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George 'Gabby' Hayes ACTOR


Born George Francis Hayes on May 7, 1885, Hayes was a famous American television and film actor. He was one of the most celebrated western-movie sidekicks of the 1930's and 1940's. The actor was first introduced to acting when he was only eight years old, when he performed on the school stage. He continued his interest in the dramatic arts in his youth, and regularly spent time at the Baldwin Theatre in New York, developing some dancing skills. As a teen, he was entered into a talent competition and won, enabling him to tour western New York with a stock company. He later ended up moving to Chicago, joined the circus, and afterward, took up burlesque. In 1910, Hayes started to do vaudeville, and became very successful. In fact, he was so successful that he retired at age forty three on Long Island in New York. However, all of his savings were lost the following year in the 1929 stock market crash. This forced him to return to acting, and upon suggestions by his wife to try his hand in motion pictures, he moved to Los Angeles.
Hayes’ debut part was in the comedic drama “Rainbow Man” (1929). Soon after, he had a chance encounter with low budget western producer Trem Carr at a party in 1931. Carr liked Hayes so much that he cast him in thirty roles over the next six years.  Hayes appeared in numerous film genres in movies like “Riders of the Desert” (1932), “Self Defense” (1932), “The Gallant Fool” (1933), and “Skyway” (1933) for the first few years of his motion picture acting career. The actor stuck almost exclusively to performing in westerns in the mid 1930's, though. Many of these roles were in series with recurring characters. One of his returning parts was ‘Windy’ Halliday in a collection of movies, from 1935 to 1939, starring William Boyd, like “Hopalong Cassidy Returns” (1936), “Texas Trail” (1937), and “The Frontiersman” (1938).  In 1939, Hayes left Paramount Pictures and moved to Republic Pictures. Here he was given the nickname 'Gabby', which ultimately stayed with him. Another one of his frequent roles was Gabby Whitaker, who was Roy Rogers’ sidekick in twenty pictures, not limited to “Southward Ho” (1939), “Young Buffalo Bill” (1940), “Jesse James at Bay” (1941), and “Sunset on the Desert” (1942). He additionally acted alongside Gene Autry in five films, including “In Old Monterey” (1939) and “Melody Ranch” (1940), William 'Wild Bill' Elliott in fourteen features like “Wagon Tracks West” (1943) and “Bells of Rosarita” (1945), Randolph Scott in six movies such as “Trail Street” (1947) and “Albuquerque” (1948), and John Wayne in fifteen films, which are not limited to “Texas Terror” (1935) and “In Old Oklahoma” (1943).
Hayes was more often present in B-films as 'Gabby', but every once in a while would appear in A-movies like “Dark Command” (1940) and “Tall in the Saddle” (1944), in which he was the sidekick to John Wayne. However, he remained a popular acting cowboy, staying in the top ten actors poll of moviegoers during that period. He also remained in both or one of the Boxoffice Magazine lists of Top Ten Money Making Western Stars and Motion Picture Herald for twelve continuous years.  The actor’s last western movie was “The Cariboo Trail” in 1950. Hayes ended his career in the motion picture industry in 1951, with his final film being the romantic adventure “Mask of the Avenger”, in which he had a very small role. After, he shifted his focus to television and hosted “The Gabby Hayes Show”, which ran from 1950 until 1954 on NBC, and then had a new version in 1956 on ABC. This show was geared towards children and told stories of the Old West. After his show, Hayes retired from show business, only making appearances in a few more television series. However, he completely stopped acting in 1958, after appearing on “Wide Wide World” for one episode. 

In the beginning of 1969, Hayes was admitted to Saint Joseph Hospital in Burbank, California. On February 9, 1969, at age eighty three, the actor passed away due to cardiovascular disease. For his contributions to television, Hayes was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2000, he was also bestowed admittance into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1958       Wide Wide World

1958       The Dinah Shore Chevy Show

1956       Howdy Doody Show

1954       The Name’s the Same

1951       Mask of the Avenger

1951       What’s My Line

1950       The Gabby Hayes Show

1950       The Cariboo Trail

1949       El Paso

1948       The Untamed Breed

1948       Return of the Bad Men

1948       Albuquerque

1947       Wyoming

1947       Trail Street

1946       Heldorado

1946       Home in Oklahoma

1946       Roll on Texas Moon

1946       Under Nevada Skies

1946       My Pal Trigger

1946       Rainbow Over Texas

1946       Badman's Territory

1946       Song of Arizona

1945       Don't Fence Me In 

1945       Sunset in El Dorado

1945       Along the Navajo Trail

1945       Man from Oklahoma

1945       Bells of Rosarita

1945       Where Do We Go from Here?

1945       Utah

1944       The Big Bonanza

1944       Lights of Old Santa Fe

1944       Tall in the Saddle

1944       Marshal of Reno

1944       Tucson Raiders

1944       Hidden Valley Outlaws

1944       Mojave Firebrand

1943       In Old Oklahoma

1943       Death Valley Manhunt

1943       Overland Mail Robbery

1943       Wagon Tracks West

1943       Bordertown Gun Fighters

1943       The Man from Thunder River

1943       Calling Wild Bill Elliott

1942       Ridin' Down the Canyon

1942       Heart of the Golden West

1942       Sunset Serenade

1942       Sons of the Pioneers

1942       Romance on the Range

1942       Sunset on the Desert

1942       South of Santa Fe

1942       Man from Cheyenne

1941       Red River Valley

1941       Jesse James at Bay

1941       Bad Man of Deadwood

1941       Nevada City

1941       Sheriff of Tombstone

1941       In Old Cheyenne

1941       Robin Hood of the Pecos

1940       The Border Legion

1940       Melody Ranch

1940       Young Bill Hickok

1940       Colorado

1940       The Ranger and the Lady

1940       The Carson City Kid

1940       Wagons Westward

1940       Young Buffalo Bill

1940       Dark Command 

1939       Days of Jesse James

1939       Saga of Death Valley

1939       The Arizona Kid

1939       In Old Monterey

1939       Wall Street Cowboy

1939       Renegade Trail

1939       In Old Caliente

1939       Man of Conquest

1939       Silver on the Sage

1939       Southward Ho

1939       Let Freedom Ring 

1939       Sunset Trail

1939       Fighting Thoroughbreds 

1938       The Frontiersmen

1938       In Old Mexico 

1938       Pride of the West

1938       Bar 20 Justice 

1938       Heart of Arizona 

1938       Gold Is Where You Find It

1937       Texas Trail

1937       Hopalong Rides Again 

1937       Rustlers' Valley 

1937       North of the Rio Grande 

1937       Mountain Music

1937       Hills of Old Wyoming

1937       Borderland

1936       Trail Dust 

1936       The Plainsman

1936       Hopalong Cassidy Returns 

1936       Valiant Is the Word for Carrie

1936       The Texas Rangers

1936       Hearts in Bondage

1936       I Married a Doctor

1936       Three on the Trail 

1936       Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

1936       Song of the Trail

1936       Call of the Prairie 

1936       Heart of the West 

1936       The Lawless Nineties

1936       Silver Spurs

1936       Valley of the Lawless 

1935       Hitch Hike Lady

1935       Swifty 

1935       Bar 20 Rides Again

1935       The Eagle's Brood 

1935       1,000 Dollars a Minute 

1935       The Throwback

1935       Thunder Mountain

1935       Tumbling Tumbleweeds

1935       Welcome Home 

1935       The Farmer Takes a Wife

1935       Hop-a-long Cassidy

1935       Honeymoon Limited 

1935       Ladies Crave Excitement 

1935       Justice of the Range

1935       The Headline Woman

1935       The Hoosier Schoolmaster

1935       Tombstone Terror

1935       Smokey Smith 

1935       Rainbow Valley

1935       The Outlaw Tamer

1935       I The Lost City

1935       Death Flies East 

1935       Texas Terror 

1934       'Neath the Arizona Skies

1934       The Lawless Frontier

1934       In Old Santa Fe

1934       The Brand of Hate 

1934       The Man from Hell 

1934       The Star Packer

1934       The Lost Jungle 

1934       Randy Rides Alone 

1934       Monte Carlo Nights

1934       The Man from Utah 

1934       Blue Steel 

1934       City Limits 

1934       Bedlam of Beards 

1934       House of Mystery 

1934       I The Lost Jungle 

1934       Mystery Liner 

1934       Beggars in Ermine 

1934       West of the Divide 

1934       The Lucky Texan 

1933       Riders of Destiny 

1933       Ship of Wanted Men 

1933       The Devil's Mate 

1933       Ranger's Code

1933       Skyway 

1933       Galloping Romeo 

1933       The Fugitive

1933       The Fighting Texans 

1933       The Sphinx 

1933       The Gallant Fool 

1933       The Return of Casey Jones 

1933       Trailing North

1933       The Phantom Broadcast 

1933       Breed of the Border

1932       Crashin' Broadway 

1932       Self Defense

1932       The Fighting Champ  

1932       Wild Horse Mesa

1932       Texas Buddies

1932       Hidden Valley 

1932       Broadway to Cheyenne

1932       Klondike

1932       The Night Rider 

1932       Love Me Tonight

1932       Winner Take All 

1932       The Boiling Point

1932       Ghost Valley 

1932       The Man from Hell's Edges 

1932       Riders of the Desert 

1932       Border Devils 

1932       Play-Girl 

1932       Sally of the Subway 

1932       Without Honor

1931       Dragnet Patrol

1931       Cavalier of the West 

1931       Freighters of Destiny

1931       Oklahoma Jim 

1931       The Nevada Buckaroo

1931       Pleasure 

1931       Big Business Girl

1931       God's Country and the Man 

1931       The Stolen Jools 

1931       Dirigible 

1930       Top Speed

1930       For the Defense 

1930       She Who Gets Slapped

1930       Playing Around  

1929       Big News

1929       Smiling Irish Eyes 

1929       Rainbow Man  

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