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Frankie Darro ACTOR


Frank Darro was born on December 27th, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois with the birth name Frank Johnson.  His whole family was involved in show business.  His parents both worked in the circus as aerialists and they were known as the Flying Johnsons.  As a young boy his parents tried to train him to work with them, but his fear of heights prevented him from doing so.
In 1922 his parents split and that ended their circus act as well.  In the meantime, Darro became involved the silent film industry at the age of six.  As a youth he continued to work in a variety of films such as silent's, westerns and serial pictures.
As his career progressed into the 1930's he got a role in, "Wild Boys of the Road" (1933) in which he was cast as the lead character.  This role was followed by another film role in, "The Phantom Empire" (1935) starring Gene Autry.  
In 1938 he was cast to star in a series with Monogram Pictures.  He then briefly had to take a break from acting to serve in World War II in the US Navy Hospital Corps.  Upon his return to the film industry it was as though he had never taken a break.
Alongside being a talented actor he was very athletic and many times performed his own stunts as well as working as a stuntman for other actors.  He did receive a recurring role on, "The Red Skelton Hour" (1951) followed by a role in the sci-fi film, "The Forbidden Planet" (1956).   
As film roles were becoming less available to him he became an alcoholic and his screen career slowly came to an end.  He opened his own tavern and called it, "Try Later".
On December 25th, 1976 Frankie Darro passed away in Huntington Beach, California from a heart attack.  His ashes were scattered into the Pacific Ocean.


1975   Fugitive Lovers
1974   The Girl on the Late, Late Show
1969   Hook, Line and Sinker 
1957-1969  The Red Skelton Hour
1967   The Guns of Will Sonnett
1966   Batman 
1965   The Addams Family  
1958-1964  Perry Mason
1964   The Disorderly Orderly (uncredited) 
1964   The Carpetbaggers  
1963   It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
1962   Going My Way (TV series)
1962   Mister Ed
1960-1962  Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1962   The Hathaways
1961   The Case of the Dangerous Robin
1960   Checkmate 
1960   Mr. Lucky 
1960   The Untouchables
1959   Bat Masterson 
1959   Operation Petticoat 
1959   The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen
1958   Peter Gunn
1958   The Lineup
1958   The Perfect Furlough
1958   December Bride
1958   Have Gun - Will Travel
1956   Hey, Jeannie!
1956   The Ten Commandments  
1956   Forbidden Planet  
1956   Judge Roy Bean  
1954-1955  The Public Defender
1954   I Married Joan
1954   Living It Up 
1954   The Lawless Rider
1954   Racing Blood 
1953   Siren of Bagdad  
1953   G.E. True Theater
1952   Pat and Mike
1952   The Sellout 
1951   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1951   Westward the Women  
1951   Across the Wide Missouri 
1951   The Pride of Maryland 
1950   Wyoming Mail 
1950   A Life of Her Own 
1950   The Next Voice You Hear... 
1950   Riding High 
1949   Sons of New Mexico 
1949   Hold That Baby! 
1949   Fighting Fools 
1948   Trouble Makers  
1948   The Babe Ruth Story
1948   Heart of Virginia 
1948   Angels' Alley  
1948   Smart Politics  
1947   That's My Man 
1947   Sarge Goes to College 
1947   Vacation Days  
1946   High School Hero 
1946   Chick Carter, Detective
1946   Freddie Steps Out 
1946   I Junior Prom 
1942   Junior G-Men of the Air  
1941   Tuxedo Junction
1941   Let's Go Collegiate 
1941   The Gang's All Here
1941   You're Out of Luck  
1940   Up in the Air 
1940   Laughing at Danger  
1940   On the Spot 
1940   Pinocchio
1940   Chasing Trouble 
1939   Irish Luck
1939   Boys' Reformatory 
1938   Tough Kid  
1938   Wanted by the Police 
1938   Juvenile Court 
1938   The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1938   Reformatory 
1937   Young Dynamite 
1937   Thoroughbreds Don't Cry 
1937   Saratoga 
1937   Anything for a Thrill 
1937   A Day at the Races
1937   Tough to Handle  
1937   Headline Crasher 
1937   The Devil Diamond 
1936   Mind Your Own Business 
1936   Racing Blood 
1936   Charlie Chan at the Race Track 
1936   Born to Fight 
1936   The Ex-Mrs. Bradford 
1936   Black Gold 
1935   The Payoff
1935   Three Kids and a Queen 
1935   Valley of Wanted Men 
1935   Men of Action 
1935   Stranded 
1935   Unwelcome Stranger  
1935   The Phantom Empire 
1935   Red Hot Tires 
1934   II Burn 'Em Up Barnes 
1934   Little Men 
1934   Broadway Bill 
1934   I Burn 'Em Up Barnes 
1934   The Merry Frinks
1934   No Greater Glory 
1934   Hollywood on Parade No. B-8 
1934   The Big Race 
1933   The Wolf Dog 
1933   Wild Boys of the Road 
1933   Tugboat Annie 
1933   Laughing at Life 
1933   The Mayor of Hell 
1932   The Devil Horse 
1932   Three on a Match 
1932   Amateur Daddy 
1931   The Cheyenne Cyclone
1931   Way Back Home 
1931   The Mad Genius  
1931   The Lightning Warrior 
1931   The Sin of Madelon Claudet 
1931   The Vanishing Legion  
1931   The Public Enemy 
1929   Blaze o' Glory 
1929   The Pride of Pawnee 
1929   Rainbow Man 
1929   Idaho Red 
1929   Gun Law 
1929   Trail of the Horse Thieves 
1928   Tyrant of Red Gulch 
1928   The Avenging Rider 
1928   The Circus Kid 
1928   Terror Mountain 
1928   The Texas Tornado 
1928   Phantom of the Range 
1928   When the Law Rides 
1927   Little Mickey Grogan 
1927   The Desert Pirate 
1927   The Flying U Ranch  
1927   Judgment of the Hills 
1927   Tom's Gang 
1927   Cyclone of the Range 
1927   Long Pants 
1927   Moulders of Men 
1927   Lightning Lariats  
1927   Her Father Said No 
1926   Flesh and the Devil  
1926   Red Hot Hoofs 
1926   Out of the West 
1926   Tom and His Pals 
1926   The Carnival Girl 
1926   The Cowboy Cop 
1926   Hearts and Spangles 
1926   The Masquerade Bandit 
1926   Wild to Go 
1926   Kiki 
1926   The Arizona Streak 
1926   The Thrill Hunter 
1926   Memory Lane
1926   Born to Battle 
1926   Mike 
1925   The Cowboy Musketeer  
1925   The Midnight Flyer 
1925   The Phantom Express 
1925   The Wyoming Wildcat 
1925   The People vs. Nancy Preston 
1925   Wandering Footsteps 
1925   Let's Go Gallagher  
1925   Fighting the Flames 
1925   Confessions of a Queen 
1925   Her Husband's Secret  
1925   The Fearless Lover 
1925   Women and Gold 
1924   So Big 
1924   Roaring Rails 
1924   Racing for Life 
1924   The Signal Tower 
1924   Half-a-Dollar Bill 
1924   The Judgment of the Storm    

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