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George Zucco ACTOR

George Zucco was born on January 11th, 1886 in Manchester, England to Marian and George De Sylla Zucco.  After high school he decided to focus on a career as an actor.  He began with stage acting in 1908 in Canada and later joined the American vaudeville circuit.
He took a break from his entertaining career during World War I to return to England and join the army.  After being injured and being discharged from the Army, Zucco returned back to pursuing his career in entertainment and by the 1920's he had become one of the most leading male actors of his era.
Zucco appeared on such British sound films as, "The Dreyfus Case" (1931) and "The Man Who Could Work Miracles" (1936).  Now having experience as a stage performer as well as a couple film roles, he felt ready to make the move to America.
Zucco first appeared on Broadway in a production called, "Victoria Regina" (1935-1936), for which his performance caught the eyes of Hollywood and he was soon signed to a contract and working on such American films as, "Sinner Take All" (1936).  As his career progressed other film roles followed such as, "Charlie Chan in Honolulu" (1938), "Arrest Bulldog Drummond" (1939), "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" (1939), "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1939) and "The Mummy's Hand" (1940).
Moving into the 1940's he was not as in high demand as an actor, however, Zucco did add a couple successful film roles to his resume prior to his retirement.  He was seen on the big screen in, "The Flying Serpent" (1946), "Captain from Castile" (1947), "Joan of Arc" (1948), "Who Killed Doc Robbin" (1948), "Madame Bovary" (1949) and his final film role was an un-credited role in, "David and Bathsheba" (1951).
He then retired from the industry and lived with his one and only wife, Stella Francis whom he had married in 1930.  The couple had one child together and remained married and living in Los Angeles.  Sadly, his health declined so rapidly, he spent his remaining years living in the assisted living facility called, Monterey Sanitarium, until he passed away on May 28th, 1960 after suffering from pneumonia.  His remains were cremated and interred at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills, California.  George Zucco will always be remembered for his role on so many classic horror films


1951   David and Bathsheba

1951   The First Legion 

1951   Flame of Stamboul

1951   Fireside Theatre 

1950   Let's Dance 

1950   Harbor of Missing Men

1949   Madame Bovary

1949   The Barkleys of Broadway

1949   The Secret Garden

1948   Joan of Arc 

1948   Secret Service Investigator

1948   Who Killed Doc Robbin 

1948   Tarzan and the Mermaids

1948   The Pirate

1947   Captain from Castile

1947   Where There's Life 

1947   Desire Me

1947   Lured

1947   Moss Rose 

1947   The Imperfect Lady

1947   Scared to Death

1946   The Flying Serpent 

1945   Hold That Blonde 

1945   Confidential Agent

1945   Week-End at the Waldorf 

1945   Midnight Manhunt 

1945   Sudan 

1945   Having Wonderful Crime

1945   Watchtower Over Tomorrow

1945   Fog Island 

1944   House of Frankenstein 

1944   Shadows in the Night 

1944   The Seventh Cross

1944   Return of the Ape Man 

1944   The Mummy's Ghost

1944   Voodoo Man 

1943   Never a Dull Moment

1943   The Mad Ghoul

1943   Holy Matrimony

1943   The Black Raven

1943   Sherlock Holmes in Washington 

1943   Dead Men Walk 

1942   The Black Swan 

1942   The Mummy's Tomb

1942   Dr. Renault's Secret 

1942   Half Way to Shanghai 

1942   The Mad Monster

1942   My Favorite Blonde

1941   Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring 

1941   International Lady

1941   A Woman's Face

1941   Topper Returns

1941   The Monster and the Girl

1940   Dark Streets of Cairo

1940   Arise, My Love 

1940   The Mummy's Hand 

1940   New Moon 

1939   The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

1939   The Cat and the Canary

1939   Here I Am a Stranger

1939   The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

1939   The Magnificent Fraud

1939   Captain Fury

1939   Arrest Bulldog Drummond

1938   Charlie Chan in Honolulu

1938   Suez

1938   Vacation from Love 

1938   Marie Antoinette

1938   Fast Company 

1938   Lord Jeff 

1938   Three Comrades 

1938   Arsène Lupin Returns

1937   Rosalie

1937   Conquest

1937   The Bride Wore Red

1937   Madame X

1937   The Firefly

1937   Souls at Sea

1937   London by Night

1937   Saratoga

1937   Parnell 

1936   After the Thin Man 

1936   Sinner Take All 

1936   The Man Who Could Work Miracles

1935   Abdul the Damned

1935   It's a Bet 

1934   What's in a Name? 

1934   Something Always Happens

1934   Road House 

1934   What Happened Then? 

1934   The Lady Is Willing 

1934   Autumn Crocus 

1933   The Good Companions 

1933   The Man from Toronto 

1933   The Roof 

1932   Midshipmaid Gob 

1932   There Goes the Bride

1931   The Dreyfus Case 

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