Wide Open Town 
1941 Fugitive Valley 
1941 Riders of Death Valley 
1941 Saddlemates 
1941 The Kid's Last Ride 
1940 San Francisco Docks
1940 The Fargo Kid
1940 Three Men from Texas
1940 Bar Buckaroos
1940 Wagon Train
1940 Triple Justice 
1940 Wyoming 
1940 Stage to Chino 
1940 The Cowboy from Sundown 
1940 Land of the Six Guns 
1940 Pals of the Silver Sage 
1940 Covered Wagon Trails
1940 Dark Command 
1940 Rhythm of the Rio Grande
1940 Teddy the Rough Rider 
1940 Pioneer Days 
1939 Days of Jesse James 
1939 The Llano Kid
1939 Overland Mail 
1939 Law of the Pampas
1939 Ride, Cowboy, Ride
1939 Cupid Rides the Range
1939 Range War 
1939 Oklahoma Terror 
1939 The Fighting Gringo 
1939 Across the Plains 
1939 Blue Montana Skies
1939 The Night Riders
1939 Rough Riders' Round-up 
1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again
1939 Sunset Trail 
1939 Flying G-Men 
1939 Arizona Legion
1939 Honor of the West
1939 The Phantom Stage
1938 Ghost Town Riders
1938 California Frontier 
1938 Gun Packer 
1938 Prairie Justice
1938 Guilty Trails 
1938 The Mysterious Rider
1938 Black Bandit
1938 The Mexicali Kid
1938 In Old Mexico
1938 Prison Break
1938 Pride of the West 
1938 Six-Shootin' Sheriff 
1938 Air Devils 
1938 Whirlwind Horseman 
1938 Call of the Rockies 
1938 The Last Stand
1938 State Police 
1938 Border Wolves 
1938 The Painted Trail 
1938 Forbidden Valley
1938 The Spy Ring 
1937 The Singing Outlaw
1937 Adventure's End 
1937 Courage of the West
1937 Danger Valley 
1937 Law for Tombstone
1937 Stars Over Arizona
1937 God's Country and the Man
1937 The Devil's Saddle Legion
1937 Riders of the Dawn 
1937 Empty Holsters
1937 Mountain Music 
1937 Blazing Sixes
1937 The Fighting Texan 
1937 The Cherokee Strip 
1937 Two Gun Law 
1937 Hittin' the Trail
1937 Land Beyond the Law
1937 Trouble in Texas
1937 Arizona Days
1937 Guns of the Pecos 
1936 Conflict 
1936 Song of the Gringo 
1936 California Mail
1936 The Sunday Round-Up
1936 A Tenderfoot Goes West 
1936 Trailin' West 
1936 The Fugitive Sheriff 
1936 The Cattle Thief 
1936 Avenging Waters
1936 Flash Gordon
1936 Sunset of Power 
1935 Lawless Riders
1935 Suicide Squad
1935 The Law of 45's
1935 Gallant Defender
1935 Lawless Range
1935 Moonlight on the Prairie 
1935 Stormy 
1935 The New Frontier
1935 His Fighting Blood 
1935 Westward Ho
1935 Hard Rock Harrigan
1935 Border Vengeance
1935 Cyclone of the Saddle 
1935 Five Bad Men 
1934 The Law of the Wild 
1934 Pals of the West 
1934 The Man from Hell 
1934 The Star Packer 
1933 Somewhere in Sonora
1933 The Thrill Hunter 
1933 The Whirlwind 
1933 Silent Men
1932 Sundown Rider 
1932 The Cowboy Counsellor
1932 The Big Stampede 
1932 Fighting for Justice 
1932 McKenna of the Mounted
1932 Ride Him, Cowboy 
1932 The Hurricane Express 
1932 Hello Trouble 
1932 A Man's Land 
1932 The Riding Tornado 
1932 Riders of the Desert 
1932 Texas Tornado 
1932 Texas Cyclone
1932 Single-Handed Sanders 
1932 The Gay Buckaroo
1931 The Deadline 
1931 Range Feud
1931 The Fighting Marshal 
1931 The Guilty Generation 
1931 Cavalier of the West 
1931 Shotgun Pass
1931 Border Law
1931 The Hard Hombre
1931 Wild Horse 
1930 The Mounted Stranger

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