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Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson ACTOR

Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson was born on March 21st, 1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas with the birth name Max H. Aronson to parents Henry and Esther Aronson.  He became an American actor as well as producer, director and writer.
At the age of eighteen he relocated to New York City.  His career in entertainment first began as working as a photographer's model before he was bit by the acting bug.  He began with performing in vaudeville and then became acquainted with Edwin S. Porter and the two collaborated on writing scripts as well as Anderson taking on small acting parts.
Some of his earlier film roles were on what is considered the very first western movie, "The Great Train Robbery" (1903) followed by a vast number of shorts where he portrayed G.M. Anderson.  Along with establishing himself in the acting industry he also decided to partner up with George K. Spoor and together they started Essanay Film Manufacturing Company.
He continued acting and performed in hundreds of short western films where he got he nickname, "Broncho Billy" for the cowboy he often portrayed.  Not only did he act in these shorts he also wrote and directed a majority of them.
He also directed a series of, "Alkali Ike" comedy westerns.  In 1916 he sold off his part of the company and decided it was time to retire from the industry.  Although, he left Hollywood, he still had a love for performing and therefore, he relocated to New York and purchased the Longacre Theatre where he would produce stage productions.
Billy did return to Hollywood for a brief time to produce another series of short films for Metro Pictures and then became an owner of Progressive Pictures in the 1950's and continued to produce films for this studio as well.  
In 1958, Anderson received an Honorary Academy Award as a, "motion picture pioneer" for his contribution to the motions picture industry.  He was also honored with his image on a United States postage stamp in 1998 as well as honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  He then surprised many when he came out of acting retirement and appeared in a cameo role in the film, 'The Bounty Killer" (1965). 
He was married only once to Mollie Schabbleman in 1910 and they had one child together and remained married until he passed away at the age of eighty eight on January 20th, 1971 in Los Angeles, California.  His remains were cremated and his ashes were placed in a vault at the, Chapel of the Pines Crematory in Los Angeles, California. 


1965 The Bounty Killer 
1941 Life with Henry
1922 The Greater Duty 
1919 Red Blood and Yellow
1919 The Son-of-a-Gun 
1918 Shootin' Mad
1916 Humanity
1916 The Man in Him
1916 The Book Agent's Romance
1916 Her Lesson 
1915 A Christmas Revenge
1915 The Escape of Broncho Billy
1915 The Burglar's Godfather 
1915 Broncho Billy's Love Affair
1915 Too Much Turkey
1915 The Indian's Narrow Escape
1915 Wine, Women and Song
1915 Broncho Billy's Mexican Wife 
1915 Broncho Billy's Cowardly Brother
1915 Broncho Billy Evens Matters
1915 Broncho Billy's Parents 
1915 Suppressed Evidence 
1915 Broncho Billy, Sheepman
1915 Broncho Billy Misled
1915 The Convict's Threat
1915 An Unexpected Romance
1915 Broncho Billy and the Card Sharp
1915 Broncho Billy and the Lumber King 
1915 Broncho Billy Begins Life Anew
1915 Her Return 
1915 Broncho Billy's Marriage
1915 Broncho Billy Steps In
1915 Broncho Billy's Protégé
1915 Broncho Billy's Surrender
1915 Broncho Billy and the Posse
1915 The Bachelor's Baby
1915 Broncho Billy Well Repaid
1915 The Little Prospector
1915 Her Realization
1915 Broncho Billy and the Land Grabber
1915 The Wealth of the Poor
1915 Broncho Billy's Word of Honor
1915 The Bachelor's Burglar
1915 The Revenue Agent
1915 The Other Girl
1915 His Regeneration
1915 The Tie That Binds 
1915 His Wife's Secret 
1915 After Midnight
1915 Andy of the Royal Mounted 
1915 Ingomar of the Hills 
1915 The Outlaw's Awakening
1915 The Western Way
1915 Broncho Billy's Teachings 
1915 The Champion
1915 Broncho Billy's Vengeance
1915 Broncho Billy's Brother 
1915 Broncho Billy and the Vigilante 
1915 Broncho Billy's Sentence
1915 Broncho Billy's Greaser Deputy 
1915 Broncho Billy and the False Note 
1915 Broncho Billy and the Baby 
1915 When Love and Honor Called 
1915 Broncho Billy and the Sisters
1915 Broncho Billy and the Claim Jumpers
1915 Broncho Billy and the Escaped Bandit
1914 Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Officw
1914 Broncho Billy's Christmas Spirit
1914 Broncho Billy's Dad
1914 Broncho Billy's Judgment
1914 Broncho Billy's Double Escape
1914 Broncho Billy's Scheme
1914 The Tell-Tale Hand 
1914 Broncho Billy's Decision
1914 Broncho Billy's Mission
1914 Broncho Billy's Mother 
1914 Broncho Billy -- Favorite 
1914 Broncho Billy Rewarded
1914 Broncho Billy and the Greaser 
1914 Broncho Billy Trapped
1914 The Strategy of Broncho Billy's Sweetheart
1914 Broncho Billy Butts In
1914 Broncho Billy, a Friend in Need
1914 Snakeville's Most Popular Lady
1914 Broncho Billy, the Vagabond
1914 Broncho Billy's Indian Romance 
1914 Broncho Billy's Wild Ride
1914 Broncho Billy Wins Out
1914 Broncho Billy's Fatal Joke
1914 The Squatter's Gal
1914 Broncho Billy and the Gambler
1914 Broncho Billy Puts One Over
1914 Broncho Billy and the Sheriff
1914 Broncho Billy's Punishment
1914 Broncho Billy's Jealousy 
1914 Broncho Billy, Outlaw 
1914 Broncho Billy and the Mine Shark 
1914 The Good-for-Nothing
1914 Broncho Billy's Duty 
1914 Broncho Billy's Cunning 
1914 Red Riding Hood of the Hills 
1914 Broncho Billy's Leap 
1914 Broncho Billy's Sermon 
1914 Broncho Billy's Close Call 
1914 Broncho Billy -- Gun-Man 
1914 Broncho Billy and the Rattler
1914 The Treachery of Broncho Billy's Pal
1914 Broncho Billy's True Love 
1914 The Interference of Broncho Billy 
1914 The Calling of Jim Barton 
1914 Broncho Billy and the Red Man 
1914 Broncho Billy and the Settler's Daughter 
1914 Broncho Billy and the Bad Man
1914 Broncho Billy, Guardian
1914 Snakeville's New Doctor
1914 The Redemption of Broncho Billy 
1913 Broncho Billy's Christmas Deed 
1913 The Three Gamblers
1913 Broncho Billy's Squareness
1913 Broncho Billy's First Arrest 
1913 The New Schoolmarm of Green River
1913 Broncho Billy's Secret 
1913 The Doctor's Duty
1913 Broncho Billy's Elopement
1913 Broncho Billy Gets Square
1913 Broncho Billy's Oath 
1913 The Struggle 
1913 Why Broncho Billy Left Bear Country 
1913 The Redeemed Claim
1913 Broncho Billy Reforms
1913 Bonnie of the Hills
1913 Broncho Billy's Conscience
1913 A Western Sister's Devotion 
1913 Broncho Billy's Mistake 
1913 The Man in the Cabin
1913 Broncho Billy and the Navajo Maid
1913 The Tenderfoot Sheriff
1913 Broncho Billy and the Schoolmam's Sweetheart
1913 Broncho Billy and the Western Girls 
1913 Broncho Billy's Strategy 
1913 Broncho Billy's Capture
1913 Broncho Billy and the Express Rider 
1913 Broncho Billy's Grit 
1913 The Crazy Prospector 
1913 Broncho Billy and the Rustler's Child 
1913 The Accusation of Broncho Billy
1913 Broncho Billy's Reason 
1913 Broncho Billy's Wa
1913 Broncho Billy's Gratefulness 
1913 Broncho Billy's Sister 
1913 Broncho Billy and the Step-Sisters
1913 Broncho Billy and the Squatter's Daughter 
1913 The Influence of Broncho Billy 
1913 Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Kid 
1913 Broncho Billy's Ward 
1913 Broncho Billy's Last Deed
1913 The Making of Broncho Billy 
1913 Broncho Billy's Gun Play
1913 Broncho Billy's Brother 
1913 Broncho Billy and the Outlaw's Mother
1913 Broncho Billy and the Maid
1912 The Reward for Broncho Billy 
1912 Broncho Billy's Promise 
1912 Broncho Billy's Love Affair
1912 Western Girls
1912 Broncho Billy's Mexican Wife
1912 Broncho Billy's Heart 
1912 An Indian's Friendship
1912 The Ranch Girl's Trial 
1912 Love on Tough Luck Ranch
1912 An Indian Sunbeam 
1912 Broncho Billy Outwitted
1912 The Ranchman's Trust
1912 Broncho Billy for Sheriff 
1912 Broncho Billy's Escapade
1912 Broncho Billy's Last Hold-Up 
1912 The Little Sheriff
1912 Broncho Billy's Pal
1912 A Moonshiner's Heart
1912 A Wife of the Hills
1912 The Smuggler's Daughter 
1912 A Story of Montana 
1912 Broncho Billy's Narrow Escape
1912 On the Cactus Trail 
1912 Broncho Billy and the Indian Maid 
1912 The Foreman's Cousin
1912 Broncho Billy's Gratitude
1912 Western Hearts
1912 A Child of the Purple Sage 
1912 On El Monte Ranch 
1912 Broncho Billy's Bible
1912 The Desert Sweetheart
1912 A Western Legacy 
1912 The Sheriff and His Ma
1912 The Dead Man's Claim
1912 Broncho Billy and the Bandits 
1912 The Indian and the Child
1912 The Cattle King's Daughter
1912 Under Mexican Skies
1912 Broncho Billy and the Girl
1912 A Road Agent's Love
1912 An Arizona Escapade
1912 Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billy
1912 The Deputy's Love Affair
1912 The Bandit's Child 
1912 The Ranch Girl's Mistake 
1912 The Deputy and the Girl 
1912 Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistres 
1912 The Oath of His Office
1912 The Sheepman's Escape 
1912 The Tenderfoot Foreman
1912 A Child of the West
1911 Broncho Billy's Adventure 
1911 Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner 
1911 The Cowboy Coward 
1911 A Frontier Doctor
1911 The Mountain Law
1911 The Desert Claim 
1911 A Cattle Rustler's Father
1911 Hubby's Scheme
1911 The Girl Back East
1911 The Outlaw Deputy 
1911 Outwitting Papa
1911 The Forester's Plea
1911 A Western Redemption
1911 The Stage Driver's Daughter 
1911 Town Hall, Tonight
1911 The Sheriff's Decision
1911 The Strike at the Little Jonny Mine
1911 The Power of Good 
1911 The Millionaire and the Squatter
1911 The Puncher's Law
1911 Broncho Bill's Last Spree 
1911 A Western Girl's Sacrifice
1911 Spike Shannon's Last Fight
1911 The Ranchman's Son
1911 A Pal's Oath
1911 The Two-Gun Man
1911 The Two Fugitives
1911 The Outlaw Samaritan
1911 The Backwoodsman's Suspicion
1911 The Corporation and the Ranch Girl
1911 At the Break of Dawn
1911 The Sheriff's Brother
1911 The Hidden Mine
1911 The Tribe's Penalty
1911 Forgiven in Death
1911 The Infant at Snakeville
1911 The Lucky Card
1911 The Puncher's New Love
1911 The Bunco Game at Lizardhead
1911 What a Woman Can Do
1911 The Indian Maiden's Lesson
1911 The Bad Man's First Prayer
1911 The Sheriff's Chum
1911 Across the Plains
1911 A Thwarted Vengeance 
1911 The Faithful Indian 
1911 The Romance on 'Bar O' 
1911 On the Desert's Edge 
1911 The Outlaw and the Child
1911 The Cattleman's Daughter
1911 The Bad Man's Downfall
1911 Carmenita the Faithful
1911 The Two Reformations
1911 The Border Ranger
1911 The Girl of the West
1911 The Count and the Cowboys
1910 A Gambler of the West 
1910 The Bad Man's Christmas Gift
1910 The Tenderfoot Messenger 
1910 A Cowboy's Vindication
1910 Circle C Ranch's Wedding Present
1910 A Western Woman's Way
1910 The Little Prospector
1910 The Marked Trail 
1910 A Westerner's Way 
1910 The Silent Message
1910 Pals of the Range 
1910 A Cowboy's Mother-in-Law
1910 The Bearded Bandit 
1910 Patricia of the Plains
1910 The Tout's Remembrance 
1910 The Pony Express Rider 
1910 He Met the Champion 
1910 An Indian Girl's Love
1910 The Millionaire and the Ranch Girl 
1910 The Deputy's Love 
1910 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
1910 The Dumb Half Breed's Defense
1910 The Count That Counted
1910 The Girl on Triple X
1910 Under Western Skies
1910 Broncho Billy's Redemption
1910 The Desperado 
1910 Trailed to the Hills 
1910 The Unknown Claim
1910 The Bad Man's Last Deed
1910 The Forest Ranger
1910 The Bandit's Wife
1910 The Ranchman's Feud
1910 Away Out West
1910 The Brother, Sister and the Cowpuncher
1910 The Little Doctor of the Foothills
1910 The Cowpuncher's Ward
1910 The Sheriff's Sacrifice
1910 A Vein of Gold
1910 The Cowboy's Sweetheart
1910 The Bad Man and the Preacher
1910 The Mistaken Bandit 
1910 The Ranger's Bride
1910 The Flower of the Ranch
1910 A Ranchman's Wooing
1910 The Girl and the Fugitive 
1910 Method in His Madness 
1910 The Fence on 'Bar Z' Ranch 
1910 The Ranch Girl's Legacy 
1910 The Mexican's Faith 
1910 The Cowboy and the Squaw 
1910 Western Chivalry
1910 The Outlaw's Sacrifice
1910 Won by a Hold-Up
1910 A Western Maid
1910 Trail to the West 
1909 The Heart of a Cowboy 
1909 The Spanish Girl
1909 The Ranchman's Rival
1909 His Reformation
1909 Judgment
1909 The Best Man Wins
1909 A Maid of the Mountains
1909 The Black Sheep
1909 Ten Nights in a Barroom
1909 The Indian Trailer
1909 A Mexican's Gratitude 
1909 A Tale of the West
1909 The Road Agents
1909 Shanghaied
1909 Tag Day
1908 The Bandit Makes Good
1908 The Baseball Fan
1908 The Life of an American Cowboy
1907 The Bandit King
1907 Western Justice
1905 Train Wreckers
1904 A Brush Between Cowboys and Indians
1904 Western Stage Coach Hold Up
1903 The Great Train Robbery 
1903 What Happened in the Tunnel
1903 The Messenger Boy's Mista

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