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George Cleveland ACTOR


Canadian film actor George Cleveland had a nearly sixty year career, working on the vaudeville circuit, on stage, in television, on radio, and in over 180 motion pictures.  The actor was born on September 17, 1885 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

He spent his early professional days in his native country, until he went to the U.S. with his own stock company.  He eventually settled in New York, and then went to Hollywood in 1934 for the Noah Beery Sr. film Mystery Liner.  For the next twenty years he stayed in Hollywood, acting in a large number of pictures.

Cleveland originally appeared in minor roles in westerns and serials, like three John Wayne westerns The Star Packer, The Man from Utah and Blue Steel (all 1934), The Plainsman (1936) and West Bound Limited (1937).  However, in the early 1940's he was signed with RKO and began having more substantial roles.  Some of his more significant parts were in the Elizabeth Taylor family drama Courage of Lassie (1946), the Abbott and Costello comedies Little Giant (1946) and The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap (1947), and Roy Rogers’ western Trigger, Jr. (1950).  The actor also found roles in a few television shows.  They include an episode each of Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1953) and Death Valley Days (1954), as well as a three year stint as Gramps on the series Lassie (1954-57), starring Tommy Rettig and Jan Clayton, which kept him busy for the rest of his career. 

George Cleveland passed away while working on Lassie on July 15, 1957 in Burbank, California from a heart attack. 


1930   The Thoroughbred

1931   The Sky Raiders

1933   He Couldn't Take It

1934   A Woman's Man

1934   Blue Steel

1934   City Limits

1934   Girl o' My Dreams

1934   House of Mystery

1934   Monte Carlo Nights

1934   Mystery Liner

1934   School for Girls

1934   The Man from Utah

1934   The Star Packer

1934   Voice in the Night

1935   Cheers of the Crowd

1935   Do Your Stuff 

1935   Forced Landing

1935   His Night Out

1935   Keeper of the Bees

1935   Make a Million

1935   She Gets Her Man

1935   The Hoosier Schoolmaster

1935   The Public Menace

1935   The Spanish Cape Mystery

1936   Black Gold

1936   Brilliant Marriage

1936   Don't Get Personal

1936   Flash Gordon

1936   Foolproof 

1936   I Conquer the Sea!

1936   North of Nome

1936   Phantom Patrol

1936   Put on the Spot

1936   Revolt of the Zombies

1936   Rio Grande Romance

1936   Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

1936   The Plainsman

1936   Two-Fisted Gentleman

1937   A Girl with Ideas

1937   Adventure's End

1937   Atlantic Flight

1937   Behind the Mike

1937   Boy of the Streets

1937   Breezing Home

1937   Night Key

1937   Paradise Express

1937   Prescription for Romance

1937   Small Town Boy

1937   Swing It, Professor

1937   The Devil Diamond

1937   The Toast of New York

1937   Trapped by G-Men

1937   West Bound Limited

1938   Born to Be Wild

1938   Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars

1938   Ghost Town Riders

1938   Outlaws of Sonora

1938   Port of Missing Girls

1938   Prison Break

1938   Romance of the Limberlost

1938   Rose of the Rio Grande

1938   Strange Case of Dr. Meade

1938   The Lone Ranger

1938   Under the Big Top

1939   Convict's Code

1939   Dick Tracy's G-Men

1939   Home on the Prairie

1939   Konga, the Wild Stallion

1939   Mutiny in the Big House

1939   Overland Mail

1939   Streets of New York

1939   Stunt Pilot

1939   The Phantom Stage

1939   The Sap Takes a Wrap 

1939   Wolf Call

1940   Blazing Six Shooters

1940   Chasing Trouble

1940   Drums of Fu Manchu

1940   Haunted House

1940   Hidden Enemy

1940   Midnight Limited

1940   One Man's Law

1940   Pioneers of the West

1940   Queen of the Yukon

1940   Soak the Old

1940   The Ape

1940   The Old Swimmin' Hole

1940   The Wild Stallion

1940   Tomboy

1940   West of Abilene

1941   A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: 'Forbidden Passage'

1941   A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob

1941   Look Who's Laughing

1941   Man at Large

1941   Nevada City

1941   Playmates

1941   Riders of the Purple Sage

1941   Sucker List 

1941   Sunset in Wyoming

1941   The Devil and Daniel Webster

1941   Two in a Taxi

1941   Two-Faced Woman

1941   Wide Open Town

1942   Army Surgeon

1942   Call Out the Marines

1942   Here We Go Again

1942   Highways by Night

1942   Hold 'Em Jail 

1942   Mail Trouble 

1942   Mexican Spitfire's Elephant

1942   My Favorite Spy

1942   Obliging Young Lady

1942   Powder Town

1942   Seven Miles from Alcatraz

1942   The Big Street

1942   The Falcon Takes Over

1942   The Spoilers

1942   The Traitor Within

1942   Valley of the Sun

1943   Cowboy in Manhattan

1943   Johnny Come Lately

1943   Klondike Kate

1943   Ladies' Day

1943   Man from Music Mountain

1943   The Woman of the Town

1944   Abroad with Two Yanks

1944   Alaska

1944   Can't Help Singing

1944   It Happened Tomorrow

1944   Man from Frisco

1944   My Best Gal

1944   My Pal Wolf

1944   The Yellow Rose of Texas

1944   When the Lights Go on Again

1945   Dakota

1945   God Is My Co-Pilot

1945   Her Highness and the Bellboy

1945   It's in the Bag!

1945   Pillow of Death

1945   Senorita from the West

1945   She Wouldn't Say Yes

1945   Song of the Sarong

1945   Sunbonnet Sue

1946   Angel on My Shoulder

1946   Boys' Ranch

1946   Courage of Lassie

1946   Little Giant

1946   Step by Step

1946   The Runaround

1946   The Show-Off

1946   Wake Up and Dream

1946   Wild Beauty

1947   Easy Come, Easy Go

1947   I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now

1947   Mother Wore Tights

1947   My Wild Irish Rose

1947   The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap

1948   A Date with Judy

1948   Albuquerque

1948   Fury at Furnace Creek

1948   Miraculous Journey

1948   The Plunderers

1949   Home in San Antone

1949   Kazan

1949   Miss Grant Takes Richmond

1949   Rimfire

1950   Frenchie

1950   Please Believe Me

1950   The Boy from Indiana

1950   Trigger, Jr.

1951   Fort Defiance

1952   Carson City

1952   Cripple Creek

1952   Flaming Feather

1952   The WAC from Walla Walla

1953   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 

1953   Affair with a Stranger

1953   San Antone

1953   Walking My Baby Back Home

1954   Death Valley Days 

1954   Fireman Save My Child

1954   Lassie 

1954   Outlaw's Daughter

1954   Racing Blood

1954   Rails Into Laramie

1954   Untamed Heiress

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