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George Sanders ACTOR

George Sanders was born on July 3rd, 1906 in St. Petersburg, Russia with the middle name Henry.  He was born to parents of English Decent, Henry and Margaret Sanders.  He had one older brother, Tom Conway who also pursued a career as an actor and a younger sister, Margaret Sanders.   
At the age of eleven the Russian Revolution occurred and his family relocated back to England.  Sanders received his early education at Brighton College and then went on to study at Manchester Technical College.
He did not enter a career in entertainment right away, instead he found work at a textile mill and as a writer in advertising.  It was not until later on in life that he began to set his sights on a career in entertaining.
Sanders began performing first as a chorus boy in London.  Later he found work performing on the radio and as a stage actor.  By the mid 30's he was able to break into the film industry with his film debut on, "Find the Lady" (1936).  After gaining some more experience on a number of British films, Sanders appeared in his first American film, "Lloyd's of London" (1936) followed by roles in, "Rebecca" (1940), "Rage in Heaven" (1941), "Man Hunt" (1941), "The Falcon" (1942), "The Saint" (1940) and "Death of a Scoundrel" (1956) which he appeared alongside his brother.
As his career progressed he was seen on the big screen in such features as, "Allegheny Uprising" (1939) starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1945), "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (1947), "The Private Affairs of Bel Ami" (1947), "Samson and Delilah" (1949) starring Hedi Lamarr and Victor Mature and "All About Eve" (1950) co-starring Marilyn Monroe, Celeste Holm, Bette Davis and Anne Baxter for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Along with his film work he also appeared on a variety of television series such as, "The George Sanders Mystery Theater" (1957), "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" (1965), "Batman" (1966) and another well known role doing the voice over work for the character, Shere Khan in Disney's, "The Jungle Book" (1967). 
Other roles he added to his forty year career in the industry were on the radio comedy series, "The Goon Show", the film, "The Kremlin Letter" (1969) and one of his final roles in the film, "Doomwatch" (1972).
In addition to his career as an actor he was a music composer for such songs as, "Such is My Love" and his singing voice was heard in the film, "Call Me Madame" (1953) and he provided the vocals for his character in, "Jungle Book".
George Sanders was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry as well as his contribution to Television. 
He married a total of four times throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Susan Larson who he married from 1940 through 1949.  He then married Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1949 and they remained married until 1954.  His third time to marry was to Benita Hume in 1959 and they were together until she passed away in 1967.  He married for a fourth time to Magda Gabor in 1970 but less then one year later this marriage also came to an end.  Two years later, Sanders committed suicide at the age of sixty five, by drug overdose on April 25th, 1972 in Castelldefels, Barcelona in Spain.  His remains were cremated and his ashes were scattered in the English Channel.


1973   The Death Wheelers 

1972   Endless Night 

1972   Doomwatch 

1971   Mission: Impossible 

1970   Appuntamento col disonore 

1970   Saturday Night Theatre 

1970   The Kremlin Letter 

1969   The Best House in London 

1969   Thin Air 

1969   Rio 70 

1969   The Candy Man 

1968   King of Africa 

1968   Laura 

1967   The Jungle Book

1967   Good Times 

1967   Warning Shot

1966   The Quiller Memorandum

1966   Einer spielt falsch

1966   Batman 

1966   Daniel Boone 

1965   The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 

1965   The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders

1965   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 

1965   The Rogues

1964   The Golden Head 

1964   Last Plane to Baalbek 

1964   A Shot in the Dark

1964   Dark Purpose 

1963   The Cracksman 

1963   Cairo

1962   In Search of the Castaways

1962   Operation Snatch

1962   Checkmate

1961   Rendezvous

1956-1961  G.E. True Theater 

1961   Call Me Genius

1961   Five Golden Hours 

1960   Village of the Damned 

1960   Trouble in the Sky 

1960   Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons 

1960   The Last Voyage 

1960   Alcoa Theatre 

1959   A Touch of Larceny

1959   Solomon and Sheba 

1959   That Kind of Woman 

1958   From the Earth to the Moon

1958   Decision

1958   The Whole Truth 

1958   Schlitz Playhouse

1957   The Seventh Sin 

1957   The George Sanders Mystery Theater

1956   Death of a Scoundrel

1956   Screen Directors Playhouse

1956   That Certain Feeling 

1956   While the City Sleeps

1956   The Ford Television Theatre

1956   Never Say Goodbye

1955   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 

1955   The King's Thief

1955   The Scarlet Coat

1955   Moonfleet 

1955   The Big Tip Off

1955   Jupiter's Darling

1954   Journey to Italy

1954   King Richard and the Crusaders

1954   Witness to Murder

1953   Call Me Madam

1952   Assignment: Paris

1952   Ivanhoe

1952   The Light Touch

1951   I Can Get It for You Wholesale

1950   All About Eve

1950   Captain Blackjack

1949   Samson and Delilah 

1949   The Fan 

1947   Forever Amber 

1947   Lured

1947   The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

1947   The Private Affairs of Bel Ami

1946   The Strange Woman

1946   A Scandal in Paris

1945   The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry 

1945   The Picture of Dorian Gray

1945   Hangover Square

1944   Summer Storm

1944   Action in Arabia 

1944   The Lodger

1943   Paris After Dark 

1943   Appointment in Berlin

1943   They Came to Blow Up America

1943   This Land Is Mine

1942   Quiet Please: Murder 

1942   The Black Swan

1942   The Moon and Sixpence

1942   The Falcon's Brother

1942   Tales of Manhattan 

1942   Her Cardboard Lover 

1942   The Falcon Takes Over

1942   Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake

1942   A Date with the Falcon

1941   The Gay Falcon 

1941   Sundown

1941   Man Hunt 

1941   Rage in Heaven

1941   The Saint in Palm Springs

1940   The Son of Monte Cristo 

1940   Bitter Sweet

1940   Foreign Correspondent

1940   The Saint Takes Over

1940   Rebecca

1940   The House of the Seven Gables

1940   The Saint's Double Trouble

1940   Green Hell 

1939   Allegheny Uprising

1939   Nurse Edith Cavell 

1939   The Saint in London 

1939   Confessions of a Nazi Spy 

1939   So This Is London 

1939   The Saint Strikes Back 

1939   The Outsider 

1939   Mr. Moto's Last Warning

1938   Four Men and a Prayer 

1938   International Settlement

1937   Lancer Spy

1937   The Lady Escapes 

1937   Slave Ship 

1937   Love Is News 

1936   The Man Who Could Work Miracles 

1936   Lloyd's of London 

1936   Dishonour Bright 

1936   Strange Cargo

1936   Find the Lady

1934   Love, Life and Laughter 

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