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George Gobel ACTOR


George Gobel was born on May 20th, 1919 in Chicago, Illinois with the middle name Leslie, born to Hermann and Lillian Goebel.  His career as an entertainer first began as a singer.  He performed on the radio known as, "Little Georgie Gobel" and also toured with various country bands earning the nickname, "The Littlest Cowboy".
As he was well on his way to pursuing a career in music, he took a break to serve as a pilot instructor during World War II and during his service he also partook in entertaining the troops. 
Upon completing his military service, Gobel began to pursue other sides of entertainment such as stand up comedy and after gaining quite a bit of experience in various nightclubs he was given the chance to have his own television show in 1954, "The George Gobel Show".
He began adding such film credits to his resume appearing in, "The Birds and the Bees" (1956) and "I Married a Woman" (1958) starring with Diana Dors, Adolphe Menjou, Nita Talbot and even a cameo appearance by John Wayne.  However, mostly for the remainder of his career, television was his focus only adding two other film roles later in life, "Rabbit Test" (1978) starring Billy Crystal, Roddy McDowall, Alex Rocco, Doris Roberts and Michael Keaton and "Ellie" (1974).
His most well remembered television role was portraying, 'Mayor Harper' on the series, "Harper Valley" (1981).  Other television appearances he made over the course of his career were on, "The Bing Crosby Show", "The Ford Show", "Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show", "Wagon Train", "Death Valley Days", "Valentine's Day", "Candid Camera", "Daniel Boone", "Love, American Style", "Red Skelton Hour", "Flying High", "SBS Library", "The Love Boat" and his last role was doing voice over work in 1987 for the television movie, "Alice Through the Looking Glass". 
George Gobel married only once to Alice Humecki in 1942 and together they had three children and remained married until he passed away at the age of seventy one on February 24th, 1991 in Encino, California after complications from heart surgery.  His remains are buried in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, California. 


1987   Alice Through the Looking Glass 

1985   Alice in Wonderland 
1984   The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins

1984   Ellie 

1983   The Invisible Woman
1981-1982  Harper Valley

1981   The Love Boat

1980   The Ghost in the Shed 
1980   CBS Library

1979   Better Late Than Never 

1979   The Day It Came to Earth 
1978   Flying High

1978   A Guide for the Married Woman

1978   Sam
1978   Rabbit Test
1977   Chico and the Man
1977   Lanigan's Rabbi

1977   Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover 

1974   'Twas the Night Before Christmas

1973   Saga of Sonora 

1962-1971  The Red Skelton Hour 
1969   Love, American Style

1968-1969  Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

1969   The Bob Hope Show
1966   F Troop

1965   Daniel Boone

1965   The Bing Crosby Show 
1964   Valentine's Day 

1964   Summer Playhouse

1963   Death Valley Days 
1960-1961  G.E. True Theater 

1961   Candid Camera

1960   Wagon Train
1959   Startime 

1958   I Married a Woman 

1956   The Birds and the Bees 
1956   The George Gobel Show

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