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Gene Lockhart ACTOR


Gene Lockhart was born on July 18th, 1891 in London, Ontario Canada with the birth name Eugene Lockhart, to John Coates and Ellen Mary Lockhart.  From a young age, Lockhart developed an interest in drama and singing.  By the age of fifteen he was already appearing in sketches with actress Beatrice Lillie. 
His family relocated to London and Lockhart studied at the Brompton Oratory School in London.  His family later moved back to Canada and Lockhart's mother encouraged him to relocate to the united States and try out on Broadway.
At the age of twenty five he followed his mother's wishes and found work in new York in a production called, "The Pierrot Players" for which he wrote both the book and the lyrics for the music.
After gaining some more experience as a stage actor and song writer he broke into the television industry with his first TV movie role on, "Sun Up" (1939).  He continued to still work as a stage actor appearing in the plays, "The Little Father of the Wilderness" and "The Way of the World". 
In addition to television and stage work, he also appeared on the radio program, "Sunday Night at Nine" in 1933.  He also maintained making an income by writing articles for theater magazines and also coached drama and lectured on various drama techniques at the Julliard School of Music.
After appearing in the stage production of, "Ah, Wilderness!" he caught the attention of Hollywood and RKO Pictures who cast him in his first film role in, "By Your Leave" (1934).  Other more prominent film roles he began to add to his resume included roles in, "Algiers" (1938), "Blackmail" (1939), "Geronimo" (1939), "The Sea Wolf" (1941), "Northern Pursuit" (1943), "Hangmen Also Die!" (1943), the Christmas classic "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947) starring John Payne, Maureen O'Hara and a young Natalie Wood, "Carousel" (1956) and his final film role was in 1957 on, "Jeanne Eagles". 
Over the course of his career he added 125 film roles and also wrote a number of songs that became very popular. 
He married only once to Kathleen Lockhart who was also an actress and appeared on his first radio program with him.  They had one child together and remained married until he passed away from a heart attack on March 31st, 1957 in Santa Monica, California.  His remains are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.
His only daughter, June Lockhart, also went on to pursue a career as an actress and she appeared with her father in the 1938 film, "A Christmas Carol".  He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to Television and Motion Picture Industry.   


1957   Jeanne Eagels

1957   Climax! 

1950-1957  Lux Video Theatre

1956   Ethel Barrymore Theater

1956   The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial 

1956   Telephone Time 

1956   Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 

1956   Science Fiction Theatre 

1956   The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

1956   Carousel

1955   Homer Bell 

1955   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 

1955   The Vanishing American 

1955   Crossroads 

1955   The Father Who Had No Sons

1954   The Christophers 

1953-1954  Armstrong Circle Theatre

1954   The Motorola Television Hour 

1954   Campbell Summer Soundstage 

1954   World for Ransom 

1953   The Backbone of America

1953   Schlitz Playhouse 

1953   Danger 

1953   Francis Covers the Big Town 

1953   The Lady Wants Mink

1953   Confidentially Connie

1953   The Ford Television Theatre

1953   Down Among the Sheltering Palms

1951-1953  Robert Montgomery Presents 

1952   Androcles and the Lion 

1952   Tales of Tomorrow

1952   Face to Face

1952   The Gulf Playhouse

1952   Bonzo Goes to College 

1952   Apache War Smoke 

1952   Broadway Television Theatre

1952   Hoodlum Empire

1952   A Girl in Every Port 

1951   The Lady from Texas

1951   Rhubarb 

1951   Family Theatre

1951   I'd Climb the Highest Mountain

1950   Nash Airflyte Theatre

1950   The Prudential Family Playhouse

1950   Lights Out 

1950   The Big Hangover 

1950   Riding High

1949   The Inspector General 

1949   Red Light

1949   Madame Bovary

1949   The Sickle or the Cross

1949   Down to the Sea in Ships

1948   That Wonderful Urge

1948   Joan of Arc 

1948   Apartment for Peggy

1948   I, Jane Doe 

1948   The Inside Story 

1947   Her Husband's Affairs 

1947   The Foxes of Harrow 

1947   Cynthia 

1947   Honeymoon 

1947   Miracle on 34th Street 

1947   The Shocking Miss Pilgrim

1946   The Strange Woman

1946   A Scandal in Paris

1946   Meet Me on Broadway

1945   Leave Her to Heaven

1945   The House on 92nd Street 

1945   That's the Spirit

1944   Man from Frisco

1944   Going My Way 

1944   Action in Arabia

1943   The Desert Song

1943   Madame Curie 

1943   Northern Pursuit

1943   Find the Blackmailer 

1943   Mission to Moscow 

1943   Hangmen Also Die! 

1943   Forever and a Day

1942   You Can't Escape Forever 

1942   The Gay Sisters 

1942   Juke Girl 

1941   Steel Against the Sky 

1941   They Died with Their Boots On

1941   The Devil and Daniel Webster

1941   International Lady

1941   One Foot in Heaven

1941   Billy the Kid

1941   Meet John Doe

1941   The Sea Wolf 

1940   Keeping Company 

1940   A Dispatch from Reuter's

1940   Dr. Kildare Goes Home

1940   We Who Are Young

1940   South of Pago Pago

1940   Edison, the Man 

1940   Abe Lincoln in Illinois

1940   His Girl Friday 

1939   Geronimo

1939   Blackmail

1939   Our Leading Citizen 

1939   Bridal Suite 

1939   Tell No Tales 

1939   Hotel Imperial 

1939   The Story of Alexander Graham Bell

1939   I'm from Missouri 

1938   Sweethearts 

1938   A Christmas Carol 

1938   Blondie

1938   Listen, Darling 

1938   Meet the Girls 

1938   Penrod's Double Trouble 

1938   Algiers 

1938   Men Are Such Fools

1938   Stocks and Blondes

1938   Sinners in Paradise

1938   Of Human Hearts

1937   Something to Sing About 

1937   The Sheik Steps Out 

1937   Too Many Wives

1937   Mama Steps Out

1936   Mind Your Own Business 

1936   Career Woman 

1936   Come Closer, Folks 

1936   Wedding Present 

1936   The Devil Is a Sissy 

1936   The Gorgeous Hussy 

1936   Earthworm Tractors 

1936   Times Square Playboy 

1936   The First Baby 

1936   Brides Are Like That 

1936   The Garden Murder Case

1935   Crime and Punishment 

1935   Thunder in the Night 

1935   Star of Midnight 

1935   Storm Over the Andes

1935   Captain Hurricane 

1934   I've Been Around 

1934   The Gay Bride

1934   By Your Leave 

1934   Rambling 'Round Radio Row

1933   The No Man

1922   Smilin' Through

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