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George O'Brien ACTOR

George O'Brien was born on April 19th, 1899 in San Francisco, California to Daniel O'Brien, who worked as a police officer and his wife Margaret Donohue.  He excelled in athletics at Polytechnic High School and later he joined the United States Navy at the age of eighteen to serve during World War I. 
became a college athlete becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the Pacific Fleet during World War I.  After his service he went on to study at Santa Clara College with the initial goal to pursue a career in medicine, however he found medical studies boring and decided he wanted to see if he could find work in the entertainment industry. 
He first became involved in acting working as a stunt man in Hollywood.  It was just a matter of time before director, John Ford chose O'Brien to star in the film, "The Iron Horse" (1924) followed by other films directed by Ford such as, "The Blue Eagle" (1926) and "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans" (1927).  He was now under a contract with Fox Pictures and they continued to use him frequently on more films such as, "The Man Who Came Back" (1924), "Fig Leaves" (1926), "Paid to Love" (1927) and "East Side, West Side" (1927).
As the silent film era came to an end and sound films came about he made the transition but not necessarily with ease.  He did work on his first 'talkie' again with director John Ford in 1929 in, "Salute".  It was not his popularity that kept him working but more his physical appearance which helped keep him working as a film star mostly in Westerns such as, "Riders of the Purple Sage" (1931).  By 1934, his contract came to an end with Fox Pictures.
He did manage to take on some other film roles that were not characterized as Westerns such as, "Ever Since Eve" (1934) and "The Border Patrolman" (1936).  During World War II, O'Brien retired from the industry and joined the navy.  Upon completing his military service he tried to return to acting but roles were hard to come by, however, his old friend, director John Ford did use him for three additional films, "Fort Apache" (1948), "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949) both starring John Wayne and "Cheyenne Autumn" (1964) starring Richard Widmark, James Stewart and Edward G. Robinson among many others in an all star cast.  He only appeared on one television series throughout his career in the industry, "Studio 57" (1956).
O'Brien married only once to Marguerite Churchill in 1933 and by 1948 this marriage ended in divorce.  He never re-married and together they had two children, a son that died at a young age and one daughter.  After returning from the industry he went on to work as a rancher, but soon his health declined following a heart attack and he was mostly on bed rest until he passed away on September 4th, 1985 in Tulsa, Oklahoma after suffering from a stroke.    


1964   Cheyenne Autumn 

1956   Studio 57

1951   Gold Raiders 

1949   She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

1948   Fort Apache 

1947   My Wild Irish Rose 

1943   December 7th 

1940   Triple Justice 

1940   Stage to Chino 

1940   Prairie Law

1940   Bullet Code

1940   Legion of the Lawless 

1939   The Marshal of Mesa City 

1939   The Fighting Gringo 

1939   Timber Stampede 

1939   Racketeers of the Range 

1939   Trouble in Sundown 

1939   Arizona Legion 

1938   Lawless Valley

1938   The Renegade Ranger 

1938   Painted Desert 

1938   Border G-Man

1938   Gun Law

1937   Windjammer

1937   Hollywood Cowboy

1937   Park Avenue Logger

1936   Daniel Boone

1936   The Border Patrolman

1936   O'Malley of the Mounted

1935   Thunder Mountain

1935   Hard Rock Harrigan

1935   Whispering Smith Speak

1935   The Cowboy Millionaire

1935   When a Man's a Man

1934   The Dude Ranger

1934   Ever Since Eve

1934   Frontier Marshal 

1933   The Last Trail

1933   Life in the Raw

1933   Smoke Lightning

1932   Robbers' Roost

1932   The Golden West

1932   Mystery Ranch

1932   The Gay Caballero 

1932   The Rainbow Trail

1931   Riders of the Purple Sage 

1931   A Holy Terror

1931   Fair Warning

1931   Seas Beneath 

1930   The Last of the Duanes 

1930   Rough Romance 

1930   The Lone Star Ranger 

1929   Salute

1929   Masked Emotions

1929   True Heaven

1928   Blindfold 

1928   Noah's Ark 

1928   Honor Bound 

1928   Sharp Shooters 

1927   East Side, West Side 

1927   Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 

1927   Paid to Love 

1927   Is Zat So? 

1926   The Blue Eagle 

1926   Fig Leaves 

1926   3 Bad Men 

1926   The Silver Treasure 

1926   Rustling for Cupid 

1926   The Johnstown Flood

1925   The Fighting Heart

1925   Thank You 

1925   Havoc

1925   The Dancers 

1924   The Roughneck 

1924   The Painted Lady

1924   The Iron Horse 

1924   The Man Who Came Back 

1924   The Sea Hawk 

1924   Shadows of Paris

1923   Woman-Proof 

1923   The Ne'er-Do-Well

1922   Ebb Tide

1922   The Ghost Breaker

1922   Moran of the Lady Letty 

1922   White Hands

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